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Best AI Content Generator Tools for Writing AI Content

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Which are the best AI content generator tools and the best AI copywriting tools? Learn how to use these AI writing generator and AI writer tools for writing AI content.

Key Takeaway: AI copywriting tools each have their own special uses, whether you want to use them for SEO content or marketing copy. Content at Scale can produce the most human-like AI content that bypasses AI content detection. Alternatively, you can use Jasper AI + Surfer SEO, both of which offer free options. For social media and marketing copy, Simplified provides the best templates and features. Sudowrite is the best creative AI that writes stories and poems. Create AI-human spokesperson videos with HumanPal’s text-to-video AI generator.

What is an AI writer?

An AI writer is a computer program that can generate text autonomously. The AI writing generator is fed a set of data, which it then uses to generate text based on that data.

There are various applications for an AI that writes, including creating articles and product descriptions and even using an AI story generator to write stories and poems.

Some AI writer tools are more sophisticated than others and can create text that is more human-like, and even virtually indistinguishable from human-generated text, in terms of its style and grammar.

Are AI writers legit?

It depends on what you’re looking for. While some people feel that AI writers are a legitimate and useful tool, others view them as being less than satisfactory.

However, it’s possible that this is just a bias, as people cannot actually distinguish an article written by AI from one written by humans.

Ultimately, it all depends on your specific needs and preferences and the reasons that you want to use AI to write content. The best way to determine whether or not AI writing generator tools are right for you is to try them out for yourself and see the results for yourself.

Personally, I find AI content generator tools an affordable and user-friendly alternative to testing new writers and hiring junior writers to write content.

But the main advantage of AI writing assistants, in my experience, is that they are time-saving tools that can save professional writers a huge amount of time and effort in writing articles fast and efficiently.

However, if you use AI to create content, you must ensure that the final output is high-quality through editorial reviews and human polishing.

This is because Google can detect super low-quality AI content and has removed many websites that use it at scale from the SERPs.

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Will AI replace writers?

There’s a lot of discussion about whether artificial intelligence (AI) will replace writers. So, can AI replace writers, and will AI replace content writers altogether?

Some people believe that AI writing generator tools will eventually be able to generate content that is as good, if not better, than human-generated content.

However, I think it’s safe to say that AI writing technology is not yet at the point where it can replace human writers and will not completely replace writers anytime soon.

It’s more likely that AI will supplement rather than replace human workers and may also help to automate the writing process to some extent. For example, ChatGPT is an AI tool based on a powerful language model that can generate text.

While it can produce human-like text, ChatGPT cannot fully comprehend the complexity of human language and conversation, so any answers it produces are likely to be superficial and devoid of depth and understanding.

ChatGPT also lacks the creativity and personal voice that a human writer brings to the table, or the capacity to comprehend the nuances of a subject or the perspective of a human audience, both of which are crucial components in creating effective content.

ChatGPT also has several issues in that its output is based on outdated information and it tends to generate content with factual errors, so its answers cannot be trusted and need to be fact-checked by a human.

However, ChatGPT can be a useful tool to help with basic writing, such as by generating an outline for a blog post or to help you overcome writer’s block when you need ideas for starting a piece of content.

But will ChatGPT replace content writers… or Google? Not yet, as you can see in the video below.

While AI writing generator tools can create content that resembles human writing, they lack the originality and distinctiveness that human writers bring to the table. One use case for AI is to train it to generate data and then have a writer create a report based on that data.

Justin McGill, the founder of Content at Scale, coined the term “AIO writer” to define a unique blend of both AI writer tools and humans. He believes that Artificial Intelligence Optimization (AIO), or the process of making AI content better with an expert human trained in optimizing the content AI puts out, is going to replace traditional SEO models.

The game-changing AIO Blogger course is a dynamic 1-week program that empowers marketers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs to craft and cultivate their AI-optimized blogs for a continuous flow of traffic and revenue.

Here are some reasons why AI content writing tools will not completely replace writers:

  • AI still cannot generate ideas or insights as well as humans can.
  • AI cannot create the same level of emotion and nuance in its writing as humans can.
  • AI can’t always accurately capture the subtleties and complexities of language.

