How To Get SEO Certification: Free SEO Classes to Become SEO Certified

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How To Get SEO Certification Free

Learn how to get SEO certification free with SEO specialist training from the best SEO experts in the best free SEO courses online. If you want to start a career as an SEO freelancer, search engine optimization certification can teach you valuable SEO skills and help you become SEO certified and job ready.

What is SEO certification?

SEO Certification is the process of getting SEO specialist training, having completed an SEO course, and being awarded SEO specialist certification by a recognized provider. You can do a free SEO online course to acquire basic SEO knowledge. Doing free SEO classes online will help you find out if a career in SEO is right for you before you spend more money on a professional SEO course certificate. Once you know that becoming a certified SEO specialist is the right career path for you, getting advanced SEO certification may be a good idea.

How to become SEO certified?

To become SEO certified, you can complete an advanced SEO course. After completing your SEO SEM certification course, you will receive your SEO certificates from the provider. Make sure you choose a course that offers an SEO certificate of completion by a well-known course provider, so you can display it on your LinkedIn profile. Getting SEO certification from a well-known freelancing platform like Fiverr can help add credibility to your resume and LinkedIn profile, as well as help you kick start your freelancing career.

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Is SEO certification worth it?

If you’re considering pursuing an SEO certification, you may be wondering if it’s worth the time and effort. Here are some things to keep in mind while you’re making that decision. SEO is an ever-changing field; however, there are some fundamentals that remain the same. This means an SEO certification that covers the latest techniques and best practices could be extremely valuable in helping you get results for clients. Doing an SEO certification course will quickly teach you to use essential SEO tools and resources that can help you become a digital marketing expert, but more importantly, help you generate results for your client’s websites and your own. The best part is that having SEO certifications can help you stand out from the crowd when applying for jobs or seeking out new clients. The better you get the easier it will be to start your own SEO agency and charge higher rates.

Are SEO certifications expensive?

Not if you know where to look. Today, there are many free SEO classes by well-known providers like SEMrush that will help you learn the basics of SEO and get SEO certified for free. Once you have done these free SEO online courses, you can do some very affordable advanced SEO courses from Fiverr to learn more information on SEO for beginners and help you get excellent results for your clients.

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How to get free SEO certification

Learn SEO fundamentals with the best free SEO courses and free SEO classes to become SEO certified for free.

Free SEMrush SEO Courses

Earn free SEO certification online with SEO experts from a world-renowned marketing company. Seize the opportunity to become officially certified with free SEO training courses by an acclaimed company. Learn SEO free to enrich your CV and LinkedIn profile with SEMrush Academy’s free SEO courses. Test your knowledge, identify your strengths, and find your weak spots with the best SEO courses online. Sign up for SEMrush’s SEO course online free and get search engine optimization tips for websites, online business, and social media and do free online digital marketing courses and exams for free google SEO certification. Access and document your skills with the best SEO beginners course and get a globally recognized SEO certificate from SEMRush Academy. Upon successful completion of your chosen free SEO classes and SEO online course and exam, you’ll be rewarded with an official SEO certificate by SEMrush Academy, proof of your skills, and valuable addition to your CV and LinkedIn profile. Here’s some of the free SEO training online that SEMrush provides:
  • Free Semrush SEO Crash Course with Brian Dean – Get a tested battle plan to use for getting more traffic from Google in this actionable course with Brian Dean where you’ll get back to basics with the key foundational steps to rank in Google.
  • Content-Led SEO with Brian Dean – This free online course is designed for people that want to create content engineered to rank #1 in Google using strategies that are working great right now.
  • SEMRush Academy – Learn SEO online free and complete the SEMRush exams and get certified, proving your knowledge of the award-winning software suite.
  • Marketing Scoop Podcast – Join David Bain and Judith Lewis as they interview the leading minds in digital marketing. Become a greater marketer and follow the most impactful news and best industry cases.
  • eBooks – Find a range of SEO lessons free in the form of downloadable guides in PDF format to help you broaden your knowledge and improve your skills.
Don’t wait to complete this free SEO course with a certificate. Access these SEO training online courses free and get certified with these free SEO classes online. Learn SEO free with SEMrush’s SEO free course for beginners, and get certified with the best search engine optimization course online free.

