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How To Sell Homemade Dog Treats and Start a Dog Bakery Business

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How To Start a Dog Treat Business at Home


Learn how to start a dog bakery business and sell homemade dog treats with the Diva Dog Bakery™ How to Start a Dog Treat Business course.

In this hugely-popular course on how to start a creative and fun side-hustle, Kristen Larsen, successful entrepreneur and creator of the Diva Dog Bakery™ – How to Start a Dog Treat Business Course, will show you how to start a dog treat business at home.

Did you know that the top six dog-treat brands in the US generate over $2.5 billion in annual sales? And that doesn’t include the boutique pet treat businesses or local dog treat brands that have become increasingly popular with discerning dog owners.

Thanks to discerning dog lovers who want to give their pups the best dog treats, there’s a great demand for dog birthday cakes, homemade dog biscuits, dog cookies, natural dog treats, dog training treats, healthy dog treats, puppy training treats, and even dog ice cream.

The truth is, starting a dog treat business is super fun and pretty simple when you have a step-by-step dog treat business plan and support from someone who has successfully done it before.

Whether your goal is to generate an extra $500 to $1,000+ per month with your pet food bakery or build dog treat companies with 5-figure recurring revenue from dog food treats, Diva Dog Bakery™ will teach you exactly what you need to know to break into this lucrative market.

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The Diva Dog Bakery™ – How to Start a Dog Treat Business Course teaches students how to start a homemade dog treat bakery and sell treats in person or online.

This side hustle is for people of all ages and backgrounds and can bring in $500 to $1,000+ per month. It can also be scaled up to a full-time business if desired!

Sign up for the free workshop, How to Start a Dog Bakery from Your Kitchen, and learn about how to start a dog treat bakery. In the workshop, you’ll learn:

  • Why the homemade dog treat business is HOT and getting hotter every year
  • How to turn a dog treat bakery business into a side hustle pulling $500-$1,000 per month, or how to scale it into a 5-figure/year business
  • The best places to start a dog treat business, online or offline
  • How to price and sell your dog treats
  • And more…

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What Is The Diva Dog Bakery™ – How to Start a Dog Treat Business Course?

In this step-by-step Diva Dog Bakery™ – How to Start a Dog Treat Business Course, Kristin Larsen will teach you everything you need to know about launching your own dog treat business.

You’ll learn how to create a dog treat business plan that will help you generate an extra $500 to $1,000+ per month with a dog treat bakery side hustle or scale it into a 5-figure full-time business.

You don’t even need any baking experience, because Kristin shares homemade dog treat recipes that she personally developed and used. These are the best dog treat recipes that helped her succeed in business and that you can sell online, offline, or both.

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The Diva Dog Bakery™ – How to Start a Dog Treat Business Course is unlike anything on the market and is based on Kristin’s years of experience in this field.

The program is based on Kristin’s personal dog treat business success stories as the founder of Diva Dog Bakery™ – a boutique dog treat bakery that she started while in college.

After she was laid off from her 9 to 5 during the Great Recession, she quickly scaled her dog treat bakery to a full-time business, selling treats both in-person (at farmers markets, craft fairs, and neighborhood meetups) and online (via Etsy).

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She found herself raking in hundreds of dollars at in-person events on Saturdays and consistently selling her homemade dog treats every day through her Etsy shop.

Her dog treat bakery was picked up by print magazines and online press, and she even was invited by the Emmys (!!!) to gift her dog treats in the swag bags.

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Here are some dog treat industry stats to show you just how lucrative a market this is –

  • In 2020, the U.S. pet treat business and chews industry is expected to reach $6.89 billion and grow at a compound annual rate of 2.8% (source)
  • 92% of U.S. dog owners reported that they purchased dog treats or chews in the last 12 months (source)
  • A recent study found that 61% of dog owners that buy dog treats are concerned about the safety of the treats they purchase. (source)

In short, the dog treat business is a huge and growing market, and dog owners are desperate for high-quality, healthy dog treats that are safely made.

No more mass-market dog treat brands made by dog-treat companies that contain questionable ingredients and are involved in scandalous dog treat recalls!

Learn How to Start a Dog Bakery from your Kitchen with the Healthy Dog Treat Recipes That Your Doggie Clients Love.

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What’s Included In The Diva Dog Bakery™ Course?

The Dog Treats Bakery program consists of eight easy-to-follow and actionable modules, plus four bonuses that will help you get your dog treat bakery up and running ASAP.

  • Module 1: Practice Makes Perfect: You’ll learn Kristin’s favorite homemade dog treat recipes and everything you’ll need to get started.
  • Module 2: Hobby to Business: Learn the process of coming up with homemade pet treats business names or dog treat business names, creating a dog bakery business plan, getting a dog treat business license, and forming your dog treat business so you can legally sell dog treats with the cute dog treat names. Don’t worry, it’s simpler than it sounds.
  • Module 3: Presentation is Everything: In this module, you’ll learn about dog treat packaging and how to make your dog treat containers, dog treat pouches, dog treat bags and dog treat gift baskets look beautiful (without hours of effort), and how to efficiently get everything packaged and shipped.
  • Module 4: How to Price Your Treats: Don’t get stuck worrying about your dog treats’ cost and what to charge. In Module 4, she’ll break down the dog treat prices for your dog treats business so you’re ready to roll and actually make a profit!
  • Module 5: Where to Sell: Whether you want to sell your treats in person, online, or both, Kristin has got your back! She’ll share proven dog treat marketing strategies to get your baked goods in the marketplace using easy-to-follow techniques.
  • Module 6: How to Accept Payment: Keeping the money flowing means being ready to receive it! Kristin will walk you through everything you need to know about accepting payments for your dog treat business.
  • Module 7: Shipping and Delivery: Wondering how to ship your dog treats and what to include in your packaging? Learn all about dog treat delivery and shipping, Kristin’s preferred shipping method, and cover the must-have items inside your dog treats package.
  • Module 8: Promote Your Business: It’s time to announce your brand new dog bakery business, and learn the best ways to promote it for free! Get excited because now it’s time to share with the world what you’ve been baking in the kitchen so you can get those dogs’ treat reviews rolling in.

