Best Freelance Writing Classes: Learn Freelance Writing for Beginners


Learn Freelance Writing for Beginners

Learn freelance writing for beginners with the best freelance writing classes. These freelance courses will help you become a freelance writer from home.

Content marketing is an incredibly valuable service that helps generate real revenue for businesses. It’s one of the most effective and efficient ways for companies to generate new leads and customers.

Digital content creators and freelance content writers are in high demand right now and the better your writing skills, the more you can get paid.

The best way to improve your online writing skills and make more money as a freelance writer from home is to take a freelance writing course or join an online writing workshop or online writing classes.

Learn how to find freelance writing jobs for beginners with these freelance writing classes. Get tips for freelance writing niche ideas, freelance writing topics, and freelance writing portfolio examples.

Learn how to start your freelance writing business, offer freelance writing services and find freelance writing gigs on freelance writing websites. Find freelance writing jobs at home with these freelance writing courses and freelance writing for beginners’ tips.

Learn the art of writing AI content with AI copywriting courses – this is one of the important writing skills required for content writing today. Here are some of the best freelance writing courses and classes to help you become a better blogger or freelance writer from home.

Free Content Creation Resources

Roadmap To Your First Writing Client

Learn the roadmap for becoming a freelance writer and go from total beginner to watching the first paycheck deposited in your bank account. You’ll learn exactly how to get started as a highly-paid freelance writer, even if you’re a beginner with no portfolio.

In this free webinar, John Morrow covers the skills clients expect you to have, where to get your first glance, how to build your credibility – all kinds of good stuff.

Get all the training and support you need to get your first paying client and go from an absolute beginner with no portfolio or experience to watching your first paycheck being deposited in your bank account.

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The Highly Paid Freelance Writer

Join freelance writing expert, John Morrow, in this free webinar on how to become a highly paid freelance writer and learn the new way to make six figures as a freelance writer, working from home whenever it suits your schedule.

You’ll also see how to earn 10X more than other writers even in this economy, and learn about his content writing certification program.

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Freedom Machine Webinar

The Freedom Machine Webinar will show you the step-by-step system for earning $1,000/month (or more) in passive income from blogging! You’ll get everything you need to know broken down into simple, manageable steps, starting from nothing.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this free webinar:

  • New technology from one of the founders of Twitter that helps you get up and running in minutes (and it’s totally free)
  • Learn how to create content that breaks through all the noise on Facebook (and elsewhere)
  • Three different ways to go from 0 $1,000+ per month of PASSIVE income, so it just comes in on autopilot, even if you don’t have time to dedicate to your blog.

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Earn Money From Blogging

Free Course: How To Write AI Content That Ranks

Learn exactly how to create content at scale that’s optimized to grow your organic traffic and get your business and content ranked on Google, in this free Jasper SEO Course.

You’ll have a content machine that brings in organic traffic to your site every month by the end of this free course with SEO Expert, Danny Veiga, who specializes in creating content at scale with Jasper.

Free Course: Supercharge Your Website Copy Fast

Learn how to use Jasper to write your website copy so you can convert more visitors into leads and customers. Boost ad conversions with better copywriting. Easily write and test more copy variations to increase sales and improve ROAS.

Quickly write attention-grabbing headlines, unique value propositions, and SEO-optimized meta descriptions. Follow along in this free copywriting course from Jasper so you can optimize your website copy in less than 1 hour.

Free Surfer SEO Writing Masterclass

Learn how to write AI SEO optimized copy with this Free Surfer SEO Writing Masterclass provides you with over 19 lessons covering a range of SEO-related topics such as search intent, NLP (natural language processing), keyword research and evaluation, competitor analysis, and many more.

This Free Surfer SEO Writing Masterclass is an all-level introduction to Surfer and SEO and an invaluable resource for both content managers, and writers alike. Catapult your content strategy into the future of SEO and get an in-depth look at Surfer’s all-in-one, AI-backed, and user-friendly content creation platform.

By the end of this Free Surfer SEO Copywriting Masterclass, you’ll not only be certified in Surfer, but you’ll also confidently be able to implement what you’ve learned to refresh your content marketing strategy.