Some of the benefits of AI that help you write content include increased speed and efficiency, as well as improved accuracy and its ability to generate SEO-optimized content, based on the analysis of huge volumes of data that would take humans many hours to analyze.

However, it’s important to note that AI content generator tools cannot replicate the creativity or emotion that comes with human interaction, and a lifetime of human experience.

Another reason why it’s not desirable to use AI-written content without editing is that Google is cracking down on AI-generated content. However, you can learn how to turn your AI-generated content into unique and original content that bypasses AI content detection filters.

While AI writing tools may eventually be able to produce content that is on par with humans, it’s not likely that they will completely replace writers, but instead, be used to handle tedious and laborious data-driven tasks, so we can write content faster and better.

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How do AI writers work?

AI writers work by analyzing large data sets to determine what words or phrases are being used most frequently in a given genre or topic.

From there, the AI writer will compile its own list of the most commonly used words and phrases, and then begin to generate original content using those terms.

Today, most of these AI writing generator tools use open-source algorithms like OpenAI’s GPT-4 content writing algorithm – one of the world’s biggest neural-network-powered language models – to generate text based on a set of rules.

GPT models like ChatGPT are trained on vast volumes of text data and can produce text that resembles that of a human being because they can anticipate the next word in a sequence based on the words that came before it.

Some AI content generators, like Article Forge, use machine learning to create tools that learn how to write by observing examples of good writing.

But whether you write with AI content writers based on GPT or ML, training the best AI content writing tools to write well requires a lot of data and tweaking to create content that is both, accurate and relevant to the topics being discussed, while also sounding natural and human-written.

In other words, you need to train the AI writing software with a large amount of text, so it can learn how to write properly, and you also need to constantly test and adjust the algorithms, until the AI writing assistants produce writing that meets your standards.

The key to co-writing effectively with AI is to be very strategic about the content that you feed into the program. The right prompts and approaches will help ensure that the AI gives you the most useful text that you can edit and modify for your purposes.

As this article on SEJ states, mastering prompts, and AI writing skills is the key for SEO pros to personalize content and remain competent in the industry.

AI writing is fast becoming one of the most important writing skills required for content writing today. These AI writing courses will teach you the art of writing AI content.


What is the best AI writer?

There is no “best” AI writer. Each AI application has its own strengths and weaknesses. However, some AI writers are better at certain tasks than others.

For example, some AI writing generator tools are better at writing SEO content, while AI essay generators may be better at writing persuasive essays.

Some AI article writers may be better at writing news articles or technical documents, while others may be better at rewriting or paraphrasing content.

When you choose an AI writer tool for a specific task, you must consider the specific needs of your project and user. What type of content do you need? What style do you want it written in? How long do you need it to be?

Other factors to consider include the type of content that needs to be written, the level of detail required, and the deadline for completing the project.

You might want to use one AI copywriting tool for writing sales and marketing copy, another AI blog writer for writing blogs, and a third AI writing tool for writing social media copy.

It also depends on your marketing budget, and whether you just want to try out an AI writer for free, or want to start using AI to write all your content.

Once you have a good idea of what you’re looking for, you can narrow down your options by reading the AI writer reviews below, and then decide which AI content writing tools are best suited for your needs.

Google algorithm update

Google’s “helpful content” algorithm update

The latest Google algorithm update called the “helpful content” algorithm update, rewards sites that are “helpful” to searchers while penalizing sites that create content solely for SEO purposes.

This does not bode well for tools powered by GPT-4 AI content generator algorithms but is good for human writers.

This is because GPT-based AI writer tools don’t do any external research. They produce articles that “look” good but don’t add substance to information that already exists online and isn’t truly helpful to your audience.

However, artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly sophisticated, and there are numerous areas where AI can outperform humans. Researchers are currently evaluating this using SuperGLUE, a benchmark for judging a machine’s ability to analyze language.

This benchmark is supported by Facebook, Deepmind, and a slew of other major corporations. At this time, six different models outperform humans, and GPT is not even in the top 20.

This is why I only use GPT-3 generated articles as a base or inspiration for turning AI-generated content into original content, and always bolster my writing with research, facts, and original opinions about the topic I’m writing about.