Click here to watch the Free Dog Treat Bakery Workshop!


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In addition, you’ll get the bonuses here:

  • Bonus #1: How to Take Product Photos for Listings ($197 value): In this training, you’ll learn how to take beautiful dog treat images and photos so people fall in love with your dog treats without ever having to see them in real life.
  • Bonus #2: Guaranteed Analysis / Nutrition label ($99/treat value): Next, you’ll learn everything you need to know about dog treat calories and creating dog treat nutrition labels so your clients are never wondering “What’s in this?” Required by certain states in the U.S., Kristin will give you the exact information needed that will literally save you HUNDREDS of dollars!
  • Bonus #3: Dog Treat Recipe Book ($49 value): We’re sharing the exact healthy dog treat recipes that Kristin spent months perfecting that went on to become best-sellers online and in person! Inside this homemade dog treat recipe book, you’ll learn how to make all of these dog treats from scratch, which will help you get a jumpstart in the kitchen.
  • Bonus #4: 30 Days FREE Access to Diva-Dog Bakery™ Group ($19/month value): Kristin’s supportive Facebook community will help you get all your questions answered while you launch and grow your new dog treat bakery side hustle.

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Dog Treat Business Tips

Once you get started on your dog treat business, you don’t have to sell only homemade dog treats. You can create upsells and offer dog treat products that bring you more profit, such as:

  • Dog treat containers and dog treat canisters
  • Dog treat pouch for training
  • Dog treat bags
  • Dog treat dispensers
  • Dog treat-dispensing toys
  • Dog treat ball dispensers
  • Dog treat jars
  • Dog treat toys
  • Dog treat puzzle toys
  • Dog treat games
  • Dog treat machines
  • Dog treat rings
  • Dog treat gift baskets
  • Dog treat tins
  • Dog treat holder for training
  • Dog training treat bags pouch

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You can even create your own specialty dog treat recipes, such as:

  • Dog cake recipes
  • Dog birthday cookies
  • Healthy dog biscuits
  • Homemade dog bones
  • Dog lollipops
  • Pumpkin dog treats
  • Pumpkin dog biscuits
  • Peanut butter dog biscuits
  • Peanut butter pupcakes
  • Peanut butter dog treats
  • Homemade sweet potato dog treats
  • Carob dog treats
  • Carob chips for dogs
  • Apple dog treats
  • Carrot dog treats
  • Coconut flour dog treats
  • Turmeric dog treats
  • Tuna dog treats
  • Frozen dog treats
  • Dog treat icing
  • Dog treat cupcakes
  • Dog treat muffins
  • Dog liver treat
  • Holistic dog treats
  • All-natural dog treats
  • Organic dog treats
  • Healthy dog training treats
  • Dehydrated dog treats
  • Safe, non-rawhide dog bones
  • Homemade dog chews
  • Safe chews for puppies
  • Dog treat sticks
  • Dog treat cakes
  • Chicken sticks for dogs
  • Dog entertainment toys
  • Dog treat cookies
  • Dog treat biscuits
  • Dental treats

Click here to try a free homemade peanut butter dog treat recipe from the Diva Dog Bakery course.


Or you can bake custom dog treats for specific dog breeds or with special nutritional requirements, such as:

  • Low-calorie snacks for dogs
  • Dog treats for big dogs
  • Healthy dog treats for puppies
  • Dog treats for Chihuahuas
  • Dog treats for German Shepherds
  • Dog treats for senior dogs
  • Dog treats for small dogs
  • Dog treats for diabetic dogs
  • Glucosamine dog treats
  • Gluten-free dog treats
  • Grain-free dog treat recipes
  • Grain-free dog biscuits
  • Homemade soft dog treats
  • Dog treats for training puppies
  • Anxiety treats for dogs

You can even make a steady income by selling dog treat subscription boxes, dog treat baskets, custom treat boxes, dog birthday treats, Christmas dog treats, Halloween and Easter dog treats, or by offering the delivery of gourmet dog treats wholesale.

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Got dog treat business marketing questions? Questions about dog treat business supplies, taking your business online, or tech support for your dog treat websites? Don’t worry, Kristin has got you covered!

By the way, the program comes with 30 days of FREE access to Diva-Dog Bakery™ Group. The supportive Facebook community will help you get all your questions answered while you launch and grow your new side hustle as a dog-treat bakery side hustle.

Got dog treat marketing questions? Questions about taking your dog treat business online or getting tech support? Don’t worry — the group has you covered!

How To Start a Dog Treat Business Workshop replay


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If you have any questions about the Diva Dog Bakery™ course, just head over to the sales page and click the “Support” button in the lower right-hand corner. Kristin and her team are ready to answer any of your questions!


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