Free Podcasting Masterclass

Starting a podcast is easy with John Lee Dumas’ Free Podcast Masterclass. The lessons he shares in his Podcast Masterclass come from years of hosting a top-ranked podcast and he’s packaged them together for you in 1-hour of awesomeness!

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Free Podcast Course

John Lee Dumas will teach you how to create and launch your podcast! John is the host of Entrepreneurs on Fire, an award-winning podcast where he interviews the world’s most inspiring Entrepreneurs.

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Free Online Course Creation Webinar

Online courses are one of the top ways to earn money online with the expertise you already have. In this free, 40-minute quick-start guide to selling your knowledge online with Teachable, you’ll get the tools and knowledge you need to earn money by sharing what you love.

This training video is the best introduction to everything Teachable has to offer. In this 40-minute recorded workshop, you’ll learn how creating an online course can change your life.

Also, watch this free Teachable webinar, 7 Steps To Launch Your Own Profitable Online Course, and learn the easiest way to create your own online school and set up your first course using Teachable (without any technical headaches).

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Free Webinar: Grow Your Food Blog Without Creating New Content

When traffic numbers aren’t quite where we want them, it’s easy to default to thinking we need to produce more content. More content = more traffic, right? Maybe. But also… maybe not.

In this free food blogging workshop, you’ll learn how to:

• Increase your blog’s traffic without creating any new blog posts
• Identify the posts on your blog that have the biggest opportunities to increase your revenue
• Supercharge your content for your existing and potential audience
• Simplify the process of updating existing posts

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Free eBook: Business Writing Hacks for Flawless Communications

Make the right impression with your communications. Writing is an essential element of nearly every profession today. Whether you are drafting a proposal for a major prospect or collaborating by email, strong communication helps colleagues and clients understand your ideas.

Errors and awkward writing can make you lose credibility. This business writing guide will help you learn the techniques that professional writers use to write clearly and persuasively.

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Best Freelance Writing Courses

AIO Blogger Course

Discover the game-changing AIO Blogger course, a dynamic 1-week program that empowers marketers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs to craft and cultivate their AI-optimized blogs for a continuous flow of traffic and revenue.

Imagine writing AI-generated content that not only propels you to the top of Google but also drives traffic and conversions. Thanks to AI, we’re talking about working at a speed that’s 10 times faster and smarter, with content creation at the mere click of a button.

However, navigating the vast landscape of AI content tools to boost your online business can be daunting. Fear not! AIO Blogger cuts through the confusion, providing crystal-clear insights on leveraging AI for traffic and revenue growth.

Led by the incomparable Julia McCoy, AIO Blogger is a groundbreaking course designed for those eager to build their own AI-optimized blog that delivers tangible results. Each lesson is meticulously crafted, ensuring it’s not only relevant but also up-to-the-minute.

Here’s the breakdown of what AIO Blogger equips you with:

  • Learn how to strategically approach the development of your AIO blog.
  • Dive into the practical aspects of creating and launching a successful AIO blog.
  • Uncover the secrets to turning your AIO blog into a revenue-generating powerhouse.

This course is tailor-made for marketers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs hungry for a blog that not only attracts genuine traffic but also translates into revenue. Ready to unravel the mysteries of successful AI-assisted blogging and harness the power of AI for 10x growth?

Enroll in the AIO Blogger Course now!

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Write Your Way to Your First $1k

Learn how to become a well-paid writer in just a few short weeks. Have the freedom to choose the clients you want to work with, pick the writing gigs that interest you the most, and scale your business to make even more money in less time.

There’s a better way to make a living from writing, and you don’t need experience or a degree. You can get paid for writing without having to compete for jobs against hundreds of people and, in the end, earn pennies for your hard work.

Learn the exact blueprint for setting up your freelance business and know the exact tools and strategies you need to attract clients, land clients, and retain clients.

Know where to find high-paying clients so there’s no more hustling ten hours a day and no more sending pitches that go straight to the trash and never see the light of day again.
Freelance Writer

Freelance Blogging in a Weekend

Learn how to do blogging for money, whether you’re writing for clients or for your own blog. This course is a step-by-step guide to blog writing for businesses and is ideal for those who want to become freelance bloggers and write blogs for clients.

