10 Leadership Tips Inspired by Abraham Hicks Motivational Quotes 2

10 Leadership Tips Inspired by Abraham Hicks Motivational Quotes


These leadership tips inspired by Abraham Hicks’ motivational quotes will awaken the Leader in you and rekindle your passion for greatness.

Abraham-Hicks has been teaching the Law of Attraction for more than 20 years. They shared the information that was the foundation of The Secret and they were interviewed for the Uncut version of The Secret movie.

I’ve been following the teachings of Abraham for decades and read a number of their books, including Ask and It Is Given, and the Money and the Law of Attraction book.

I credit them, amongst others, for my positive outlook and attitude to life, which has brought me many blessings and taught me to look on the bright side of everything that happens.

Many motivational experts like to say that leaders are made, not born. I would argue the exact opposite. I believe we are all natural-born leaders but have been deprogrammed along the way.

As children, we were natural leaders with a champion mindset – curious, always hungry for knowledge, and with an incredibly vivid imagination.

We knew what we wanted, were persistent and determined in getting what we wanted, and had the ability to motivate, inspire, and influence everyone around us to help us in accomplishing our mission.

So why is this so difficult to do as adults? What happened to most of us along the way?

As children, over time, we got used to hearing, No, Don’t, and Can’t. No! Don’t do this. Don’t do that. You can’t do this. You can’t do that. No!

Many of our parents told us to keep quiet and not disturb the adults by asking silly questions. This pattern continued into high school, with our teachers telling us what we could and couldn’t do and what was possible.

Then we got hit with the big one – institutionalized formal education known as college or university!

Unfortunately, the traditional educational system doesn’t teach students how to become leaders. It teaches them how to become drones in the corporate world.

Instead of learning how to be creative, independent, self-reliant, and think for ourselves, we learn how to obey and intelligently follow the rules to keep the corporate machine humming.

Developing the Leader in you to live your highest life, then, requires a process of unlearning by self-remembering and self-honoring.

Being an effective leader again will require you to be brave and unlock the door to your inner attic, going inside to the heart of your childhood dreams.

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10 Leadership Tips Inspired By Abraham Hicks Motivational Quotes

Here are ten leadership tips inspired by the teaching of Abraham-Hicks and their motivational quotes, that will awaken the Leader in you and rekindle your passion for greatness:

#1. Know Yourself

Leadership starts with self-awareness. To be a highly successful leader, you must be self-aware, know who you are, and become aware of your thoughts, for they create your reality.

You are the only one who creates your reality. For no one else can think for you, no one else can do it. It is only you, every bit of it you. ~ Abraham Hicks.

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#2. Appreciate Your Strengths

SWOT (an acronym for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) is a strategic management tool taught at Stanford and Harvard Business Schools and used by large multinationals.

However, I believe that there’s nothing to be gained by focusing on one’s Weaknesses and Threats. As Abraham-Hicks says, “You can’t watch out for bad things and allow good things at the same time. It is vibrationally not possible.”

You can’t watch out for bad things and allow good things at the same time. It is vibrationally not possible. ~ Abraham Hicks

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However, appreciating your Strengths and Opportunities can be a useful way to gain access to self-knowledge, self-remembering, and self-honoring.

Start by listing all your Strengths, including your accomplishments. Then proceed to list all the Opportunities you see available to you for using your strengths.

#3. Follow Your Bliss

Regardless of how busy you are, always take the time to do what you love doing. Being an enthusiastic and vital person vitalizes others.

When you’re pursuing your passions, people around you cannot help but feel impassioned by your presence. This will make you a charismatic leader.

Whatever it is that you enjoy doing, whether it is writing, acting, painting, drawing, photography, sports, reading, dancing, networking, or working on entrepreneurial ventures, set aside time every week, ideally two or three hours a day, to follow your bliss.

Find something that makes you happy and fixate on it. That is the answer to all things. It’s the answer to getting everything that you want. ~ Abraham Hicks.

