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How To Start A Podcast: Podcasting Tools, Services, Courses, Tutorials


How To Start A Podcast

Podcasting Tools, Services, Courses, Tutorials, Checklists

Learn how to start a podcast with free podcasting courses, podcast checklists, podcasting tutorials, podcasting tools, and podcasting services to help you create an engaging and successful podcast.

How do you start a podcast and where can you find ideas for starting a podcast? What is the easiest way to start a podcast and what are the things needed to start a podcast?

The free podcasting tutorials, podcasting courses, and free ‘starting a podcast’ checklists below will show you how to start a podcast, the best way to start a podcast, and the steps to start a podcast.

Free Podcasting Courses

Free Podcasting Masterclass

Starting a podcast is easy with John Lee Dumas’ Free Podcast Masterclass. The lessons he shares in his Podcast Masterclass come from years of hosting a top-ranked podcast and he’s packaged them together for you in 1-hour of awesomeness!

In his Free Podcast Masterclass, he’ll cover tips for podcasting for beginners, including:

  • ​Identifying your podcast topic
  • The perfect podcast launch plan
  • The best podcast equipment
  • Top 5 ways to grow & monetize your podcast
  • A tour of Podcasters’ Paradise

Click here to sign up for the Free Podcasting Masterclass

Free Podcast Course

John Lee Dumas will teach you how to create and launch your podcast! John is the host of Entrepreneurs on Fire, an award-winning podcast where he interviews the world’s most inspiring Entrepreneurs.

With over 2000 episodes, 1 million-plus listens a month, and seven figures in annual revenue, JLD has learned a thing or two about podcasting. That’s why he created Free Podcast Course and his elite online training, Podcasters’ Paradise, The #1 podcasting community in the world.

Throughout Free Podcast Course, you’ll learn how to create and launch YOUR podcast, and in Podcasters’ Paradise JLD will guide you on the latest and greatest strategies for growing your podcast audience and generating real revenue, all while sharing incredible value with the world.

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Free Starting A Podcast Checklist

Can I really make a living as a Podcasting virtual assistant? What do I need to start a podcast? How to find out what I need to start a podcast? Download a starting a podcast checklist and learn what things you need to start a podcast.

Master the skills and strategies needed to launch, manage and grow podcasts for small businesses when you Become a Podcast VA with Podcast Production School. You’ll learn everything you need to know to help business owners launch, manage and grow a successful podcast!

Discover the most popular services you can offer along with a proprietary production and launch checklist – a list of the top podcast skills that businesses need help with and a custom podcast production and launch checklist so you can launch with a boom (instead of a fizzle).

Download the Free Podcast Production & Launch Checklists

Advanced Podcasting Courses & Tutorials

Podcaster’s Paradise: The #1 Online Community for Podcasters

Learn how to create, grow and monetize your podcast from John Lee Dumas, the best in the business. Podcasting is a time commitment, and we know what it’s like to have a lot of projects going on in our business.

So start with just one single step: learn how to become a podcaster. Once you know what to do, you can start to create systems around the repetitive steps so that podcasting becomes a part of your business rather than just another project.

The most important aspect of your podcasting journey is surrounding yourself with like-minded people who understand the journey you’re on and who can help support you. In Podcaster’s Paradise, there are nearly 3,000 members who are passionate about podcasting and helping support you on your journey.

Get access to step-by-step video tutorials that walk you through every step of your podcasting journey, which you’ll have full access to the minute you join Paradise. They also host monthly live webinars, so whether it’s a live Q&A session with JLD or a presentation with a top podcaster, you’ve got front row access to the best of the best!

Click here to join Podcaster’s Paradise

Free Podcasting Masterclass

Podcast Production School

What is a Podcast Producer and who needs one? Can I really make a living as a Podcast Producer? Podcast Production School will teach you everything you need to know to help business owners launch, manage and grow a successful podcast.

Podcast Production School is an online course designed to help you master the hard skills + strategies needed to launch, manage and grow podcasts for small business owners.

Podcast Production School’s 90-day blueprint will help you master the skills and strategies needed to launch, manage and grow podcasts for small businesses so you can systematically land new clients and deliver quality work while earning a dependable income as a Podcast Producer.

To get you started, Podcast Production School is offering you their  3-part quickstart bundle – their Podcast Launch Checklist, Podcast Production Guide, and Podcast Production School Workbook for FREE (retail value $97)!