You’ll learn about blogging as a marketing strategy, how to write conversational blog posts for easy reading, how to find blog topics that rank easily, how to generate the perfect headline and CTA for your clients, and how to fix your writing for better engagement, learn about freelance blogging rates and more.

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SEO Copywriting: Optimize Your Website Copy

Learn how to optimize your website copy by mastering expert SEO copywriting skills. This SEO copywriting course will teach you how to master SEO copywriting so that you can start driving high-quality traffic to your site and maximize your conversions.

In this SEO copywriting certification course, you’ll learn all about defining your target audience, researching and identifying keywords, utilizing those keywords in your copy, developing a content strategy, and implementing your strategy to optimize your site.

Blog Post Writing: Create Engaging Blogs

In this Blog Post Writing course, you’ll learn how to write and publish captivating blog posts for your target audience, and how to write, optimize, proofread, edit and publish blog posts that encourage your site visitors to become paying clients.

You’ll also learn how to create a content calendar, and track your analytics for professional insights into how well your posts are doing. With this complete guide to blog post writing, you can look forward to making more sales with proven strategies that will lure readers to your website.

Become A Blogger: From Strategy To Writing

Learn how to develop a content strategy, create compelling content that draws your ideal audience in and optimize your copy to appear on the first page of the search results.

This Blog Writing course is jam-packed with writing, strategy, and optimization courses to take you from a wanna-be blogger to a viral blogging expert. You can leverage your new skills to make a career out of your passion and monetize your blog.

This blog content creation course is perfect for bloggers wanting to elevate their existing skills and monetize their blog, freelancers wanting to add blog writing and optimization to their skillset, writers wanting to start a viral blog, or business owners and entrepreneurs wanting to promote their brand with a blog.

Launch your freelance writing career and get all the training and support you need to get your first paying client! The hardest part about becoming a freelance writer is getting your first paying client.

Smart Blogger is creating a brand-new community where up-and-coming writers (like you) can get the training and support you need to kickstart your writing career and go from an absolute beginner with no portfolio or experience to watching your first paycheck being deposited in your bank account.

This is the only program that guarantees your first paying client with a community built specifically for beginners, helping you get started totally from scratch.

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Freelance Writer Certification Program

Take the content writing certification program, follow the directions, pass our certification exam, and get your first paid writing client in 60 days or less.

Getting this Content Marketing Certification will provide you with a ton of flexibility and options in your career and your life. You can continue building up clients in your free time, and eventually, transition to become a full-time freelance content writer or even start your own content marketing agency.

Then you’ll be able to live a freelance lifestyle while working from anywhere in the world. All you’ll need is a laptop and an internet connection. Or you can use your new experience and connections to land a high-paid new gig as a content marketer.

You can use freelance content writing as a stepping stone to getting paid while you learn how to start your own blog. Most people do this backward by starting their blog first and then trying to learn how to make it successful. Meanwhile, they end up working really hard without making any money or gaining any traction.

But if you spend some time as a freelance content writer first, you can get PAID to learn – and then, when you’re ready, you’ll be much better equipped to start that blog and find success much, much faster.

Create Content for Blog Traffic Masterclass

The Creating Content for Blog Traffic Masterclass walks you through the type of blog you can have and the type of content you should create. This Masterclass includes a writing process for creating content that’s optimized for your audience and for blog traffic.

Learn how to source a blog topic, compare blog topics and optimize the blog topic for keywords and traffic. You’ll also learn the key fundamentals to understanding your audience, how different types of blogs create content, how to change your content to fit your audience, and how to create a targeted incentive freebie to build your email list

Headline Hacks

Freelance Writing Prep Masterclass

Thinking about becoming a freelance writer? Get the training you need right now and get started freelance writing today. It’s not enough to read blog posts or try your hand at creating a Twitter profile.

You need to know how to be your own boss and land projects with ease. You also need to know what writing skills you need to attract high-paying clients.

Learn the business skills to turn your love and passion for writing into a business that generates income for you every day. Freelance Writing Prep is a masterclass that helps you navigate this new journey.

Monetize Your Blog With Freelance Writing

Learn what you need to start making $2,000/month as a freelance writer in this e-course that teaches you all about making money blogging by using your awesome skills as a writer.