“One question to ask when creating ‘helpful’ content: If I needed answers and came across this content, would it answer all my questions about the topic?”

Content at Scale is the first-ever content automation platform that scales content marketing and has advanced enough AI to produce human-like AI-written content that bypasses AI content detection algorithms.

If you’re interested in trying out a non-GPT-based AI content generator tool, you can use Article Forge. This AI content generator tool is specifically designed to generate useful content that benefits both your rankings and your readers.

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Best AI writing generator & AI copywriting tools

How do you choose the best AI writing software tools for your needs? Which AI writing generator tools are best for different writing tasks?

These AI writer reviews will help you decide which AI content generators and AI copywriting tools are best suited for your needs.

#1. Surfer (Best AI SEO writer)

🎁 Free AI writer tool: Surfer’s free AI article outline generator

With Surfer SEO, you can create and optimize your content faster than ever with the #1 Content Intelligence tool that merges content strategy, creation, and optimization into one process.

Surfer’s SEO algorithm incorporates semantic and correlation analysis, website rendering, and machine learning, so its recommendations are super-informed and data-driven.

This AI SEO copywriting tool takes the guesswork out of creating data-driven content for search engines and people, by applying NLP solutions, machine learning, and analysis of over 500 web signals, to generate a whole strategy that suits your domain in seconds.

The Surfer SEO content editor and Surfer keyword research tool offer accurate guidelines on prominent phrases to use, which keywords to include, how often to include them, and which should be written as headers.

The Surfer content editor also notifies you if your keyword density gets too high, so you can focus your attention on writing quality content your audience will love.

This Free Surfer SEO Writing Masterclass covers a range of SEO-related topics such as search intent, NLP (natural language processing), keyword research and evaluation, and competitor analysis, to help you learn how to use this AI-writing assistant online.

surfer ai seo content tool

Use the Surfer + Semrush integration to discover which backlinks appeared in your competitors’ indexes to adjust, update, or improve your own link-building strategy.

You can use the Surfer AI SEO tool to help you rank higher on search engines by adding semantic keywords based on current market trends and automating building topical authority for your page based on identified content gaps and clustering methods.

Get an AI-generated article outline with unique paragraphs, in just 3 simple steps, with Surfer’s Free AI Article Outline Generator. It’s one of the many free resources Surfer offers its writers to save time, optimize their workflow, and improve their content.

Click here to access Surfer AI SEO writer now

#2. Content At Scale (Best human-like AI content automation)

🎁 Free AI content options: Free AI content detection tool

When I tried out Content at Scale’s long-form AI writing tools, I was quite amazed. It generated a well-written blog post of over 2000 words in a few minutes.

But the best part about this tool is that it can write content that bypasses AI content detection filters, which is a huge concern that content writers have today because Google is cracking down on AI-generated content.

Content at Scale does exactly what it says! It is the first-ever content automation platform that was built to scale content marketing by writing the most human-like AI content ever produced, replacing the need to hire a team of writers.

SEO-focused content marketers are raving about Content at Scale’s AI content generator tools that can help you automate content creation and cut out the cost, time, and operational inefficiencies of outsourcing content writing.

Content at Scale is currently the only AI writer tool that allows you to upload up to 100 keywords and get back 100 entire human-quality blog posts (2,600+ words title to conclusion) that bypass AI content detection – all with no human intervention!

See how Content at Scale can generate a blog article outline for you with a simple click of a button, drastically cutting the time you will take doing it manually, and help you draw a roadmap for an article that explores every relevant sub-topic and engages readers from start to end.

Right now, Content at Scale is the only solution on the market that has advanced enough AI to pull this off thanks to its proprietary system that uses a mix of 3 AI engines, NLP, and semantic analysis algorithms; crawls Google; and parses all the top-ranking content to put it all together.

Content at Scale also offers a Done-For-You SEO Copywriting Service with a top-notch content team. So, if you prefer having experts just handle it all for you so you can get SEO-optimized content published daily to your blog, then this is the perfect option for you.

Content at Scale is not just an AI writing assistant — it’s a human-level long-form blog post-producing machine! It also supports over 100 of the most popular languages. Get 20% more post-credits when you subscribe using the link below.