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Free Google SEO Certification Course

Learn how to get Google SEO certification with this free Google SEO certification course offered on Coursera by the University of California, Davis. This Google SEO course will help you learn about search engine algorithms and how they impact organic search results and websites and get Google SEO certified. Building on this foundation in this Google SEO certificate course, you’ll learn how to select keywords and conduct keyword research, as well as consumer psychology and search behavior, and how to conduct on-page SEO analysis to identify opportunities to improve a website’s search optimization.

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Free AI content writing courses

Writing SEO copy with AI content writing tools has become an important SEO writing skill. These free SEO writing courses will teach you how to write SEO copy that ranks with artificial intelligence tools.

Free Surfer SEO Writing Masterclass

Learn how to write AI SEO-optimized copy and get an in-depth look at Surfer’s all-in-one, AI-backed, and user-friendly content creation platform. This SEO Writing Masterclass provides you with over 19 lessons covering a range of SEO-related topics such as search intent, NLP (natural language processing), keyword research and evaluation, competitor analysis, and many more. Catapult your content strategy into the future of SEO with this SEO Writing Masterclass, an all-level introduction to Surfer and SEO and an invaluable resource for both content managers and writers alike. By the end of this SEO Copywriting Masterclass, you’ll not only be certified in Surfer, but you’ll also confidently be able to implement what you’ve learned to refresh your content marketing strategy.

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Free Course: Write Content With Jasper That Ranks

In this free Jasper SEO Course, you’ll learn exactly how to create optimized AI-generated articles and content at scale that’s optimized to grow your organic traffic and get your business and content ranked on Google. By the end of this free AI content creation course with SEO Expert, Danny Veiga, who specializes in creating content at scale with Jasper, you’ll have a content machine that brings in organic traffic to your site every month.

Free Course: Supercharge Your Website Copy Fast

Follow along in this free course from Jasper and you can optimize your website copy in less than 1 hour with Jasper’s AI copywriting recipes. Learn how to boost ad conversions with better copywriting using this AI copywriting tool to write your website copy so you can convert more visitors into leads and customers. Quickly write attention-grabbing headlines, unique value propositions, and SEO-optimized meta descriptions with this AI copywriting software. Easily write and test more copy variations to increase sales and improve ROAS.

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Advanced SEO courses

Get the most affordable and best SEO certification for freelancers to give you an edge in your freelance SEO career on the Fiverr freelancing platform.

AIO Blogger Course

Discover the game-changing AIO Blogger course, a dynamic 1-week program that empowers marketers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs to craft and cultivate their AI-optimized blogs for a continuous flow of traffic and revenue. Imagine writing AI-generated content that not only propels you to the top of Google but also drives traffic and conversions. Thanks to AI, we’re talking about working at a speed that’s 10 times faster and smarter, with content creation at the mere click of a button. However, navigating the vast landscape of AI content tools to boost your online business can be daunting. Fear not! AIO Blogger cuts through the confusion, providing crystal-clear insights on leveraging AI for traffic and revenue growth. Led by the incomparable Julia McCoy, AIO Blogger is a groundbreaking course designed for those eager to build their own AI-optimized blog that delivers tangible results. Each lesson is meticulously crafted, ensuring it’s not only relevant but also up-to-the-minute. Here’s the breakdown of what AIO Blogger equips you with:
  • Learn how to strategically approach the development of your AIO blog.
  • Dive into the practical aspects of creating and launching a successful AIO blog.
  • Uncover the secrets to turning your AIO blog into a revenue-generating powerhouse.
This course is tailor-made for marketers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs hungry for a blog that not only attracts genuine traffic but also translates into revenue. Ready to unravel the mysteries of successful AI-assisted blogging and harness the power of AI for 10x growth?

Enroll in the AIO Blogger Course now!

