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3 Powerful Mindset Changes To Start Manifesting Your Dream Life

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Want to start manifesting your dream life? These powerful mindset changes and manifesting tips will help you manifest your dreams in life and live your dreams.

Have you seen how siblings brought up in very similar home environments often go on to have very different lives? Why do people brought up in the same circumstances go on to create very different outcomes in their lives?

It’s not just about birth order or nature Vs nurture, but how each of us learns to perceive who we are, and what we’re capable of achieving.

For instance, many kids who were brought up in poverty and abusive situations go on to become very successful, while others brought up in well-to-do homes go on to become addicts and abusers or live mediocre lives.

The fact is, your ability to chase your life dreams and live the life you always dreamed of, depends on your mindset and your beliefs about what’s possible for you.

Once you believe that you deserve to have the life of your dreams, you can reclaim your personal power and start building your dream life, no matter what life circumstances you came from, or what went down in your past.

In this article, you’ll learn some powerful mindset changes and manifesting tips, to help you manifest your dreams in life and live your dreams.

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3 Mindset Changes to Start Manifesting Your Dream Life

You can overcome your circumstances, and start manifesting your dream life, by transforming your mindset with these powerful manifesting tips, and dream life coaching programs.

#1. Create a vision of your ideal life

Victims see the world as it is, while Visionaries see the world as it can be. To manifest your dream life, you need to get out of reactive mode and become proactive; to create your life by design, not by default.

“Victims see the world as it is; Visionaries see it as it can be.”

What is your vision of your dream life?

If you could wave a magic wand and create the life you wanted, what would your ideal life look like? What kind of work would you do? Where would you live? Who would be in your life?

Some people might see themselves living a luxury dream life, in a luxury apartment with their partner and two dogs, spending their weekends exploring different neighborhoods and trying new restaurants.

Others might have a very different vision of their ideal life. For some, their ideal life might involve working as a doctor in a big city hospital.

Yet others might be content to live in a small town with their spouse and kids and spend their weekends hiking and being with family.

Perhaps you see yourself running your own business from a home office. Or living in a beautiful home by the beach, or traveling the world, experiencing new cultures and cuisines.

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Crafting a vision of your dream life

To create the life of your dreams, you must have a clear vision of what you want to create. Crafting a clear image of what you want to achieve will keep you motivated and focused on your goals.

Visualizing your ideal life can help you focus your attention on what you really wish to create, and motivate you to take steps towards making your dream life a reality.

As Dream Builder life coach, Mary Morrissey, says, “Everything in this world is created twice – first in thought, then in form. To create a life you love living, you must first design an ignited vision of what that life will look like.”

“Everything in this world is created twice – first in thought, then in form.” ~ Mary Morrissey

Mary’s Free ‘Igniting Your Vision’ eBook will help you design a crystal-clear vision of your dream life, through a simple, step-by-step process to define your dream through visualization.

When you align yourself to a powerful, comprehensive vision of your dream life, you’ll access a higher level of existence with grace and ease, and unlock possibilities that transcend conventional thinking.

In this free guided meditation on Building the Vision of Your Dream, you’ll start creating your dream life vision and gain the certainty you need to accomplish your path.

You’ll free yourself from the restrictions that your critical human mind has placed on you, and gently silence your inner criticism and uncertainty… so you can boldly pursue your aspirations, and start manifesting the life of your dreams.

To connect with your deep inner wisdom and access a strong, all-encompassing vision of the life you would love to live, download this free guided meditation for designing your dream life.

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“Dare to live the life you have dreamed for yourself. Go forward and make your dreams come true.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Take some time to really think about what would make you happy. Create a mental image of yourself living the life you desire. See yourself doing all the things you love to do, with the people you love to be around.

Create a stunning and inspiring vision board of your ideal life using Canva’s free vision board maker, and place it where you’ll see it every day.

Visualize your ideal life by engaging all your senses, to make it as real as possible in your imagination. Don’t let fears and limitations hold you back.

Write your dream life story

Scientific studies reveal that expressive writing has remarkable physical and psychological benefits. Similarly, keeping a dream life journal can help you script the life of your dreams.

So get a dream life journal, and at the top of the page write, “My Ideal Life”, or “My Dream In Life.” Start scripting your dream life story, and write down what your ideal life looks like in as much detail as possible.

The first step to start writing your dream life story is by imagining the story of your life as you want it to be. It’s about following your bliss, being passionate about your work, and doing what you love.

Crafting your dream story is all about embracing change, taking risks, and living life to the fullest. It’s the story of your ideal life, filled with happiness, love, joy, and success.

