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Self-Hosted WordPress Vs Medium – What’s The Best Blog Publishing Platform?

Should you start a blog free on Medium? Learn about the pros and cons of hosted blog sites like Blogger and Medium vs a self-hosted WordPress blog.

I see a lot of people on Quora asking the question – should I publish my blog on WordPress.com or Medium or self-hosted WordPress? As Rand Fishkin says in the Whiteboard Friday episode below, it’s not that simple.

Medium, LinkedIn and WordPress.com offer the benefits of a ready-made community of potential followers who will engage with your content. These hosted blog sites also offer domain authority that comes with their own SEO benefits.

On the other hand, publishing on a free blog doesn’t give your own domain many SEO benefits. Free blogs are not customizable, lack brand-ability and do not lend themselves to being used as part of a sales funnel.

In my posts here and here, I list many similar reasons why I do not recommend using a free blog as your primary content distribution channel, including the fact that it implies you’re not a serious blogger and makes your blog less link-worthy.

Also, hosted blog sites can delete your blog anytime and all your efforts will go to waste, as a result. Yes, it’s been known to happen. That said, having a self-hosted WordPress blog with professional WordPress hosting is essential to your social media strategy.

Rand Fishkin recommends using hosted blog platforms, like LinkedIn and Medium, as a channel for repurposed content or guest posts, and for content earlier up in the sales funnel, rather than for content that ranks for your “money” keywords.

It’s one of my favourite Whiteboard Friday episodes because he presents both the pros and cons in a very well-thought-out manner. In this episode, you’ll learn about the disadvantages and advantages of self-hosted WordPress blogs versus hosted blog sites like Blogger, Medium and WordPress.com.

Want to start blogging with WordPress? Get a free WordPress for beginners course here. ‎

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Self-Hosted WordPress Vs Medium – What’s The Best Blog Publishing Platform


  1. David Ghostwriter

    Unless you have a hobby blog, Blogger is out the door. WordPress is pretty much it (although there are other CMSs). Rand Fishkin is not really suggesting a middle ground; he is saying to go with your own blog on your own domain. Then whatever you do on LinkedIn or elsewhere is really just social media outreach.

  2. ipack technologies

    I like your post. The information that you provide about blog publishing is very good. So thanks for sharing.

  3. Chris

    Self-hosted wordpress is by far the best way to go for a blog, and wordpress is widely used as the standard solution for many full websites because of the huge variety of templates, themes and plugins that allow you to customize it any way you want. I’ve used wordpress almost exclusively for the last 7 years.

    If you have a blog and you want to be legitimate, you need traffic. Traffic comes from search engines, which requires good SEO practices which is not personalized to your own brand and features with blogger, or wordpress.com hosted sites. Business (and money) comes from good branding which comes from traffic which comes from SEO which comes from good search engine rankings, it’s a simple as that

  4. You are absolutely right. If you post your content on someone else’s website, such as Blogger, WordPress,com, Medium or LinkedIn, they can delete it at any time. You can keep backups of your content, but I say it’s easier to just host it on your own site. If you just plain can’t figure out how to set up your own site, or you don’t want to, hire someone. The hard part is writing quality content on a consistent basis.

  5. Sergey Zhukovskiy

    We will always recommend WordPress due to the wide spectrum of possibilities with formating text, pictures, and simple usage.

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