Click here to get early access to Content at Scale’s AI writing tools

#3. Jasper (Best AI content generator)

🎁 Free AI writing option: Get 10,000 words free

The Jasper AI writer (formerly known as the Jarvis AI copywriting tool) is an all-in-one AI-based content creation tool that will help you write copy that converts, create content at a scale that ranks better, and even help write a book.

You can learn how to start writing AI content at scale right away with Jasper’s AI blog writer recipes that will help you write educational, original, SEO-optimized, keyword-rich, plagiarism-free blog articles and content that ranks on Google.

jasper ai writer templates

Rated 5 stars out of 5 in over 3,000 reviews, the Jasper copywriting AI is the best AI writer tool overall because it has been trained by the world’s best SEO and Direct Response Marketing experts to write original, creative content, blog articles, social media posts, website copy, and more.

You can even finish writing a quick, authority-building non-fiction book in under 7 days with Jasper’s AI Author Workflow.

Get 10,000 words to try Jasper AI writer free

#4. Inksprout (Best Blog to Video AI Creator)

🎁Free AI content options: Forever free plan for social posts

Inksprout is a content platform using natural language artificial intelligence to generate rich media such as summaries and videos.

Inksprout’s Blog-To-Video tool is a Godsend for me! I’m using it primarily as a blog-to-video tool to help me create engaging, bite-size, social videos in seconds from my blog with AI-powered captions and audio in minutes.

You can create rich media on the fly by quickly generating, downloading, and sharing bite-size video shorts on your marketing channels. The video scripts are amazing, even better than I could have done myself!

Inksprout’s AI writing assistant makes writing come alive by helping you compose a clear, engaging, trustworthy social media post. You can quickly summarize links, personalize them based on your target audience, and turn them into creative post captions.

Manage social content by generating AI captions with five preconfigured categories and schedule them in a calendar. Write professional posts and share them with Inksprout’s free social schedulers and drip campaign builders.

Get quote suggestions to help you create authority in your social space and deliver messages that touch followers’ emotions with Inksprout’s AI writing assistant.

Inksprout’s Free Plan offers:

  • Unlimited Scheduled Posts
  • Unlimited Social Accounts
  • Drip Campaign
  • Integration
  • Chrome Extension
  • API/CSV Automation

Click here to try Inksprout’s AI writing assistant for free

#5. NeuronWriter (Best NLP-driven AI writer)

🎁 Free AI writing trial: 3 queries & 1000 AI credits

NeuronWriter (a low-cost alternative to Surfer SEO and Frase) is an AI writing assistant that assists you in planning and optimizing your website content with user intent in mind so that Google loves it.

It comes with an advanced content editor, which includes semantic models (NLP), Google SERP analysis, and competition data to assist you in researching articles related to your niche and obtaining the content you require through simple recommendations.

After you enter the target keyword, NeuronWriter analyzes the best content from your competitors and suggests what topics to cover and what Google users are looking for.

NeuronWriter is an AI copywriting tool that examines your competitors’ top-rated content, YouTube content, or preferred Google SERPs and responds to the issues your readers are experiencing.


Here are some of the functions of the NeuronWriter NLP-driven AI writing tool:

  • Recognize user intent and the type of content required – Begin by deciding on the best page type for a specific user query. For some queries, a blog article will be required, while for others, a category description will be required.
  • Select direct competitors who have similar types of content – Choose competitors with high content scores to improve the quality of semantical recommendations.
  • Structure the document based on useful information – It’s very simple to combine headers and questions into a great story in draft mode. NeuronWriter will also recommend keywords for each paragraph.
  • Semantic SEO can help you optimize and enrich your content – Use NLP (Natural Language Processing) and SERP-based recommendations. Add GPT-3-generated content and enjoy faster content creation and higher rankings.

Click here to try NeuronWriter for free

#6. Narrato AI Content Genie (Best AI content workflow tool)

🎁 Free Options: 14-Day Free Trial

Narrato’s AI content workspace is your ticket to streamlining your entire content workflow, from content planning to creation, optimization, publishing, and management. It offers a suite of AI tools, as part of its AI content assistant, and over 100+ AI content writing templates covering a wide range of use cases.

