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Looking for book coaching and book mentoring from an expert book consultant? Write your book with an expert book writing coach and publishing consultant.

Whether you need a nonfiction book writing coach or a fiction writing coach, Chad Allen’s BookCamp Training for Writers will help you get one-on-one writing feedback and guidance from a book writing coach and book publishing coach, to get your book published.

Chad is a 20-year publishing pro, writer, speaker, editor, book writers’ coach, and book marketing coach. He served in acquisitions and directorial roles for Baker Books, a division of Baker Publishing Group, before going full-time as a book writing consultant and book marketing consultant.

What is BookCamp?

BookCamp is a training and community hub for writers. If you want to get a book into the world, but aren’t sure what the next step is, BookCamp is here to help.

If you’ve been looking for a book publishing consultant to help you get a book deal with a traditional book publisher, BookCamp is perfect for you. This training hub is helpful to a wide variety of writers, but it’s an especially good fit for nonfiction writers.

By providing expert guidance along with a supportive community of writers, BookCamp will give you a shortcut to publication. The BookCamp writers community is a supportive group of writers who are all working toward the same goal and want to help each other.

Inside BookCamp, you’ll find everything you need to develop your book concept, write your manuscript, and build an audience. You’ll learn what to focus on next, even if you don’t know the first step to getting a book published.

You’ll discover:

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What’s included in BookCamp?

Inside BookCamp you’ll get access to a book mentoring and community hub where writers get the training, feedback, encouragement, and accountability that they need to get their book (or books) published. Here’s what’s included:

  • Weekly coworking sessions. Show up with your BookCamp community and work on whatever you like. It’s a great way to stay connected and accountable!
  • A “Fireside Chat” once a month. This is your chance to get one-on-one writing feedback and guidance from a 20-year publishing pro, editor, and writing coach.
  • Submit your content for editorial feedback. The first 7 days of each month BookCamp accepts two-page submissions and provides a professional critique of whatever you send them.
  • Book writing tutorials on how to develop your concept, structure your book and improve your writing. You’ll learn how to make writing so compelling, your readers won’t put it down.
  • A clear step-by-step process for building an author platform. Get regular training and live interviews with experts on building your author platform, so you no longer have to guess how to attract your audience.
  • Encouragement and accountability. Get instant access to a community of like-minded writers who all want to help each other get their books into the world. You’ll have encouragement and accountability for all of your writing projects.
  • Regular coaching on the publishing industry so you have the inside scoop on what publishers and agents are looking for.
  • Live BookCamp conversations and interviews with successful authors, agents, and marketing specialists, to whom you can ask your own questions.

Whether you’ve been looking for a literary coach, memoir writing coach, nonfiction book coach, or novel writing coach to help you write a book and get it published, the book coaching services you’ll get inside BookCamp are perfect for you!

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