Become a Coach with Coaching Training and Certification

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Become a Coach with Coaching Training & Coach Certification

Become a coach with coaching training and certification. Learn the training skills of a facilitator and start a coaching business offering coaching services.

Do you dream of starting a professional coaching business as a spiritual life coach, motivational coach, business coach, or wellness coach?

Get the training and coaching skills you need to become an online coach and start your own coaching institute with the best coaching certification programs.

These professional coaching training courses are all offered by reputed online coaching institutes and coach trainers. These education courses will help you learn coaching skills and get the coaching credentials you need to become a coach online.

Many job candidates and entrepreneurs are registering for management coaching skills training programs or personality development and soft skills development programs to improve their job prospects and leadership skills.

Skill enhancement courses have become very popular today, with the result that the skills training and skills development industry is huge and growing every day.

It’s a great time to become a coach or find corporate trainer jobs and enter the lucrative soft skills training and leadership coaching industry by offering your own skill development courses and soft skills workshops.

One of the most important coaching tips you need to know is that training and coaching are not about imparting information but creating transformation.

If you can help your clients transform one or more areas of their lives or solve a problem they are facing, they won’t hesitate to pay for your coaching services.

These trainer skills courses can help you find high-paying training jobs as a professional trainer and coach. At the very least, they’ll help you develop a skills training strategy as a freelance trainer.

Here are some of the skill courses you can offer as a life skills trainer in your own skill development training center:

  • Time management courses
  • Soft skill development courses
  • Soft skills in the workplace
  • Soft skills for managers
  • Soft skills in business
  • Soft skills for students
  • Communication skills training
  • Leadership training courses
  • Women in leadership training
  • Public speaking courses
  • Behavior skills training
  • Conflict management training
  • Executive coaching
  • Assertive skills training
  • Interpersonal skills training
  • Interview skills training
  • Career coaching
  • Mindfulness coaching
  • Confidence coaching
  • Happiness coaching
  • Personal development coaching
  • Performance & sports coaching courses

Coaching training will give you the training skills, knowledge, and training certificate you need to be a successful coach, or find corporate training and development jobs for trainers.

As a certified coach, you’ll learn training and development strategies to effectively communicate to help your clients improve soft skills, achieve their goals, and overcome challenges.

Learn how to become a life coach online with the best life coaching programs and certified life coach training courses from the best life coaches.

This list of coaching training courses includes some of the best International Coach Federation or ICF-accredited coach training programs to help you get your skill trainer certificate and build your coach brand.

Free Coaching Training Courses

☑ Free Webcast by Jack Canfield: How to Transform Your Life and Career

Learn the 7 pillars of true life transformation with Jack Canfield, America’s #1 Success Coach!

  • Overcome Obstacles – How to quickly remove the blocks, fears, and uncertainty in yourself and others (plus, how to make a handsome living while doing it)
  • Learn How to Become a Transformational Trainer – How to be a more positive influence by teaching, training, and transforming people… even if you have no previous experience
  • Learn the Canfield Training Methodology to use his proven system to speak to all dimensions of a person’s being… earning you instant respect and love in the process

Click here to sign up for this free webcast

How to Become a Transformational Trainer

☑ Become a Certified Hypnotherapist With Paul McKenna’s Hypnotherapy Training Online

Master the art of facilitating deep, instant, lasting inner transformations as a Mindvalley Certified Hypnotherapist with Paul McKenna.

Hypnotherapy is one of today’s most sought-after skills, particularly among coaches and counselors as it is one of the most effective tools for reprogramming the mind at a deep, subconscious level, resulting in effortless, rapid, and long-lasting behavior change.

It is one of the few truly versatile practices that can be used to overcome a wide range of challenges, from addictions and fears to traumas and self-sabotage, and more.

Every day, millions of people use the power of hypnosis and hypnotherapy to reverse lifelong unhealthy habits and addictions in a matter of minutes.

In a massive meta-analysis of over 2,000+ studies by Aldred A. Barrios, Ph.D., it was found that psychoanalysis had only a 38% success rate after an average of 600 sessions, while for hypnotherapy, the average client success rate was a whopping 93%, and was typically achieved after just six sessions.

Olympic athletes, hotshot celebrities, high-flying CEOs, and politicians are among those who use hypnotherapy services to gain an advantage in an increasingly competitive landscape.

In fact, if you’re a life coach or performance coach interested in learning hypnosis and hypnotherapy, you should know that this is one of the most powerful, professional skill sets that’s scientifically proven to create deep behavioral change fast.

You can help your clients adopt new patterns of thinking, new levels of peak performance, and freedom from crippling habits and anxiety, and design a life of boundless abundance as a qualified hypnotherapist.

Mindvalley is hosting a free and exclusive webinar with Paul McKenna, Ph.D., a globally renowned hypnotherapist and prominent media personality, on becoming a Mindvalley Certified Hypnotherapist in 16 weeks.

hypnotherapy courses

Unlike other “traditional” certifications, this optimized, accelerated-learning hypnotherapy program transforms you into a highly competent hypnotherapy practitioner in a fraction of the time.

