Get social media tutorials, monitor social media with listening tools, create engaging social content, and use social media schedulers to become a social media influencer.

Social Media Tutorials

Social Media Introduction: SMM Course For Small Business

In this social media marketing (SMM) course on how to use social media for business, you’ll learn how to create social media content that boosts your social media engagement and social media branding.

You’ll get suggestions for social media intelligence tools and social media management tools to create a social media strategy and automate your social media campaign.

This social media marketing course includes social media marketing tutorials, and online social media courses on the most popular social media networks and sites, especially the big 4 social media marketing platforms – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Social Media Content Plan: How To Create Engaging Social Media Posts

Learn how to come up with social media content ideas consistently, so you’re never left wondering what content to post on social media.

In the Social Media Content Plan course, you’ll learn how to come up with social media content ideas consistently, so you’re never left wondering what content to post on social media.

You’ll learn where to find content for social media and which social media content tools to use to create awesome social media images and social media video.

Even if you decide to hire a social media content manager, you’ll be able to give them social media post ideas for creative social media posts.

Social Media Content Providers


PromoRepublic will help you automate your social media presence hassle-free, manage content relevant for local audiences, schedule with AI, run local ads and stay on top of the results with their intelligent products.

Get a set of 20 editable and reusable designs that speak your brand’s voice. Tailored specially for your business by a professional team.

Social Media Listening Tools


Protect your online reputation. Follow up on positive comments from your brand ambassadors and respond to a dissatisfied customer before the story gets ahead of you. Track and engage online reviews, social media mentions, blogs, message boards, news sites and much more.

Find out how many people saw mentions for your brand. Track engagement, including Likes, Shares and Comments. Track various hashtags and find influencers. Measure the effects of a hashtag campaign, like Reach and Engagement.


Awario is a social media listening tool that lets you track mentions from social media and the web, based on the keywords you set. Awario is easy to use, effective and has the features you need to reach out to more people in social media and manage your online reputation better.

In a single workspace, you get the feed of relevant conversations, statistics on the types of mentions, reach and influencers. Awario pulls mentions from Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, YouTube, Web, News, Blogs, Forums.

News/blog and Web mentions are something that makes Awario a standout compared to other tools. You’d normally expect a social media monitoring tool to get mentions from social media only, but Awario gets additional diverse results from review platforms, forums, blogs, Q&A and news sites.

Social Media Schedulers

Here are some of my favourite social media schedulers that I use to boost the reach and duration of my content on social networks.

Publer Defender

Publer is a social media marketing tool that lets you create, schedule, and analyze all your posts, plus collaborate with team members. This alternative to Hootsuite will let you customize, preview, and schedule up to 500 posts simultaneously across all major social networks.

Create, schedule, and analyze all your social media posts with Publer. Easily watermark and add signatures to posts, designate teams, and access comprehensive analytics. Best for digital marketers and social media managers who want to effectively manage and grow their social media presence.

Tailwind App

Pinterest’s approved scheduler and complete Pinterest and Instagram marketing toolkit for bloggers and small businesses. Schedule posts, discover content, monitor conversations, amplify your reach, and measure results. Best of all, you get access to Tailwind Tribes, which can really take your content viral.


I use SocialOomph to boost my productivity on Twitter by scheduling repeat tweets and it has increased my engagement significantly. There’s a lot you can do with it that I’m not doing as I chose to invest in the most basic account.

Twitter Analytics Priyaflorence


SocialPilot is a simple and cost-effective social media management tool for teams and agencies. You can use it to manage social media, schedule social media posts, improve engagement and analyze results – at a pocket-friendly cost.

Make data-driven decisions to improve engagement and fine-tune your social media strategy. Create beautiful and presentable social media reports in PDF format with just one click. Discover the most popular content and schedule them directly to your account with RSS feeds and content curation.

Reply to all your comments, messages and posts on multiple Facebook Pages – in real-time. Filter conversations and focus on the ones that matter – so that you don’t miss replying to any customer. Review and approve all content before it is posted. Invite clients to connect accounts and share reports through white label emails. Get started with a free 14-day trial!