Narrato’s AI Content Genie is your secret assistant generating engaging social media and blog content on autopilot. Think of it as your personal content marketing assistant who works behind the scenes to give you fresh and relevant content for publishing every week.

Narrato’s AI Content Genie automatically generates both social media posts and blogs, with relevant images, hashtags, emojis, and more, based on your website URL and themes. You can edit these posts (add GIFs, videos, or CC images if you want) and schedule them for publishing using Narrato’s content scheduler.

You can also create custom posts using AI templates, or get Narrato’s AI Content Genie to generate more content for you on demand. It could be a huge time saver for busy marketing teams that want to scale up content production.

Click here to try Narrato’s AI Content Genie 

While automated social media content is a crowd-favorite, the beauty of Narrato’s AI Content Genie lies in its blog generation capabilities. It can churn out well-written, 3000-word blog posts in seconds with little to no editing required after.

Narrato comes with several other useful AI content creation tools: AI content ideas generator, AI blog writer, AI image generator, AI product description generator, AI ad generator, AI social media post generator, AI text summarizer, and more.

Click here to try Narrato’s AI Content Genie 

#7. Magic Write by Canva (Best AI writer for designers)

🎁 Free AI writing options: 25 free queries

Those who already have a Canva Pro account will be delighted to learn that Magic Write, Canva’s AI content generation tool, will now help you go from idea to your first draft in seconds.

If you’re looking for some words of inspiration to kickstart your creative process, simply start with a prompt and watch as copy, blog outlines, lists, bio captions, content ideas, brainstorms, and more appear in seconds.

Magic Write’s AI writing tools are designed to help you turn a few keywords into quality content – whether it’s a cover letter, a greeting card, a blog, or anything in between – to help you get out a first draft, fast.

Canva Magic Write AI Writing Tool

Use Canva’s Magic Write to write anything from social media captions and profile bios to brainstorming and seeking inspiration for poems or letters with one simple prompt.

Whether you’re at your desktop or traveling with your tablet or mobile device, brainstorm ideas you can generate content with Magic Write on a Canva doc. Available in Canva Docs for 25 free queries, you can access additional queries with a Canva Pro account.

Click here to get 25 free queries with Canva’s Magic Write

#8. Rytr (Best low-cost AI writer)

🎁 Free AI writing option: Get 5000 characters per month

The Rytr AI writer is a low-cost tool that helps you create high-quality content in just a few seconds, at a fraction of the cost.

This AI-powered writing assistant can 10X your writing efficiency with its powerful, rich-text editor, that goes from raw ideas to a polished piece in no time.

The Rytr AI writing tool can create content based on a few descriptive sentences and takes just about 15 mins to write a 1,000-word piece.

It can write anything from blogs to emails to ad copies, and auto-generate catchy, original, and high-converting copy in popular tones and languages in just a few seconds.

This free AI Content Generation Course on Udemy will show you how to create articles and videos quickly and easily and produce content at a much faster pace, using the Rytr AI writing software.

Reword, shorten, and do much more to improve the content quality before hitting that submit button, with Rytr’s proofreading and plagiarism-checking tools.

rytr ai writing tool

Generate 5000 characters per month on the free plan, and upgrade to a premium plan for unlimited usage — starting at $9/month.

Click here to get 5000 characters free

#9. Simplified (Best AI design tool for social media)

🎁 Free AI writing option: Free-forever plan

Simplified is an all-in-one design platform for modern marketers, powered by AI, that provides all the content-creation tools you’ll ever need, in one app.

Generate 50+ types of copy in seconds with the Simplified AI copywriter tool. Create one-of-a-kind text for videos, ads, quotes, products, blogs, articles, and more with Simplified’s free content writing tools.

Simplified’s free AI writer will help you generate copy that converts for business bios, Facebook ads, product descriptions, emails, landing pages, YouTube descriptions, taglines, and more.

With Simplified’s AI content generator, you can write AI copy in 10+ tones and reach broader audiences with 30+ languages.

You can easily create and publish stunning videos and viral-worthy content with Simplified’s Free AI-Powered Video Suite, featuring smart tools like AI Subtitles, Text-to-speech, and more.