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#4. Choose Happiness

Focus on the positive, no matter what’s going on in the world. You don’t have to let the winds of change blow you this way and that.

You can choose to be steady in your happiness and decide to be happy unconditionally regardless of external conditions or circumstances.

The greatest gift you can ever give another person is your own happiness. ~ Esther Hicks

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#5. Dream Big

If you want to be larger than life, you need a dream that’s larger than life. Small dreams won’t serve you or anyone else. It takes the same amount of time to dream small as it does to dream big.

So dream Big and be Bold!

It is as easy to create a castle as a button. It’s just a matter of whether you’re focused on a castle or a button. ~ Abraham Hicks.

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Write down your One Biggest Dream. The one that excites you the most. Don’t be small and realistic – be bold and unrealistic!

Go for the Gold, the Pulitzer, the Nobel, the Oscar, the highest you can possibly achieve in your field.

After you’ve written down your dream, list every single reason why you CAN achieve your dream instead of worrying about why you can’t.

It’s time for you to come into your own. Don’t hold back. You are the energy that creates worlds. ~ Abraham Hicks

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#6. Be a Visionary

Without a vision, we perish, but one who is a visionary thrives under all conditions. If you can’t see yourself winning that award and feel the tears of triumph streaming down your face, you won’t be able to lead yourself or others to victory.

So stop observing reality around you. Reality is temporary and ever-changing, after all. Instead, visualize your goal and imagine what it would be like to accomplish your dream.

See it, smell it, taste it, hear it, feel it in your gut, and make it your North Star.

The visionary is the one who holds the hope or the idea and believes it so much that they hold a guiding light that Law of Attraction can actualize around. ~ Esther Hicks

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#7. Trust the Universe

Success belongs to those who believe in their dreams. Now that you have a dream, you must trust in the Universe to deliver it to you.

Take inspired action towards it, but if you trust, you will achieve your dreams with ease, flow, and joy.

Everything is unfolding perfectly, and as you relax and find ease in your attitude of trust knowing that well-being is your birth-right, amazing things will happen. ~ Abraham Hicks

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#8. Trust your Inner Guidance

Trust in the guidance you receive from your Inner Being – your true self or eternal self, soul, or nature.

“Your Inner Being or Source Energy, always offers a perspective that is to your greatest advantage, and when your perspective matches that, then positive attraction is occurring,” says Abraham-Hicks.

Your Inner Being is always guiding you toward what you are wanting. ~ Abraham-Hicks

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#9. Honor Yourself

Every time you dishonor yourself, you lose power. Successful people keep their word and their promises to themselves. As Abraham Hicks says, “You cannot serve others until you have served yourself.”

The greatest thing you can give yourself is freedom from what others think. ~ Abraham Hicks

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#10. Lead by Example

Be the change you want to see in the world. Be so happy and let your life be so good that other people want to know how you do it.

Focus on your own vibration, and your own alignment, in order to get the best outcome for yourself, and don’t try to influence others.

You can only ever uplift from a position of strength clarity and alignment. ~ Abraham-Hicks

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You can use your relationships with mentors or your research on great leaders as models or reference points to work from, but never copy or imitate them like a parrot.

Everyone has vastly different leadership styles. History books are filled with leaders who are soft-spoken, introverted, and quiet, all the way to the other extreme of being outspoken, extroverted, loud, and everything in between.

A quiet and simple Gandhi or a soft-spoken peanut farmer named Jimmy Carter, who became president of the United States and won a Nobel Peace Prize, have been just as effective world leaders as a loud and flamboyant Churchill, or the tough leadership style employed by The Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher.

I admire Hemingway as a writer. But if I copy Hemingway, I’d be a second or third-rate Hemingway, at best, instead of a first-rate me.

So be yourself, your best self, and you will become a first-rate YOU instead of a second-rate somebody else.

Do comment and let us know which of these inspiring leadership quotes and motivational quotes from Abraham-Hicks you liked best.

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