Earn Money From Blogging

Writer Branding Resources

Free Course: How to Build an Indie Author Website

In the free How to Build an Indie Author Website video workshop, you’ll discover how to create an eye-catching and conversion-focused website for an independent author or writer-preneur.

You can quickly create an attractive, conversion-focused WordPress website for your independent publishing business by following the instructions in this free training on how to design an indie-author website.

In the free How to Build an Indie Author Website course, you’ll learn how to choose a domain for your website, install WordPress, and construct everything using an author-focused theme and beginner-friendly templates, including your homepage, about page, your books and books overview pages, an events page, and much more.

The free How to Build an Indie Author Website course is entirely focused on helping you quickly transition from a blank page to a professional-quality author website.

You’ll learn how to create a homepage, about page, contact page, reviews page, events page, blog page, and individual blog articles in this free course.

With the help of the user-friendly tools and templates from Thrive Themes that you will learn how to use in this training, you can advertise your books online, notify your followers about forthcoming events, and eventually increase the number of books you sell.

Pitching Clients 101

You can land your first client, and your next 5, 10, or 20+ clients, with confidence and without fear, when you know HOW to reach out and pitch them.

This program will enable you to FINALLY land your first client… and you can use the strategies in Pitching Clients 101 to reach out to and pitch future clients again and again.

Keep Your Clients

Studies show that it costs 5x as much to find new clients compared to KEEPING existing clients. Learn best practices for client communications, client retention strategies, and how to make the most of every client relationship.

Best Storytelling Courses

Storytelling Course

One thing that both successful commercials and viral campaigns have in common is that they both convey a compelling story. To inspire and persuade your audience to act, you must master the art of telling a compelling story.

In this Storytelling Course, you’ll learn how to weave fascinating narratives out of data-driven facts and make sure your writing leaves a lasting impression.

Learn the techniques for creating mind-blowing content that captures and holds readers’ attention; create compelling tales around your data-driven content to increase sales, and use your imagination to craft compelling stories with strong emotional appeal.

Learn how to write content that makes your audience nod their heads and open their wallets with this top-selling writing course.

If writing content is part of your marketing campaign, you need to know how to hook and hold people’s attention while staying true to your own voice.

Whether you’re writing emails, articles, sales pages, social posts, or speeches, it’s vital to know the foundational principles of killer copywriting. Now, you can get better results with these proven tactics, tools, and templates that will turn you into an expert content creator.

Best Copywriting Courses

Free eBook: Turn Yourself into a Prosperous Copywriter

Download Turn Yourself into a Prosperous Copywriter and break down the three essential steps you must take if you think copywriting is the career for you:

  • Develop Your Skills
  • Create Content that Resonates
  • Build Your Profile (and Pay Your Bills)

Each section is divided into topic-focused chapters, and at the end of each chapter, you’ll find a list of recommended references for those who want to investigate the topic further.

From Structure To Style: Master Your Copywriting

Learn how to write electrifying, well-structured, and professional copy on demand. In this course, ex-Wall Street Journal editor Shani Raja reveals how such wordsmiths do the magic of producing captivating copy for millions of global readers.

No more will your writing be rambling, confusing, clunky, or boring. These strategies will empower you to write blog posts, web and content marketing copy, and articles with impeccable style and grace. The course is ideal for those who know basic grammar and yearn to take their writing to the next level.

Stories That Sell: 7 Secrets To Create Killer Content

In the Stories That Sell Course, you’ll learn the foundational principles of killer copywriting, and how to write content that makes your audience nod their heads and open their wallets while staying true to your own voice.

If you want to create writing that lights a fire in your customer and gets the results you need, this course will show you exactly how it’s done.

If writing content is part of your marketing campaign, you need to know how to hook and hold people’s attention, whether you’re writing emails, articles, sales pages, social posts, or speeches.

In this copywriting course, you’ll learn all about perfecting your headlines, simplifying your writing, making an impact, and earning permission to pitch your offer or product with compelling written content.

You’ll also get access to in-depth case studies, coaching, and practice prompts that will put your copywriting skills to the test.

Email Marketing – Copywriting and Growing Your Email List

In this email marketing course on Copywriting and Growing Your Email List, you’ll learn how to write effective sales copy with copy-and-paste templates, the most popular headlines, subject lines, power words, and more, to sell your products and services.

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