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12 Fast Writing Tips: Learn How to Write Fast and Write Well

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These fast writing tips will help you learn how to write fast and how to write well so you can become a successful freelance writer.

Are you planning to break into the world of freelance writing, publish a book, look for content writer jobs, or start your own web content writing business?

Whether you’re writing a blog or book, writing emails to your colleagues, writing essays for school, or writing research papers for publication, good written communication skills are essential in any profession today.

But in a field like freelancing, where you’re exchanging time for money, learning how to write faster and better can help you improve your productivity, earn more money, and increase your freelance income in your writing business.

In this article, you’ll get some fast writing tips that will help you learn how to write fast and how to write well so you can grow your freelance writing business.

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12 Fast Writing Tips To Learn How To Write Fast & Write Well

Here are some fast writing tips and advice for young writers to help you learn how to write fast, write better, and make your writing more effective and powerful.

#1. Understand your audience

One of the best fast-writing tips to learn how to write faster and improve your writing skills is to understand your audience and set clear goals for each piece of writing, whether you’re writing long-form or short-form content.

Here are some questions to ask yourself before you start writing:

  • Who are you writing for?
  • What are their needs and wants?
  • What are their interests?
  • What keeps them up at night?
  • How can I address their needs in my content?

Use Hubspot’s Make My Persona Tool to create a buyer persona. Once you know who your audience is, you can begin to tailor your content to them. This will help you stay focused on what’s most important, and guide your writing toward accomplishing those goals.

If you’re writing SEO-friendly articles, you must learn how to use SEO content writing tools to research your keywords and come up with a content calendar so you can create topical authority and increase your website’s search engine rankings.

These SEO tools will also help you understand your audience’s pain points and the topics they’re interested in learning more about, so you can address their needs in your content.

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#2. Stay focused on your topic

Another essential writing tip is to stay focused on your topic. This means avoiding digressions or irrelevant details and keeping your writing concise and tight.

Remind yourself what you’re writing about and why it’s important to you and your readers. It can also be helpful to brainstorm some ideas and use writing prompts before you start writing.

Don’t forget to thoroughly research your topic and develop a clear and concise thesis or story outline. Once you have done this, you can begin drafting your article.

Always keep your focus on the main topic or purpose of your writing and avoid meandering, as your readers will lose interest. By remaining focused on your primary topic, you will produce a well-organized and convincing piece of writing.

#3. Have a clear structure

Another important element of good writing is organization. Whether you’re writing an article, blog post, essay, or book, it is essential to have a clear structure and cohesive paragraphs that flow smoothly from one idea to the next.

To create a coherent piece of writing, ask these questions before you start writing:

  • What is your main point?
  • What are the supporting points?
  • How can I best organize my thoughts to communicate my message?
  • What writing template will suit this content best?

Through careful planning, before you start writing, as well as by routinely editing and revising your work once it is completed, you will learn how to improve the structure of your written work.

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#4. Use writing templates to save time

Get an AI-generated outline with unique paragraphs in just 3 simple steps with Surfer’s Free AI Article Outline Generator, an easy-to-use outline generator that relies on AI to create and write outlines from introduction to conclusion.

This AI-writing tool is one of the many free resources Surfer SEO offers its writers to save time, optimize their workflow, and draft amazing outlines without spending two to three hours on the web searching for templates that don’t match the topic in question.

Another very useful fast-writing tip that you can use to save time creating blog posts is to use these free blog post templates from Hubspot, so you never have to start the blogging process from scratch.

  • The “How-To” Post
  • The List-Based Post
  • The “What Is” Post
  • The Pillar Page Post
  • The Newsjacking Post
  • The Infographic Post

Just fill in the blanks of these 6 popular blog topic templates to make your writing more compelling and effective.

#5. Use AI writing technology

AI-generated content is the future of writing. Artificial intelligence (AI) makes it fast and easy to create content for your blog, social media, website, and more.

If you want to learn how to write very fast, using AI copywriting tools will help you write blogs and articles, SEO content, marketing copy, and even books.

For example, you can finish your first draft 2 to 5 times faster and speed up your content pipeline by writing 80% by the Jasper AI article writer and 20% edited by humans.

Writing with AI writing tools has become much easier and more intuitive today, and these tools can help you scale your writing process and avoid having to hire junior writers in your writing business.

These AI writing courses will teach you the art of writing AI content and show you the key to writing effectively with AI writer tools.

AI content generator tools will not only help you take the effort out of writing SEO content that ranks but can even be used for writing fiction and sales copy.

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#6. Curate and rewrite content

Another fast writing tip to help you produce content faster is to curate existing content to create a fresh, new, and updated piece of content.

For example, you can rewrite Private Label Rights (PLR) content to create new articles, books, or videos rapidly. PLR content is digital information for which you can claim most or all of the intellectual property rights.

Here are some tips to help you rewrite PLR articles and create a unique article in minutes. You can also use AI writer tools to help you reword and refresh old blog posts and articles.

Learn how to rewrite articles using article rewriter tools, and use the best online paraphrasing tools for paraphrasing text online.

You can write and rewrite articles better, faster, and clearer, and enhance any sentence, paragraph, or article using QuillBot’s Paraphrase tool which comes with state-of-the-art AI.