Simplified free AI writer

Simplified’s Long Form Writer will help you write long-form content like blogs, articles, and even books. Improve your copy with the article rewriter, sentence expander, or AI paragraph generator.

Use Simplified’s AI writer free and forget writer’s block even exists.

Click here to try Simplified’s AI writer free

#10. Copymatic (Best long-form AI writer)

🎁 Free AI writing option: Get 10 credits free

Write unlimited SEO-optimized and plagiarism-free content for your blog and turn a short description into a 1,000+ word article with Copymatic’s long-form AI writer software.

Generate any article elements such as titles, intros, outlines, content, or conclusions, and rewrite articles with Copymatic AI Article Rewriter – the smartest tool to rewrite articles from scratch.

content writing ai

Automatically write unique, engaging, and high-quality copy or content: from long-form blog posts or landing pages to digital ads in seconds.

Click here to get 10 credits free

#11. QuillBot (Best AI rewriting tool)

🎁 Free AI writing options: Free grammar check & citation tools, 125-word paraphrasing limit

The QuillBot paragraph writing tools include some AI writer essay tools and scientific writing options that I haven’t seen in any other AI writer software tools. That’s what makes this AI content writing tool stand out from the others.

The QuillBot Paraphrase Tool helps you write and rewrite articles better, faster, and clearer and enhances any sentence, paragraph, or article using state-of-the-art AI. The free version comes with a 125 Paraphraser word limit.

This online paraphrasing tool integrates directly into Google Docs and Chrome Extension and can rephrase any text in a variety of different ways, guaranteeing you find the perfect language, tone, and style for any occasion.

quillbot paraphrasing tool

The QuillBot Summarizing Tool is an instant text summary tool that will sift through research papers, news articles, or long-winded emails to identify the main points and give you a high-level overview of the material.

The QuillBot Free Citation Generator Tool is a fast and easy way to make citations for your essays, presentations, and documents. This AI essay bot will easily create APA, MLA, and Chicago-style full and in-text citations in a snap.

Use QuillBot’s Free Online Grammar Checker Tool to polish your written work quickly and easily, and perfect your English by reviewing your writing for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors.

The QuillBot Co-Writer Tool is an all-in-one writing tool that allows you to paraphrase, grammar check, get writing tips, and even search the web without switching between tabs.

QuillBot’s Plagiarism Checker will scan your document for unintentional plagiarism against billions of sources and analyzes whether any section of your text did not properly attribute authorship to content already published on the web or in books, research papers, academic papers, or news sources.

Click here to try the QuillBot Paraphrase tool free

#12. Writecream (Best cold email AI writer)

🎁 Free AI writing options: Get 10,000 words free

Although Writecream has many AI writing use cases, their standout function is writing personalized cold email introductions for your prospects based on their work, education, and experience.

Pop in the website or LinkedIn profile URL of your prospect. Writecream’s AI will then scan it and generate a persuasive icebreaker that you can include at the top of your email or message.

Include this AI-generated cold email introduction or LinkedIn icebreaker to make your read rates and conversions soar, and your sales soar.

You can also use Writecream as a backlink outreach tool. Just enter the link of an article and Writecream’s AI will understand its contents and the author’s point of view, and write a unique message that will catch their attention.

Click here to sign up for Writecream free

#13. Writesonic (Best AI article writer)

🎁 Free AI article writer options: Get 10 credits free

Use the Writesonic AI to write articles and boost your website’s SEO to generate more traffic. The Writesonic article writer AI tool is rated 5 stars in 5000+ reviews.

It can generate high-quality articles, blog posts, landing pages, Google ads, Facebook ads, emails, product descriptions, and more in seconds.

Writesonic’s Article Writer 3.0 lite or Instant Article Writer enables you to quickly and easily write articles (1500+ words) in one click and with just one input.

Instant Article Writer + Bulk Upload is a powerful combination that lets you churn out 100s of blogs and articles faster than making 2-minute noodles.

The Writesonic AI for writing articles has been trained on high-performing copy from top brands and knows what converts, and how to write content that resonates with your audience.

