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Best AI Writing Courses to Start Writing AI Content

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AI writing is one of the important writing skills required for content writing today. These AI copywriting courses will teach you the art of writing AI content.

Writing with AI has gone from the realm of science fiction to become one of the most valued content writing skills. It’s no longer enough for a professional writer to have good writing skills in English.

One of the qualities of a good content writer, and important writing skills for a content writer to have today, is the ability to use AI writing software for writing AI content that gets results for their clients.

In addition, it’s important to learn the skill of turning AI-generated content into original content that bypasses AI content detection filters.

Why is AI writing an important writing skill?

Written communication skills are an important future workplace skill used in a variety of settings, from academia to the workplace.

Among the essential skills needed for writing today, AI writing is becoming more important as artificial intelligence begins to play a bigger role in society.

AI writing is already an important writing skill for students who need to write essays, as AI essay-generator tools can help them craft essays faster and more efficiently.

But, the primary reason why AI writing is fast becoming one of the most important writing skills needed for content writing is that it confers an advantage in the freelance writing job market.

As GPT-4 writing AI tools like ChatGPT become more sophisticated, it will be increasingly important for professional writers to learn how to create AI-written articles.

You can learn how to use ChatGPT for writers with the best ChatGPT prompts to enhance your writing skills, overcome writer’s block, and boost creativity.

According to this article on SEJ, mastering prompts and AI writing skills is the key for SEO pros to personalize content and remain competent in the industry.

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As one of the most useful freelance writer skills, AI writing can make you more efficient and productive when writing articles, blog posts, emails, social media copy, and even books.

With AI writing tools, you can quickly create drafts, format documents, and correct spelling and grammar mistakes. You can create an SEO-optimized article written by AI much faster and better than humans.

AI copywriting tools can help you scale up your content writing fast, repurpose existing content, and generate new content without hiring junior writers for your web content writing business.

For example, you can finish your first draft 2 to 5X faster and speed up your content pipeline by writing 80% by the Jasper AI writer and 20% edited by humans.

As a freelance writer, AI writing skills can help you improve your writing output and productivity, so you can take on more freelance writing gigs and increase your freelance earnings.

In this article, you’ll find a list of free writing classes and professional writing courses with AI content writing training to help you use AI content writing tools.

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Free content writing courses on writing AI content

Here are some free content writing courses and AI copywriting courses to help you learn copywriting and content writing with the best AI writing tools. Sign up for these writing courses online for free, and start writing AI content.

#1. Free course: How to write AI content that ranks

In this free Jasper AI writer course, you’ll learn the skills required for writing SEO-optimized AI content, and exactly how to create content at scale to grow your organic traffic and get your business and content ranked on Google.

You’ll have a content machine that brings in organic traffic to your site every month by the end of this free AI content writing training with SEO Expert, Danny Veiga, who specializes in creating content at scale with Jasper.

Sign up for Jasper’s AI writing courses online free

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#2. Free course: Supercharge your website copy fast

Learn how to use Jasper’s copywriting AI tools to write your website copy so you can convert more visitors into leads and customers. Boost ad conversions with better copywriting with the best AI copywriting software.

In Jasper’s free copywriting course you’ll learn how to improve your copywriting skills, and easily write and test more copy variations to increase sales and improve ROAS.

Quickly write attention-grabbing headlines, unique value propositions, and SEO-optimized meta descriptions. Follow along in this free AI copywriting course from Jasper so you can optimize your website copy in less than 1 hour.

Sign up for Jasper’s free copywriting course

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#3. Free Surfer SEO writing masterclass

Sign up for this Surfer SEO Writing Masterclass free and learn how to write AI SEO-optimized copy with SEO content writing tips for beginners.

This free SEO blog writing course provides you with over 19 lessons covering a range of SEO-related topics such as search intent, NLP (natural language processing), keyword research and evaluation, competitor analysis, and many more.

Get the AI SEO content writing training you need and an in-depth look at Surfer’s all-in-one, AI-backed, and user-friendly content creation platform in this free Surfer SEO Writing Masterclass.

This free copywriting course on SEO writing will teach you advanced writing skills and is an invaluable resource for both content managers and writers alike.