This paraphraser tool integrates directly into Google Docs and Chrome Extension. It will help you rewrite sentences online in a variety of different ways, guaranteeing you find the perfect language, tone, and style for any occasion.

#7. Be clear and concise

One writing technique to help you learn how to write better is to focus on clarity and being concise. When writing for the web, stay away from flowery language and big words that might confuse or overwhelm the reader.

Instead, aim to make your writing as simple and straightforward as possible. This will ensure that your ideas are clearly communicated and easier for others to understand.

Check the Flesch Reading Ease score of your writing to ensure that it is easy for the average adult to read. The ideal score is 70 to 80, which is equivalent to the 8th-grade level.

It’s also important to use strong, active verbs and concrete, specific nouns. This will make your writing more engaging and easier to understand.

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#8. Choose the right writing style

There are many different types of writing skills and styles, so it is also important to choose the right writing style for your writing, depending on the purpose of your content and your audience.

For instance, if you’re writing a research paper for an academic journal, you might want to use a more formal writing style with a complex vocabulary and more advanced sentence structures.

On the other hand, writing blog posts or social media posts may call for a more informal tone, with simple sentence structures and common words, and travelogue writing may require a more descriptive and sensory writing style.

Of course, these are general guidelines, and the ultimate choice of writing style depends on the context and desired effect of your writing.

#9. Write daily and consistently

Writing is like a muscle and like building your muscles takes practice, learning how to write faster and better requires daily writing practice. The most successful writers focus on writing consistently, and most write every day.

To do this, you may have to set aside time each day to work on your writing projects or write in short bursts whenever you have a few spare moments throughout the day.

Keeping a journal or diary is a helpful way to get into the practice of writing daily, improve your writing skills, and form good writing habits.

By writing in your journal on a daily basis, you practice writing regularly, which helps to improve your writing technique and increase your fluency and writing speed.

Additionally, writing in a journal gives you the chance to work through any thoughts or ideas that might be bouncing around in your head.

Whether you want to focus on stream-of-consciousness writing or set goals for yourself and track your progress over time, there are plenty of journaling tools available to help build an effective writing habit that benefits both your writing skills and well-being.

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#10. Read a lot in your chosen genre

As any professional writer will tell you, one of the best ways to improve your craft and learn how to write well is to read widely in your chosen genre.

Reading can help to spark your own creativity by providing inspiration for new ideas. By reading a lot, you will also expose yourself to different writing styles and learn about the different ways that stories can be structured.

Reading allows you to see how experienced and successful writers handle various plot devices and character development arcs.

Of course, it is not enough to simply read any old book – you must read widely in your chosen genre in order to gain the specific writing skills and knowledge that you need.

So if you want to become a great writer, make sure that you read a lot – and read widely in your chosen genre.

By immersing yourself in writing that shares similarities with your own work, you can gain inspiration and pick up valuable writing tips and techniques that will help you develop your own style.

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#11. Use online writing tools to edit & proofread

When writing any piece of work, it is essential to edit and proofread your work thoroughly before sending it out into the world.

Editing involves reviewing each sentence and looking for ways to improve the clarity, structure, and flow of your content, ensuring that your ideas are clearly presented in a logical manner.

This may involve changing word choices, cutting out extraneous information, or reorganizing sentences to achieve a more logical progression.

When editing, is also important to look at the bigger picture, evaluating whether your overall argument or thesis is well-supported throughout the text.

Proofreading involves reviewing every sentence and checking for grammatical errors, typos, and other mistakes. It requires a closer look at the details of grammar and mechanics, such as spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and verb tense consistency.

You can use online writing and editing tools to edit and proofread your work before you publish it. This will help ensure that there are no errors and that your writing is as clear and concise as possible.

ProWritingAid’s writing improvement software offers world-class grammar and style checking combined with more in-depth reports to help you strengthen your writing.

The Hemingway app offers effective suggestions to turn the passive voice into the active voice and get rid of excessive adverbial phrases.

So don’t rush through this important step — use online writing tools to help you edit and thoroughly proofread your work, so you can ensure that you produce polished, error-free, and high-quality content before sharing it with your readers.

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#12. Be open to feedback & learning

If you want to become a successful writer or published author, it is important to learn how to receive feedback from others without becoming defensive and taking it personally.

Here are some ways to learn writing skills and get feedback for your writing:

  • Join a writing community like the Paid To Write Club where up-and-coming writers get the training and support they need to kick-start their writing career.
  • Take content writing courses to learn the skills you need to write professionally and work with clients.
  • Learn how to write better fiction and improve your creative writing skills with these creative writing courses for writers
  • Get book writing and publishing advice from an expert book coach or survey your blog readers to understand and address their concerns better.

Whether you’re seeking writing advice from others or want to know how to write feedback on other people’s writing, understanding how to approach this process respectfully will ensure that you get the most out of these interactions.

Learning how to become a writer can be challenging, but rewarding. These writing tips for beginners will help you learn writing and improve your writing skills to become a more confident writer.

With these fast writing tips at your disposal, learning how to write fast and write better can be both enjoyable and productive for aspiring writers who care about crafting well-written content.

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