SEO Copywriting Certification Course

Learn how to optimize your website copy by mastering expert SEO copywriting skills. It’s simply no longer enough to have written compelling copy on your website. If your content is not expertly optimized, your site will never be found by search engines or by consumers. This course will teach you how to master SEO copywriting so that you can start driving high-quality traffic to your site and maximizing your conversions. In this SEO copywriting course, you’ll learn all about defining your target audience, researching and identifying keywords, utilizing those keywords in your copy, developing a content strategy, and implementing your strategy to optimize your site.

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SEO Specialist Certification

Billions of searches are done through Google every day so brands need to consistently rank #1 to get noticed. In order to achieve this, you need to have reliable SEO methods and execution strategies in place. This SEO specialist certification program offers an in-depth practical understanding of SEO fundamentals, from performing a technical audit to researching and applying the most effective keywords across your platforms.
  • SEO Fundamentals: The Ultimate Framework
Every successful business drives traffic through Google. Learn how to do technical SEO analysis, content audits and link audits in this project-based course filled with tips & tricks for launching and scaling a successful SEO campaign.
  • SEO – Website Technical Audit Fundamentals
Among the many components of SEO, technical SEO is the foundation upon which all other tactics are built. This course will guide you through the nuts and bolts of technical SEO from its purpose and value to its professional execution.
  • Local SEO: Put Your Business on the Map
Almost half of all searches conducted on Google are for local businesses. Learn how to capitalize on this rapidly growing and lucrative space in this local SEO course that will put your or your client’s brand on the map.
  • Blog Content Strategy
Access a fail-proof framework for building and implementing a blog content strategy. Learn a wide range of blogging skills including keyword research, content analytics, and optimization so that you can monetize and scale your content strategy.
  • Google Analytics
Build your Google Analytics knowledge from the ground up with this detailed fundamentals training course. Learn how to harness the power of Analytics to get the most out of the data you collect. Navigate the complex world of analytics like a pro with this in-depth course designed to help you put Google Analytics into advanced action. You’ll learn about obtaining clean data, campaigns, ads and conversion tracking, SEO reports, advanced segments, and measurement techniques for content engagement.

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IMG’s Best SEO Courses

If you only learn about SEO from Google or YouTube, you’ll quickly fall behind in the search rankings. Once everyone knows an SEO tactic, its effectiveness is diminished, and Google will most likely detect it. Having an edge over others requires keeping things within a small group of people so that this information does not spread. Not only does IMG demonstrate how to rank at the top of search engines, but also offers a variety of courses that teach at all levels, from absolute beginners (What is an H1) to seasoned pros who need to master a specialization (Local, Technical, On-Page SEO, etc). Internet Marketing Gold offers access to over 40 courses, and IMG Best Sellers gives you access to 15 of the most popular courses at a very affordable price. With your IMG Courses Monthly Membership, you’ll get cutting-edge SEO strategies from SEO experts, with everything you need to succeed in SEO, including 15 SEO courses, a community, weekly calls, and SEO tests.

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SEO Blueprint for Bloggers

Want Google traffic that actually converts and makes money? Get the ultimate blueprint for turning your blog into an SEO traffic machine that brings in thousands of consistent, reliable, and profitable visitors! SEO seems pretty technical, and it can be scary to try to learn something totally foreign to you. But SEO is about getting the little things right. Understanding SEO all the way through to its core and putting yourself in the right mindset for success is KEY. You’ll learn how to figure out what successful bloggers are doing right so that you can create the best content out there – content that ranks, that converts into more money, and that your readers will go crazy for. You will learn exactly how to audit your content and your site and figure out exactly how to take your results from good to GREAT. You’ll also learn exactly what to look for in writers and other employees and how to create a system for building and scaling your business in a way that sets no limits. It’s a fact that most people ranking now are only ranking because they’ve been there for a while. The longer you’ve been on top, the more likely you are to stay there. It is very much a game where starting TODAY is the best thing you can do for yourself. So get the SEO Blueprint for Bloggers from some of the most successful bloggers in the business!

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SEO Blueprint for Bloggers

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