How To Become Famous

How To Become Famous Without Talent (Or With It!)


Learn how to become famous, how to get publicity, and how to become a media darling or PR darling with these tips and courses on how to get famous.

How does one become famous? How do people become famous? How did the Kardashians get famous? How to become famous without talent? How to become world-famous? How long does it take to get famous?

If you’ve been asking yourself, “How do I become famous and how can I become a celebrity?” you should know that it’s not rocket science, but it does help if you have talent, and some achievements, under your belt.

The easiest way to become famous is to do something newsworthy and worth writing about. But even if you’ve done that, there’s no guarantee that you’ll become famous or rich, if you lack the PR skills to leverage your 15 minutes of fame.

So, how long does it take to become famous? It depends. You won’t learn how to become famous in one day, or how to become rich and famous in 5 minutes, but you can learn how to get free publicity with these publicity courses and resources.

Whether you’re an actor, singer, artist, author, speaker, coach, consultant, or professional, these publicity courses will show you how people become famous, how to become a famous person, and how to get fame in life.

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Get Featured in Forbes With SuperArticles

Get featured in Forbes + and 50 other sites with SuperArticles! It allows you to get news articles for you and your clients whenever you want with guaranteed publishing on sites like Yahoo Finance, FOX, LA Weekly, The US Times, and tons more!

Here’s how it works:

  • Step #1: Create a FREE account at SuperArticles.
  • Step #2: Choose from a list of 50 major publications like Yahoo Finance or LA Weekly and only add funds for the publications you want.
  • Step #3: Upload a new article, link to an existing article you want to be republished, or just answer a few short Q/A questions that will be published as an article.
  • Step #4: Receive a link to your published article days later.

You can apply for a Forbes article inside the site, and even if Forbes doesn’t pick up your story, they can still get you featured in 30+ other sites like Yahoo Finance that will be automatically published and delivered to your email in a matter of days.

Click to Create a Free Account Now

Publish your articles on over 38,000 websites & blogs

Publish your articles on more than 38,000 websites and blogs using a simple search engine for a fair price. You can copy/paste your article or order a new one from WhitePress journalists and copywriters. Using a simple search engine, find a publication and placement offer whose detailed description meets your needs.

As the order is placed it is immediately transmitted to the publisher for execution. WhitePress verifies that publication deadlines are met. Use their free tracking script to see readers’ engagement with your content.

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How To Get A Six-Figure Book Advance

Learn how to make big money for your book idea… even before you write it… …even if it’s your first book!

Are you thinking about self-publishing, but want the credibility and name that comes from having a reputable New York publishing house behind you? Have you gotten a paltry advance for your book? Can’t get an agent interested in your idea?

Susan Harrow’s How To Get A Six-Figure Book Advance course will show you how to develop your idea into a book that sells, so you land a book deal, instead of languishing in the giant slush pile of unpublished authors.

Learn How To Get a Six-Figure Book Advance Now

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How to Get into O, the Oprah Magazine

Do you have a product, book, service, or cause you’d like 2.65 million readers to know about? Have you ever wondered why some people appear in O, The Oprah Magazine once or multiple times and skyrocket to stardom?

Overnight you can go from being an unknown to a household name. People and businesses just like you have found that one single mention in Oprah’s magazine can blast off their business from earth to the stratosphere. And remarkably that is often just the beginning.

They frequently find that being in O, The Oprah Magazine, sparks a series of other media mentions that transforms their business into one that’s in a never-ending growth cycle that often experiences delightful and surprising results.

O, The Oprah Magazine is incredibly powerful. Not only does it consistently triple the business or brands that get featured, but that huge bump in volume and sales is also sustained for years — and those businesses typically keep on growing.

So whether you have a business, book, product, service, or cause, O Magazine STILL has Oprah’s golden touch. Even if you’ve just started your business or don’t feel you’re “big” enough, Susan shows you the ins and outs of getting the attention of O Magazine’s editors to get featured.

Think about the impact that this could have on your business (and the world if you have a socially conscious business or cause!) It typically triples sales overnight – and keeps on going after that.

A few things you’ll learn:

  • Oprah’s 10 hot buttons – topics that the editors are looking for.
  • The strategies publicists used to get their clients in O – one got her client in 3 times.
  • How to package what you’re promoting so it’s tailored to Oprah’s editor’s tastes, styles, and sensibilities.

Click here to get into O Magazine

Turning Experts into Thought Leaders™

Get thought leadership marketing, media training, and strategic marketing for CEOs, executives, spokespersons, and leaders.

If you’ve seen your competitors in the national news and said to yourself, “That should have been me,” you’ve found the right path. This thought leadership marketing program is designed to uniquely position you as a thought leader in the culture today.

The Turning Experts into Thought Leaders™ package is a three-month program that includes 5 hours of phone consulting per month, unlimited email support, and a review of your platform and materials as you progress.

You will also be invited to take the Online Sound Bite Course and join the Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul™ Membership Club. You’ll also get other products that apply to your profession and goals as gifts and a customized program to suit your unique needs.

Click Here To Go From Expert To Thought Leader

Media Coaching & Media Interview Training

Attend private media training and workshops for individuals, companies, organizations, and groups. During the media coaching process, angles and ideas typically emerge and can be shaped into stories, pitches, and segment ideas.

Susan Harrow has developed a five-step process to expand your 15 minutes of fame to a lifetime of publicity.

She works with you one-on-one or in a group by role-playing different interviewers or interviewing styles, (corporate audiences, Human Resource managers, talk show hosts, news anchors, producers, or editors) to prepare you for any presentation or media appearance.

  • Convey a positive impression in the first 7 seconds.
  • Gain audience buy-in.
  • Sell yourself, your business, book, product, or cause with grace and subtlety.
  • Impart your message.
  • Handle “difficult” people.
  • Be perceived as an expert or poised professional.
  • Communicate confidence.
  • Use your natural abilities to their fullest.

Click Here To Get Media Coaching & Media Interview Training

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