In this exclusive webinar by Mindvalley and globally renowned hypnotherapist Paul McKenna, Ph.D., you’ll understand hypnosis psychology, the compelling science behind hypnotherapy, and how hypnotherapy treatment is helping millions triumph in the areas of weight control, confidence, anxiety, addictions, self-sabotage, resilience, and motivation.

You’ll learn about one of the best-certified hypnotherapy courses to get accredited hypnotherapy training so you can harness hypnotherapy for mental health and open yourself up to greater financial freedom by helping your clients transform their lives.

Even if you have no prior experience, Paul McKenna will train you in hypnotherapy techniques such as hypnosis, psycho-sensory therapy, and neuro-linguistic programming with his one-of-a-kind framework that will help you quickly and safely practice hypnotherapy on yourself and others.

You’ll also get a sneak peek into his proven step-by-step plan for building a highly profitable hypnotherapy practice and business.

After training to become a hypnotherapist with this online coaching certification, you can charge between $100 – $500 per hour, and many top hypnotherapists even make a passive income selling hypnotherapy recordings online.

So if you want to become a certified hypnotherapist online, sign up for this webinar and learn about the best hypnotherapy training course to help you get certified hypnotherapist training online.

Join the world’s leading hypnotherapist, Paul McKenna, to learn how you, too, can induce hypnotic transformations in yourself and others – using his optimized method that gives you mastery in a fraction of the time.

Click here to sign up for this free Mindvalley hypnotherapy webinar

Paul Mckenna Hypnotherapy Training

☑ Free Coaching Champions 2022 Masterclass by Thinkers50

Learn how to improve your coaching practice and business performance with coaching training in a free live 90-minute Coaching Champions 2022 Masterclass hosted by Thinkers50, a global community of over 50,000 business thinkers from over 100 countries.

This thought-leader community is for businesspeople who want to be inspired and thrive in the workplace. It gives expert voices in the coaching industry a platform.

This complimentary Masterclass is designed to equip coaches, whether they are just starting out or have been in practice for many years, to capitalize on opportunities and succeed in the modern coaching context.

Attend this free live Masterclass to learn how award-winning researcher, bestselling author, and one of the world’s Top 40 Business Professors under 40, Professor Francesca Gino, collaborated with Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr to develop a strategy for coaching champions.

coaching and mentoring

You’ll receive up to 1.5 CCEUs at no cost by attending the complementary Masterclass. In addition, you’ll learn the following:

  • Learn what a championship coaching mindset is and how to develop your own
  • Find out what business coaching could replicate an NBA champion’s approach
  • Adapt your style to suit high-performing clients then deliver the excellence they expect
  • Support clients to overcome unique challenges and achieve exceptional success
  • Discover what differentiates coaches of champions from the industry average
  • Learn specific ways that coaches can become more valuable in order to attract more and better clients.

Who is it For?

Coaches who want to further develop skills of:

  • Having spontaneity during the coaching process
  • Understanding nuances to stop missing important coaching opportunities
  • Managing difficult conversations
  • Accessing their own intuition and trusting their inner knowing
  • Active listening & powerful questioning
  • Helping clients thrive to the fullest as leaders

This free Masterclass is available for a limited time only, so sign up now.

Click her to attend the free Coaching Champions Masterclass

Free Coaching Champions 2022 Masterclass

☑ Free Webinar: 6 Steps to Achieve Any Goal & Create an Extraordinary Life

Learn how to set and accomplish big goals that are in alignment with the life you want with Jack Canfield, America’s #1 Success Coach!

  • Create Awareness – Going from where you are to where you want to begin with mindfulness of your present situation
  • See the BIG Picture – Learn how people create extraordinary lives by focusing on one BIG GOAL at a time, then do it yourself
  • Build Your Roadmap – Design a detailed plan to reach any goal and repeat the process to experience continuous growth
  • Get a Free Gift – Take your success even further with a surprise gift from Jack Canfield when you attend the webinar

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coaching training

☑ Free Success Formula Webcast with Jack Canfield

Learn a proven 3-step process for Getting Unstuck and Creating Breakthroughs with Jack Canfield and special guest host, Lewis Howes, in this special event on how to overcome any obstacle and move in the direction of your dreams.

  • Build Awareness – Discover where you’re settling in life and how to move past these points once and for all
  • Take 100% Responsibility – My proven formula for getting better results in any area of your life, no matter what
  • Long-Term Success – The key to taking action and staying focused on your goals

Save your spot today and enjoy a surprise gift when you attend the webcast that will help you continue your training, even after the webcast is over.

Sign up for the free Success Formula webcast

success formula

Learn Professional Training & Coaching Skills

☑ Train the Trainer Online (TTTO) With Jack Canfield

What is a train-the-trainer qualification? A “train-the-trainer” certification is a credential that attests that you have the skills and knowledge necessary to train others and is often required in order to become a professional trainer.

Train the Trainer Online [TTTO] is a self-paced online training program that takes Jack Canfield’s Success Principles to new heights and will give you the training skills you need to become a transformational mindset coach.