By the end of this Free Surfer SEO Copywriting Masterclass, you’ll not only be certified in writing AI content with Surfer but will be able to confidently start writing AI content.

Sign up for Surfer’s SEO copywriting skills course

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#4. Free writer’s workshop to write your book 5x faster with AI

In this free writers’ workshop, you’ll learn how to use Jasper’s AI writing tools using the method Darby Rollins created to write your non-fiction book fast and go from blank page to published on Amazon in 7 days.

Click here to watch Jasper’s free book writers’ workshop

#5. Free online eBook: How to use ChatGPT for writers (with ChatGPT prompts)

Learn how to use ChatGPT for writers with the best ChatGPT prompts to enhance your writing skills, overcome writer’s block, and boost creativity.

Click here for this free eBook on ChatGPT prompts for writers

Professional writing courses on writing AI content

How can you learn AI writing and improve your writing abilities and freelance earnings? Here are some professional writing courses to help you learn effective writing skills with AI writing bots.

#1. Content Hacker’s AIO Blogger Course

Discover the game-changing AIO Blogger course, a dynamic 1-week program that empowers marketers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs to craft and cultivate their AI-optimized blogs for a continuous flow of traffic and revenue.

Imagine writing AI-generated content that not only propels you to the top of Google but also drives traffic and conversions. Thanks to AI, we’re talking about working at a speed that’s 10 times faster and smarter, with content creation at the mere click of a button.

However, navigating the vast landscape of AI content tools to boost your online business can be daunting. Fear not! AIO Blogger cuts through the confusion, providing crystal-clear insights on leveraging AI for traffic and revenue growth.

Led by the incomparable Julia McCoy, AIO Blogger is a groundbreaking course designed for those eager to build their own AI-optimized blog that delivers tangible results. Each lesson is meticulously crafted, ensuring it’s not only relevant but also up-to-the-minute.

Here’s the breakdown of what AIO Blogger equips you with:

  • Learn how to strategically approach the development of your AIO blog.
  • Dive into the practical aspects of creating and launching a successful AIO blog.
  • Uncover the secrets to turning your AIO blog into a revenue-generating powerhouse.

This course is tailor-made for marketers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs hungry for a blog that not only attracts genuine traffic but also translates into revenue. Ready to unravel the mysteries of successful AI-assisted blogging and harness the power of AI for 10x growth?

Enroll in the AIO Blogger Course now!

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#3. Mastering ChatGPT & Powerful AI Tools for Content Creation

Step into the world of endless creativity with this course on Mastering ChatGPT and powerful AI tools. This immersive program is your gateway to transforming your content creation game.

Discover how to unlock the potential of ChatGPT to craft captivating content for Instagram, YouTube, blogs, and more.

Sign up for this ChatGPT content creation class

#4. Content Creation in Minutes with ChatGPT

Unleash your creativity and let AI be your content creation ally. Join this AI Content Creation Masterclass and discover the magic of ChatGPT for AI Video Editing and AI Image Creation.

Revolutionize your writing, design, and multimedia skills with cutting-edge AI tools, making content creation effortless and innovative.

Click here to sign up for this ChatGPT content creation class

#5. RoboAuthor: Content Writing Automation Series

In this series of Udemy writing courses, you’ll learn how to use content writing automation in 2022 to let robots write your stories and content in a meaningful and unique way.

This series of Udemy content writing courses will show you how to automate writing blog articles, short stories, poems, screenplays or scripts, songwriting, and more. You will also learn how to write with a writing robot live.

Sign up for these Udemy courses on writing with AI

#6. Udemy Content Writing Course

In this Udemy content writing course, you’ll learn next-level content writing with AI writing assistants, including topic selection, research, outlining, writing, editing, and publishing.

Massively boost the quality and quantity of the content you write and publish and increase your earnings by following a simple and repeatable process. Although this course is very useful even for experienced content writers, it is designed to work for beginners.

It will show you ways to turn substandard English writing into fluent and grammatically correct English in a handful of simple steps.

Sign up for this Udemy content writing course

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The qualities of a good writing professional include the willingness to learn advanced writing skills and the ability to meet the need for writing skills in demand by clients.

Learning content writing with AI with these writers’ workshops will improve your writing skills and practice with AI writer tools and give you an edge in the freelance writing marketplace.

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