Online Writing Software and Apps to Write a Book Fast

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Best Write-a-Book Apps to Write a Book Fast

Need write-a-book apps to write a book fast? Spark your creativity with this list of online book-writing software for beginners.

What program do authors use to write books? Which is the best software to write a novel or screenplay? Where can I find free book writing apps for creative writing? What is the best free book software for authors?

If you’re wondering ‘what is the best platform to write a book’, this list of online writing software for authors, screenwriters, and creative writers, will help you find the best writing apps for your goals. You can try most of these writing apps free online.

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Free Book Writing Software For Beginners

A free book writing app for beginners can simplify writing, providing intuitive text editors, organizational aids, and inspiration prompts. You can try many of these writing programs free.

Sudowrite AI: Free Book Writing App for Beginners

Sudowrite’s AI app for writing stories is one of the best apps for creative writing and is great for getting inspiration when you’re blocked.

Aspiring novelists can benefit from this free online novel writing software, which includes plotting, character development, and world-building features to meticulously plan and execute stories.

Sudowrite’s free novel writing software can simultaneously summarize your story and generate crisp loglines, with key plot points. This free story-writing software enhances the writing experience, empowering authors to focus on their craft without the financial burden of expensive story-writing apps.

Plans start at just $10/month, but you can try this free story-writing software without a credit card.

Click here to try this story-writing software free

Online Book Writing Software

For those new to writing, online book writing software for beginners offers a user-friendly introduction to the process, providing flexibility and accessibility, allowing you to work on your book from anywhere.

Jasper AI: Non-Fiction Book Writing Software

Jasper is your ultimate non-fiction book planning software, boasting a treasure trove of over fifty meticulously designed content templates to overcome writer’s block and keep ideas flowing.

In the video below, Jasper’s publishing specialists show you how to finish a quick, authority-building non-fiction book in under 7 days with Jasper’s AI Author Workflow.

Click here to try Jasper’s book writing software free online

Best Low Content Book Publishing Software

Create low-content books like Journals, Log Books, Diaries, Puzzle books, Activity books, Coloring books, and more? Get started with this low-content book writer app for free.

Book Bolt

Book Bolt is the most comprehensive low-content book publishing software on the market that can help you create and scale a book publishing business without writing a single word!

Using the Book Bolt Cover and Interior Designer, you can design beautiful books and interior templates with just a few clicks of a button.

Click here to get started for free and if you decide to upgrade, use the coupon code ‘blogbrandz’ to get a 20% OFF discount! 

Click here to try BookBolt for free

Book Bolt Low Content Book Publishing Software

Best Novel Planning Software

Writing a novel requires more focus, creativity, and imagination than non-fiction books. For aspiring authors, novel planning software is essential to organize plots, develop characters, and structure narratives.

Novel organization software helps writers map their stories, maintain consistency, and keep track of complex plot lines and character arcs. Story planning apps offer a range of features, including templates, prompts, and visualization tools.

These novel writing programs streamline the creative process, ensuring every aspect is meticulously planned and executed.

Plottr Novel Planning Software

If you’re looking for novel software or novel writing apps to write a book, look no further than Plottr, the top visual book planning tool for writers. You can even try this novel planning software free!

Plottr’s writers’ organization tools will help you plan your books the way you think, by automatically creating a clear outline of your tale that you can review, change, and export as the framework for your novel.

Click here to try Plottr’s novel planning software free

Plot Factory: Collaborative Book Writing Software

Plot Factory is an online collaborative book-writing software that lets writers plan, organize, and write stories and fictional universes.

You can try Plot Factory’s free online novel writing software and access it anywhere — even on your phone.  Track your daily, weekly, and monthly word stats. Set a goal and see a visual account of your progress when you try this story-writing software free online.

Click here to try Plot Factory’s story plotting software free

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Best Book Writing Software

Looking for the best writing apps to help you write your books, blogs, speeches, novels, and even create courses? An app to help write a book provides comprehensive support for the entire writing journey.

From brainstorming and outlining to drafting and editing, these book-writing apps offer a variety of tools to enhance productivity and creativity, making the book-writing process more manageable and enjoyable.

Scrivener Writing App

Scrivener is one of the best apps to write a book and the secret weapon people like Joanna Penn, Michael Hyatt, and Jeff Goins, use to write books, blogs, speeches, novels, and even create courses.

Many writers who were using Microsoft Word’s editing writing software to make a book have already switched to Scrivener because of the flexibility of this creative writing software in editing, formatting, and organizing their books for self-publishing.

Click here to download Scrivener free

Learn Scrivener Fast Course

Scrivener does have a learning curve, but you can master Scrivener in as little as a week with the Learn Scrivener Fast program, the most comprehensive and easy-to-use guide to Scrivener’s online book writing software.

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Best Editing Tools For Writers

Numerous free editing software options offer robust features like spell check, grammar suggestions, and formatting, accessible through a web browser. Whether you’re looking for a free writing editor tool or the best writing editor app online, you can try these editing tools for writers free.

QuillBot’s Free Grammar Check Tool

Use QuillBot’s free online grammar checker tool to polish your written work quickly and easily, and perfect your English by reviewing your writing for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors.

QuillBot Flow is an all-in-one writing tool that allows you to paraphrase, grammar check, get writing tips, and even search the web without switching between tabs.