This is a train-to-teach motivational coach training program that teaches trainers to empower and transform the lives of their students, employees, and clients. But what does this train-the-trainer course entail?

In Jack Canfield’s Train The Trainer programme, you’ll learn how to provide group coaching of any type or size, in any training setting imaginable – using a proven, step-by-step, experiential teaching process.

The reason why getting train-the-trainer training is important is that it helps coaches and trainers learn how to effectively train other individuals.

Doing a Train-the-Trainer course online can help you understand the different learning styles of others so that you can more effectively teach them, communicate information to them, create an effective training plan, and assess the results of your training.

Jack Canfield’s Train the Trainer Online is a self-paced, 13-part mindset coaching course with 42 hours of video instruction. Students begin the course by experiencing his Success Principles Workshop through a 3-hour video.

Train the Trainer Online

At the end of the Train The Trainer course, all students take a test to become Certified Jack Canfield Trainers and receive their Train The Trainer certification.

Whether your audience is in the hundreds or thousands, in small group settings, or even one-on-one – this Train-the-Trainer accredited course online will give you the techniques, training, tools, resources, ability, and confidence to transform lives like never before.

In Train the Trainer, Jack Canfield will help you become a Canfield Success Principles Trainer to increase your impact and value in every way possible. It will give you the coaching skills you need to become a confident and successful professional trainer.

As a Certified Canfield Success Principles Trainer, you’ll have the proven coaching and training skills you need to:

  • Transform lives by teaching people how to get better results in literally everything they do in this Train The Trainer workshop.
  • Liberate people from their limiting beliefs and awaken them to their own infinite potential in this Train The Trainer course online.
  • Impact people on a soul-deep level and inspire them to pursue their dreams and accomplish more than they ever thought possible in this Train The Trainer programme.
  • Embody the Success Principles in your own life and experience greater joy, fulfillment, and abundance in your daily experience.

So get your Train The Trainer qualification and start your own mindset coaching academy and life coaching business as a Certified Jack Canfield Trainer and personal development coach.

Click here to become a Certified Jack Canfield Trainer

train the trainer

Coaching Skills for Managers Specialization from the University of California, Davis

Unlock your potential as a manager with proven techniques to elevate your team’s performance in the Coaching Skills for Managers Specialization from the University of California, Davis.

Embark on a journey that will empower you with the indispensable skills needed to coach your team towards peak performance. Prepare to immerse yourself in a world of best practices, cutting-edge research, invaluable tools, and groundbreaking coaching models.

Learn the secrets of effective managerial coaching, teaching you how to set crystal-clear expectations, establish unwavering accountability, assess performance with precision, and lead coaching conversations that not only enhance awareness but also yield tangible results.

You won’t just absorb knowledge; you’ll actively apply insights about management and coaching to craft your very own coaching practice and wield a toolkit that can shape your team’s success. Get ready to level up your management game and become the leader who inspires excellence!

Get the coaching skills for managers certification online

Become a Certified Life Purpose Life Coach

Become more than just a life coach. As a Certified Life Purpose Coach, you’ll learn powerful tools and strategies to help clients find their purpose and passion.

Learn coaching skills and tools that will help your clients find their purpose. Understand and learn the psychology of what creates long-term change in people.

Becoming a life coach is possible through affordable life coaching courses and life coach training. Become a Certified Life Purpose Coach, with paying clients and growing practice, with this accredited life coaching program online.

When you complete this life coaching certification program, you’ll receive your life coach qualifications, life coach license, and certificate ready for printing and framing.

You’ll also be given your life coach credentials as soon as you’re certified through one of the best online life coaching programs and can begin promoting your new coaching practice.

No other life coaching program gives you the life coach qualifications to help your clients find greater meaning and purpose in their lives and prepare you for real-world coaching.

This life coach accreditation program is one of the most affordable and internationally recognized life coaching courses online.

Get the most affordable life coach certification online

life coach

MBSR Mindfulness Meditation Certification Program

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is a scientifically studied, tested, and proven mindfulness training program.

This 8-week Mindfulness Training-MBCT/MBSR certified science-based mindfulness course will help you increase self-awareness, reduce stress, and boost well-being.

You’ll learn step-by-step all you need to know to confidently practice mindfulness and to bring the habit of mindfulness into your daily life.

Learn how to build lasting mindfulness habits; apply mindfulness in your daily life; reduce stress and increase well-being; meditate and deepen meditation, and communicate mindfully.

This mindfulness meditation course covers different topics, from living in the present moment to reducing stress and boosting happiness, and practicing a wide variety of mindfulness practices that have been scientifically shown to improve well-being.

This comprehensive 8-week mindfulness practice program includes a large collection of high-quality meditations and daily life exercises, as well as valuable tips and tools to set your practice up for success.

Click here to become a certified mindfulness practitioner

health and wellness coach

☑ Relationship Coach Certification

Learn how to become a relationship coach with relationship coach certification programs. Help your clients create harmonious and fulfilling relationships.

There is great joy and satisfaction in being a Relationship Coach. The skills and confidence your clients will develop serve them well and last them a lifetime.

Click here to become a Certified Relationship Coach

Online Coaching Certification

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