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These blogging education resources and online blogging courses will help you learn the blogging skills you need to boost your blog traffic and income.

So, you’ve just started a blog, and you’re wondering how to start building traffic to it and start earning money blogging. The best way to get started is to learn blogging online in a systematic way that will help you increase your traffic and income.

Whether you’re looking to start a blog, or want to boost your blog traffic and income, you must get the blogging training you need and learn both, the technical and soft skills, that will help you achieve these goals.

In this post, we’ll outline the top blogging skills that will help you grow your blogging business. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced blogger, this blogging guide will help you improve your blogging skills and become a successful blogger.

Learn Blogging Skills with these Blogging Education Resources

Whether you’re just starting out or have been blogging for a while, these blogging courses and blogging resources will help you get the blogging education you need to take your blogging skills to the next level.

#1. Learn content creation skills

Blogging is all about creating quality content that’s engaging, helpful, and provides relevant and useful answers to your reader’s questions.

The best way to start your blogging journey is by creating a content strategy based on an intimate understanding of your audience’s most pressing needs and pain points, so you can answer their requirements.

You need to learn these best practices for writing for the web, as well as SEO content writing skills to start creating relevant, useful, and compelling content, that will help you attract more readers to your blog.

This Blog Post Writing Course will transform you from a wannabe blogger to a viral blogging guru by providing you with a wealth of writing, strategy, and SEO lessons.

The game-changing AIO Blogger Course is a dynamic 1-week program that empowers marketers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs to harness the power of AI-generated content that not only propels you to the top of Google but also drives traffic and conversions.

These AI copywriting courses will teach you the art of writing AI content, one of the most important writing skills required for content writing and blogging today.

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Use these headline copywriting tips to create interesting, catchy headlines that will compel visitors to click through and read your blogs.

Video content is an important form of blogging content today, and embedding videos into your blog can increase the dwell time of your blog visitors.

If you’re an introvert who doesn’t like being on camera, you can use these video creation ideas for introverts to make videos without appearing in them.

Another form of content you must learn how to create is an email newsletter for your blog subscribers, so you can follow up and build trust with them.

Building a mailing list will allow you to survey your subscribers, and find out what questions they have, so you can address these queries in your blog posts.

Once you’ve built a relationship based on trust with your subscribers, you can start promoting the sort of products, courses, or services that they’ve expressed an interest in buying.

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#2. Learn image editing skills

Images are an essential element of your blog post, and you’ll need to use appropriate images in many areas of your blog, such as:

  • The featured image
  • Images embedded within the post
  • Screenshots to illustrate a point
  • Pinterest Pins to share on Pinterest
  • Infographics to boost shares and links

If you’re just starting out, you’ll find it much more efficient and economical to learn basic image editing skills yourself, instead of outsourcing this task to a freelance graphic designer.

Most professional bloggers are skilled at image editing or know the basics of using free image editing software like Canva, and how to use the many useful tools available in this software.

You should learn how to effectively manipulate and crop images, adjust contrast and brightness, and optimize and resize your images for the web. In this Canva Master Course for beginners, you’ll learn all about editing images with Canva with a Canva-certified expert.

Once you’ve mastered the basics of image editing, you can practice more advanced techniques, like adding text or graphics to images, manipulating colors, creating special effects, and more.

With practice, you’ll eventually develop your own personal style and become good at image editing.

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#3. Learn WordPress skills

How you choose which blogging technology to use will depend on your level of technical expertise and experience. However, the best way to get started is to learn the basics.

Most professional bloggers use a content management system (CMS) to manage their blogs. You should learn how to use the SEO-friendly WordPress CMS – currently the most popular blogging platform used by millions of bloggers around the world.

There are many resources available online for learning how to use WordPress, and this WordPress for Beginners course will help you acquire the skills to use this open-source blogging technology, find the best hosting for blogs, and more.

If you’re new to blogging, you should also take the time to learn the basics of HTML and CSS – the two main languages used to style and display web content.

In this introductory course on Basic HTML & CSS for WordPress Users, you’ll learn how to make simple design changes to your WordPress website by learning the basics of HTML and CSS.

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#4. Learn SEO copywriting skills

As a blogger, it’s essential to master the art of SEO, because it is, by far, the best way to help you build organic, highly-targeted traffic to your blog.

By mastering SEO, you can increase your chance of ranking at the top of Google’s search engine results pages (SERPS), and get thousands of visitors and page views to your blog.

You can start by learning these basic SEO tips for bloggers, which will show you how to optimize your blog for search engines.

You must also learn how to use SEO content writing tools to find the right keywords to help you create SEO-optimized content that will rank well on Google.

You’ll find several free SEO writing courses below, to help you become an expert SEO copywriter, and build blog traffic organically.