Best Book Promotion Software For Authors

Publisher Rocket’s Tools for Authors

Publisher Rocket will help get your book in front of more Amazon shoppers. It gives you real data showing exactly what Amazon book buyers type into Amazon and how many people search for these things every month.

Free Amazon Book Description Generator Tool

Book descriptions are your last chance to convert a shopper into a buyer, so you better do it right. You’re allowed to use HTML to make your description look great. Don’t know how? No problem. This tool will do it for you.

Free Course to Build an Indie Author Website

In this free video workshop from Thrive Themes, you’ll discover how to create an eye-catching, conversion-focused website for an independent author or writer-preneur. The How to Build an Indie Author Website course is focused on helping you quickly transition from a blank page to a professional-quality author website.

Best Script Writing Software

If you want to write scripts for movies, television, or Netflix and are looking for the best online screenwriting programs to help you collaborate better with your team, you’ll find some of the best scriptwriting software below.

Arc Studio: Professional Screenwriting Software

Whether you’re working alone or with a large team, Arc Studio is the best scriptwriting software because it makes outlining, creating, and editing screenplays and television scripts a breeze.

Try Arc Studio’s best script-writing software for free and stay on task with the help of handy keyboard shortcuts and a streamlined interface that hides away any potential interruptions.

Click here to try Arc Studio’s script writing software free

Arc Studio Professional Screenwriting Software

Tools & Services For Authors

Fliki Audiobook Software

Convert your eBook into an audiobook in minutes with Fliki’s Audiobook Software. This text-to-speech tool uses realistic AI voices, eliminating the need for costly voice talents and extensive editing. Enhance your audiobook with a media library, adding sounds and music to create an immersive experience for your audience.

Otter AI Transcription Service

If you prefer creating audio-first versions of your books or need to transcribe your podcast and turn it into a book, you’ll need a transcription tool or service to transcribe audio to text. Get Otter with a 1-month free Premium Pass by signing up here.

Hire a Book Designer

People do judge books by their covers. Fiverr is one of the best gig marketplaces to outsource hand-crafted and professionally designed book covers at an affordable rate. Hire a professional book cover designer who can design stunning, high-quality book covers in your genre so your book will stand out in stores and online marketplaces.

Blog & Article Writing Tools

Surfer’s Free AI Article Outline Generator

Surfer’s Free AI Article Outline Generator is an easy-to-use article outline generator that relies on AI to help you generate ideas, create some structure for your article, and generate an article outline with unique paragraphs, in just 3 simple steps.

Surfer’s SEO Content Editor

Surfer’s SEO text editor uses AI tech to check the prominence of each word on your competitor’s pages and give you the most accurate and competitive guidelines to help your content shine.

Best Plagiarism Checkers

When it comes to web content and business content development, or even academic content and research papers, checking for plagiarism is a must.

It’s not that you’ll likely copy from others, but often your thoughts may turn out to be similar to someone else’s and show up in your writing in the form of the exact phrases and words that the other person used.

Plagiarism checkers are content writing tools that can help you identify potential similarities and protect you from copyright infringement.

QuillBot’s Plagiarism Checker

QuillBot’s Plagiarism Checker will scan your document for unintentional plagiarism against billions of sources and analyze whether any section of your text did not properly attribute authorship to content already published on the web in books, research papers, academic papers, or news sources.’s Free Plagiarism Checker offers a free plagiarism checker tool that scans your paper and checks for plagiarism so that you can generate a unique and original piece of text. Its tool is equally beneficial for students, professional writers, and bloggers.


Check-Plagiarism is a free online plagiarism detector that matches your content with millions of online resources to find plagiarism and helps writers and webmasters ensure the originality of their write-ups before publishing them online.

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Free Google Writing Tools

Google Workspace

Looking for the best free book writing software for beginners? Google’s free word processors for writers work for writing any type of book, article, blog, academic paper, or research paper. This free online writing app comes with auto-save and other features so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your document, as long as you don’t delete it yourself.

  • Google Workspace Business Starter Plan: H9XC6XJEVETTQU7
  • Google Workspace Business Standard Plan: L4MLU7DMJW9JJAK

How to Use ChatGPT for Writers

This free online eBook on how to use ChatGPT for writers includes ChatGPT prompts to explore how its dynamic capabilities streamline workflows. Learn how to use ChatGPT to spark new avenues of creativity, unlocking the full potential of your writing journey and transforming it from a tool into a dynamic collaborator.

Click here to learn how to use ChatGPT for writers

If you’ve only been using free Google writing tools like Google Docs, this list will introduce you to some of the best free writing tools, free writing apps, and editing software you may never have heard of.

In this list of online writing software, you’ll find the best free writing programs, including authoring tools, story writer apps, free book editing software, and novel writing software to improve your writing skills.

With such an awesome range of book writing software, novel writing apps, story writing apps, screenplay writing software, online writing tools for writers, and editing tools, nothing is holding you back from becoming a bestselling author, professional scriptwriter, blogger, or copywriter.

So start writing that bestselling novel or award-winning screenplay with this list of top creative writing programs, creative writing tools, creative writing apps, and creative writing resources.

Try the free apps for writing a book and get access to the best book-writing software, book promotion software, book-writing resources, and software for writing a book template, formatting, publishing your book, and promoting it.

The internet offers endless options to improve your writing skills. All you have to do is make the best use of it. So, what are you waiting for? Get started on your journey as a successful writer, bestselling author, scriptwriter, blogger, or copywriter today.

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