These tools will help you understand what goes into launching a new show, all of the unique services that fall under Podcast Production, and even what services make the most sense for you to offer!

Sign up to get a list of 10 Podcast Production Jobs available right now! Get jobs for everything from podcast marketing to production, audio engineering, and more.

Click here to launch your Podcast Producer biz today

Podcast Production School

The Podcast Host Academy

Learn how to launch a Podcast quickly, conquer the tech, grow your audience, earn from your show, get personal help with the Podcast Host Academy.

  • Podcasting Courses A to Z – Remove the guesswork & save days with step-by-step guides from launch to growth.
  • Personal Coaching & Support – Live members-only Q&As & a supportive community of podcasters.
  • Podcasting Resources & Tools – Super-quick checklists, free music/FX, step-by-step launch calendar, sponsorship bank.

The Podcast Host Academy

Podcasting Tools & Services

Podcast Kits

Podcast kits are several pieces of podcasting gear bundled into one product. They’re also called podcast starter kits for beginners.

For example, this MAONO A04H Professional USB Condenser USB Microphone Kit Plug & Play with Headphones Set comes with a professional sound chipset. With a good cardioid polar pickup pattern, high output, and low self-noise function, the microphone can accurately reproduce even the most subtle sound.

The new version provides one more headphone to meet your multiple needs. It is especially suitable for YouTube, live streaming, studios, recording, podcasting, gaming, etc.

Alitu Podcast Maker App

Alitu is a quick and easy way to make your podcast. This podcast maker app tames the audio tech and offers tools to help you create your dream show.

Alitu has redesigned audio editing to make it quick, simple, and specific to podcasting. You don’t need any software experience and you’ll pick it up in seconds.

Alitu converts, processes, and cleans up your audio to make sure it sounds great. Then it stitches all of your clips together. Use the ‘theme music maker’ to create your branding easily. It’ll then be added to the start & end of every episode.

Alitu creates a perfect MP3 with metadata. You can download, or send it to Libsyn, Blubrry, Podbean, Spreaker, Buzzsprout.

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Otter AI Audio Transcription Service

Need help taking notes and transcribing audio? Record and review in real-time with Otter. Search, play, edit, organize and share your conversations from any device. Magically generate sharable smart notes that sync audio, text, and images.

Record conversations using Otter on your phone or web browser. Import or sync recordings from other services. Integrate with Zoom. Get real-time streaming transcripts and, within minutes, rich, searchable notes with text, audio, images, speaker ID, and key phrases.

Share or export voice notes to inform others and get on the same page. Create groups to invite collaborators and keep organized. Generate rich notes for meetings, interviews, lectures, and other important voice conversations with Otter, your AI-powered assistant.

Get Otter with 1-month FREE Premium Pass

Wavve – Convert Audios Into Animated Videos

Did you know that videos are 6X more likely to be retweeted than photos and 3X more likely than GIFs? Wavve lets you turn your podcast or musical audio into engaging animated videos to share on social media.

Converting your audio into animated videos allows you to share them anywhere! Wavve gives you the power to leverage the audio content to create social videos that drive more reach & engagement around your brand & content.

Turn audio clips from your podcast into shareable video highlights for social media and encourage new listeners to download your show. Great for promoting episodes, highlighting guests, and sharing show clips.

Each social media platform has its own preferred images required. Wavve offers pre-formatted design sizes so your post will work perfect on an Instagram Story or Youtube and comes with over a dozen waveform animations that you can include and customize to your design.

Click Here to Share Your Audio on Social Media in Style

Podcast Websites

The only simple, scalable, “all-in-one” website platform in the world built just for podcasters. Podcast Websites is a fully hosted platform for creating and growing a home for your podcast, brand, and journey to becoming an audio influencer. It gives you everything you need to get a professional podcast website launched in record time.

Their simple, podcasting specific website service allows you to create a professional website, publish your podcast to iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, and the other podcast outlets online, build your audience and create a platform that grows with you and your show – all for one, no-contract monthly cost.

Here’s what you get to create, grow, and monetize your podcast:
• Website creation and development
• Unlimited Podcast hosting
• 24/7 PERSONAL support
• A simple drag & drop design interface
and so much more!

Use the discount coupon “HOSTME” to get a $10 discount per month for life or free Podcast Media Hosting & Download Stats for life. Learn exclusive podcast growth hacks from the world’s most successful podcasters and digital experts when you download a free eBook, “The Little Orange Book of BIG Podcast Growth Hacks.”

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