Bestselling author, teacher, and speaker, Mark Matousek teaches, “When you tell the truth, your story changes. When your story changes, your life is transformed.”

“When you tell the truth, your story changes. When your story changes, your life is transformed.” ~ Mark Matousek

In his Become the Storyteller, Not the Story program, you’ll learn writing exercises that will support you in your healing process and use the transformative power of storytelling to untangle yourself from the stories of the past.

Through the deeply transformative process of self-examination, you’ll understand how the tales you tell yourself can deceive you into believing that you are your story.

You’ll learn how to awaken to your true nature, live in your truth, and connect with the witness within to create the life of your dreams.

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#2. Focus only on what you want to create

Where focus goes, energy flows. It’s an ancient saying that’s as true today as it ever was. Wherever you direct your attention, that’s where your energy will go, and that’s what you’ll end up manifesting.

“Where focus goes, energy flows.”

If you’re constantly worrying about what could go wrong, then that’s where your focus will be, and that’s where your energy will take you.

On the other hand, if you choose to focus on what’s going right in your life, then that’s the direction in which your energy will flow.

As Law of Attraction teacher, Abraham Hicks, says, “Worrying is using your imagination to create something you don’t want.”

“Worrying is using your imagination to create something you don’t want.” ~ Abraham Hicks

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The same is true for your feelings. If you dwell on negative feelings or keep bringing up your childhood wounds, that’s what you’ll end up attracting more of.

But if you choose to focus on positive thoughts and feelings, let go of the past and only focus on your ideal future, that’s what you’ll manifest in your life.

In his book, A Manual for Manifesting Your Dream Life, author Eric John Campbell writes that focused attention is a superpower, and the way to manifest your dream life is to focus as much of your energy on it as possible.

Where you choose to direct your attention will make all the difference in how you feel, and what you’re able to accomplish.

So the question is, where do you want to focus your attention? Where do you want your energy to flow?  When you focus on the positive, your energy naturally follows to more positive thoughts.

You’ll be more optimistic and motivated, and better able to take action towards your goals. On the other hand, allowing your mind to dwell on negativity drains your energy and makes you feel powerless.

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The good news is that you ALWAYS have a choice in where you focus your attention. So, focus on what you want to manifest, and stop giving your attention to the things you don’t want to create in your life.

To start manifesting your dream life, you must learn how to direct your thoughts to empower you, instead of letting your circumstances dictate the course of your life.

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined. As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

Dream Builder life coach, Mary Morrissey’s Free ‘Stronger Than Circumstances’ eBook reveals the secret behind the invisible laws that leaders such as Martin Luther King, Jr., Andrew Carnegie, and Steve Jobs used to rise to success.

Download her free eBook and learn why we repeat patterns in our lives that hold us back from achieving all we want, and how to tap into the Invisible Laws of Success.

You’ll also get proven mental strategies to reset your mindset and finally take action to start creating your dream life and live the life you always imagined.

By making a conscious effort to direct your thoughts only towards what you want, you’ll create the results you want, and achieve your life goals and dreams.

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#3. Take inspired action

Give up the myth about hard work being essential for success. The belief that you need to work hard is based on a lack of trust in the Universe and in your ability to manifest your dream life.

Instead, start your day by finding your alignment, and follow your bliss by taking INSPIRED action every day towards making your vision a reality, so you can live the life you imagined.

What does it mean to follow your bliss? It means living a life that’s in alignment with your deepest desires and values. It means living the dream life, by taking inspired action that feels like the next step towards creating the life you want to live.

Of course, the road to bliss is not always easy. You’ll definitely experience challenges and obstacles along the way. But you can absolutely learn how to overcome these challenges to live your dreams.

“Sometimes life is about risking everything for a dream that no one can see but you.” ~ Unknown

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In Mary Morrissey’s Free Masterclass, 3 Keys To Creating An Extraordinary Life, you’ll learn how to use cutting-edge ‘Dream-Building’ strategies to help you live the life you have always imagined.

You’ll also learn how to unleash the higher power that lies within you and allow it to effortlessly guide you with fantastic precision, through any difficult life circumstance.

In Mary Morrissey’s DreamBuilder® Program, you’ll receive step-by-step coaching and mentoring over the course of 12 weeks on how to create a clear vision of your dream life, and how to transform your dreams into reality with speed, ease, and grace.

It will help you stay true to the vision of your dream life, trust your intuition, and take inspired action to live the life you dream of… and the journey will be more than worth it.

The more aligned your actions are with your deepest desires; the more likely you are to create a life that’s both meaningful and fulfilling.

So don’t hesitate when you feel called to live your life; live your dream life, follow your bliss and take inspired action, so you can create your ideal life and live the life of your dreams.

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