Take a deep dive into using Writesonic’s AI Article Writer 3.0, alongside their long-form Sonic Editor, to create a full-length SEO-optimized blog post in just a few minutes, starting with only a broad topic idea and letting the AI do 90% of the work.

Click here to try Writesonic AI content writer free

#14. CopyAI (Best AI copywriting tools)

🎁 Free AI copywriting tools: Get 10 credits a month & 90+ marketing tools

CopyAI is one of the best AI copywriting tools to help you generate marketing copy in seconds. Built on top of the world’s most advanced AI language model, CopyAI can write in 25+ languages.

Get access to over 90 free copywriting AI tools to power your marketing efforts. Get 10 credits per month on the free plan and 100 bonus credits for the first month, when you sign up for your free account today. No credit card is required!

Try out 90+ free marketing tools with CopyAI

#15. Sudowrite (Best creative writing AI)

🎁 Free AI novel writing options: Try it free, no credit card is required.

Bust writer’s block and fall in love with writing all over again with Sudowrite, a magical AI creative writing assistant. It’s great for getting inspiration when you’re blocked.

Start by giving Sudowrite a short summary of your story in several sentences. It looks at the writing prompt you enter and keeps going. It’s as if different versions of you in parallel universes were writing the next few paragraphs.

Sudowrite’s Characters tool generates a list of possible characters, given a line describing your story and a few example characters. This is useful if you are building a cast for your story, or need to simply introduce a new character.

Sudowrite Twists feature even generates plot twists given a premise. It optimizes for surprising turns that subvert expectations in the context of your story.

Sudowrite’s AI Poem generator feature generates a contemporary free verse poem. Provide a topic and optionally, a title and a few lines of a poem, and this tool will generate a possible poem given these seeds.

Simulated AI readers analyze your story and voice their opinion. They’ll discuss themes, what they enjoyed, and areas to explore further. Sudowrite can simultaneously summarize your story and generate crisp loglines, with a focus on key plot points.

Click here to try Sudowrite for free

#16. Anyword (Best CRO AI writer)

🎁 Free AI writing options: Free social post generator

The Anyword AI copywriting tool provides data-driven copywriting and optimizes your copy to drive up to 30% more conversions and more sales with AI on your website.

Anyword’s AI copywriting software generates effective copy for ads, emails, landing pages, and content, with powerful predictive analytics that tells you what works before you publish.

Click here for your free Anyword trial

#17. Rank Math (Best AI blog writer plugin)

🎁 Free AI writing options: Get 5 free credits

Rank Math’s Content AI is the best AI blog writer tool that comes with the Rank Math WordPress plugin. It helps you write SEO-optimized content that is not only great for your visitors, but also for search engines.

This AI SEO writer plugin will help you write your SEO content based on solid data, with smart suggestions based on your focus keyword’s language and your target country.

Rank Math’s Content AI SEO writer tools will tell you what phrases or words to use in your content, headings, or SEO metadata.

You can generate a fully-functional and Schema-ready FAQ section with the questions you should be answering to your audience, with the click of a button.

This blog writing AI tool also provides smart link suggestions to help you add credible citations to your content to increase your search visibility.

Rank Math’s blog writing AI tools will even tell you exactly how many words to write, what headings to use, how many links to insert, or media to embed.

Click here to try Rankmath Content AI now

#18. Article Forge (Best non-GPT-3 content generation AI)

🎁 Free AI writing options: 5-day free trial

Article Forge is an AI writing generator tool that uses advanced artificial intelligence and deep learning to write completely unique, SEO-optimized, high-quality articles with the click of a button.

You can generate high-quality content in 60 seconds with this AI content writing tool. Compared to GPT-3 based AI content generator tools, the Article Forge AI content generator has two important advantages:

  • It independently researches your keyword before writing, making sure that everything it writes is accurate and educational… which makes it helpful.
  • It has a new “grader” that judges the factual accuracy, quality, and helpfulness of each sentence Article Forge writes.

According to Article Forge, it iterates on each sentence eight times to ensure that every article you receive is accurate, of high quality, and useful.

With this update, Article Forge becomes the only tool designed specifically for useful content, that benefits both your rankings and your readers. But how good is this grader, and can it really satisfy Google?