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#5. Learn social media skills

Social media is a great way to promote your blog, increase your visibility, build a community, and find new readers for your blog. Your blogging education will be incomplete if you fail to learn how to use social media to your advantage.

There are many social media platforms where you can create engaging social media posts to share your blog content, build a following, and get more visitors and readers, such as LinkedIn groups, and Facebook groups.

In this Social Media Content Strategy Course, you’ll learn how to develop and put into practice a powerful social media content strategy and create “thumb-stopping” social media content.

Video content is currently the most popular content format on social media. Sharing videos can help you build your personal brand, and grow a community of fans and followers, even if it doesn’t boost your blog traffic directly.

As Pinterest is a visual search engine, Pinterest marketing is an important SEO skill to learn. These Pinterest tutorials and courses will show you how to build traffic to your blog using Pinterest.

You can learn social media video creation skills with the courses below, or outsource your video creation to a freelancer.

  • Matt Par’s Tube Mastery & Monetization course is a complete roadmap to take beginners all the way to make a full-time income and has just as much content for the veterans to scale their business and perfect their techniques.
  • In this MasterClass with MKBHD (Marques Brownlee), you’ll learn everything you need to know to make compelling and engaging videos that go viral on any platform, from ideation to filming, lighting, and even performing for the camera.
  • In his Masterclass, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, the celebrated game streamer, will guide you through the foundations of streaming content, building a brand, and creating meaningful online communities, to build your streaming presence in 30 days.
  • In this course on How to Go Viral With Instagram Reels, you’ll learn the recipe to master Instagram Reels, grow your influence and followers, and get Instagram automation tips for Reels.
  • The Ready Set Blog for Traffic Course is a step-by-step guide to setting up your blog for targeted traffic, marketing your posts on Pinterest, and writing content that is so good it draws in and converts visitors.

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#6. Learn networking skills

If you want to grow your influence and reputation as a blogger, you must be prepared to network and establish mutually beneficial relationships with other bloggers and influencers.

Collaborating on projects is a great way to get to know other bloggers. You can start by guest posting on each other’s blogs, and then move on to bigger projects, like co-hosting a webinar or virtual summit.

Online blogging communities, blogging forums, and blogging groups devoted to your niche can help you connect with fellow bloggers, and learn about possible collaborations.

SEO link building is a powerful way to boost your blog’s rankings and organic web traffic. Blogger outreach is a powerful marketing strategy that every blogger needs to learn to rank highly in Google.

You can use these influencer marketing platforms to connect with influential bloggers during your blogger outreach campaign to build links to your blog.

LinkedIn blogger groups, Twitter blogging lists, and Facebook blogger groups are all excellent places to find other bloggers to connect with.

These business networking tips will help you learn effective professional networking etiquette to build stronger and more lasting relationships when you attend in-person conferences and events for bloggers.

In Keith Ferrazzi’s Complete Guide to Building Your Network course, you’ll learn what a personal network is and how it benefits you, both professionally and personally.

You’ll also learn how to develop the strong personal relationships that you’ll need to achieve your goals, create a strategy for maintaining these relationships, and develop deeper, stronger, more mutually beneficial relationships.

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#7. Learn business skills

In terms of increasing your blogging earnings, you can use one of these many blog ideas that make money to monetize your blog.

You can sell advertising space, online courses, digital products, printables, content writing services, coaching, and consulting on your blog.

You can earn money with affiliate marketing and sponsored posts. Here are some blogging training courses that will show you how to  monetize your blog:

  • The Launch Your Blog Biz program is one of the best blogging courses to learn how to create and monetize your first blog, choose a theme, produce blog posts, create an email list, attract readers, and earn your first $1000 with affiliate marketing.
  • This bestselling Udemy Blogging Course will walk you through the entire process of setting up WordPress, creating excellent content, promoting that content, constructing an email list, and putting in place a revenue plan to transform your blog into a business.
  • The 100 Tasks Solopreneur System is a proven step-by-step process, all-in-one guide, framework, toolkit, and community to help solopreneurs and freelancers launch, optimize, and automate their businesses 3 to 5 times faster.

But if you want to grow and scale your blog like an entrepreneur, you should also learn business skills to help you manage and grow your blogging income.

As a professional blogger, you can manage your time better by outsourcing blogging services that you don’t have the time for or are not an expert in.

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Also, focus on building a powerful personal brand that will hold you in good stead through the highs and lows of your blogging journey.

In this in-depth Personal Branding Course, taught by a renowned branding expert, you’ll learn how to develop, plan, launch, and expand your personal brand.

Don’t forget to keep learning and stay agile, so you can keep your blogging business competitive. Keep up with current trends in your niche, in case you need to pivot to stay relevant and avoid becoming obsolete.

I hope these blogging education resources and online blogging courses will help you learn the blogging skills you need, so you can join the ranks of professional and famous bloggers, and make a full-time income from your blog.

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