Article Forge’s grader was trained using a model architecture that outperforms humans and was additionally improved by their team of linguists over thousands of hours of intense work.

Finally, this grader outperforms humans when it comes to determining the usefulness of a sentence. With “better than human” performance, Article Forge can truly create content that both Google and humans enjoy.

The Article Forge content writing AI software was born out of five years of artificial intelligence research, and its deep learning models have been trained on millions of articles, so it can write intelligently about virtually any topic.

Article Forge’s AI writer generator uses the same type of deep learning models to write content that Google uses to evaluate the content and writes content in a way that Google’s algorithms will naturally love and rank.

But what makes Article Forge the best AI content generator software is that all their plans offer bulk article generation.

Click here to try out Article Forge free

#19. RankIQ (Best niche SEO AI writing assistant)

🎁 Free AI writing options: None

Write blog posts that rank on Google’s 1st page with RankIQ’s AI-powered SEO toolset built just for bloggers. It tells you what to put in your post and title, so you can write perfectly optimized content in half the time.

RankIQ has a hand-picked keyword library for every major blog niche, to help you find the lowest competition phrases that also have high traffic potential.

Construct blog post outlines in minutes with RankIQ’s AI content report that identifies the topics that Google’s ranking algorithm wants you to cover so that you can create a complete outline in a matter of minutes.

RankIQ’s AI writing assistant tells you what you need to add to your post, so you can build a comprehensive piece of content, that will be able to compete for a 1st page Google ranking.

RankIQ’s AI that helps you write optimized copy will increase your traffic and income by optimizing an old underperforming post and putting it in a position to be a top performer in less than 30 minutes,

RankIQ’s top 30 SERP analysis reveals the keywords that Google likes the most in titles, to help you craft a top-notch title from the words proven to deliver the highest CTRs.

Click here to watch RankIQ’s product tour video

#20. Listnr AI Voices (Best AI text-to-voice generator)

🎁 Free AI generation options: Get 1000 word conversions/month free

Listnr AI Voices gives you the option to create voice-overs in your chosen script and style, in every language in the world. The converted audio files can be shared worldwide on any platform of your choice.

Generate realistic Text-to-speech (TTS) audio using Listnr AI Voice Generator with the best synthetic voices. Instantly convert text into natural-sounding speech and download it in MP3 and WAV formats.

Listnrs AI Voices allows you to choose from a library of 900+ voices in 142+ different languages for all your audio requirements. It’s the best tool to help Podcasters, Agencies, and freelancers create better audio experiences.

Click here to sign up for Listnr AI Voices free

#21. HumanPal (Best AI text-to-video tool)

Looking for a low-cost text-to-video AI generator tool? Look no further than HumanPal. It lets you wield the power to craft mesmerizing AI-generated videos that rival those of industry giants, all while keeping your budget in check.

You can create mesmerizing AI-human spokesperson videos, with no need for actors, cameras, or fancy studio gear. Build credibility with a unique HumanPal not available to other customers.

Turn photos into life-like talking humans with a library of copyright-free human faces and turn the existing avatars into a “unique” human character that will speak anything you type in seconds.

HumanPal’s AI video generator tools will help you command attention and ignite emotions with an extensive array of human characters at your disposal, each sporting distinctive clothing styles, ethnic backgrounds, and professions.

Click here to get HumanPal at an unbelievable price

humanpal ai text to video

#22. Kittl (Best free AI text-to-image generator)

🎁 Free AI generation options: Free

Transform your textual ideas into vivid artworks, bridging the gap between thought and visualization with Kittl AI’s Free AI Text-To-Image Generator.

It understands the meaning of your text and translates it into visually appealing images or clipart helping you create unique images and artwork even faster than before.

Say goodbye to lengthy brainstorming sessions and browsing stock libraries for hours. Kittl AI’s Free AI Text-To-Image Generator lets you iterate and refine your design concepts in real-time.

It easily generates stunning images, illustrations, or photos from text descriptions in just a few clicks so you are no longer limited by the constraints of traditional design tools.

Click here to try Kittl AI’s Free AI Text-To-Image Generator

kittl ai image to text

I hope this list of the best AI tools for content writing helps you find the right AI writing generator tool to write content for your needs.

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