Sell More Books With Mark Dawson’s Advertising For Authors Course


Learn how to boost book sales with Tiktok. Learn the basics of Bookbub, Facebook, and Amazon book advertising with Mark Dawson’s Advertising for Authors course.

Learn author marketing for self-published authors and get indie book marketing tips for indie authors. Learn how to advertise your book and sell more books with Mark Dawson’s book promotion and advertising courses.

Free Tiktok Author Ads Expedition Course

Did you know that TikTok is fast becoming the most popular social media platform in the world, and hundreds of authors are already using it to successfully promote their books?

Kickstart the new year by signing up for Mark Dawson’s FREE TikTok Author Ads Expedition, running for a limited time this January 2022.

Over five days you will learn:

  • What TikTok is and what it can do
  • How to create a TikTok account
  • What BookTok is and how to explore it
  • The 5 basic steps to creating TikTok content
  • How authors can use TikToks to sell more books

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book sales webinar

Free Webinar: How To Use Ads To Turbocharge Organic Book Sales

Join bestselling authors, Mark Dawson and Rachel McLean, as she demonstrates how they used ads to tickle Amazon’s algorithms to boost organic sales – resulting in book sales of half a million in under two years.

On Thurs, 20th Jan, Rachel McLean, former Kindle Storyteller Award winner sets out the steps for success for an indie author.

In this Free Webinar you’re going to:

  • Learn how strategic advertising can boost sales tenfold
  • Learn why “also-bought” sales are so important and how to track them even if they’re not on your product pages
  • Find out what role each ad platform plays in teaching Amazon about your books and readers to improve the odds of success of any finished book or work-in-progress
  • Learn which order you should use the main advertising platforms in and why
  • Discover a new approach to using Amazon ads that can scale for long-term success

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Free Webinar: A Guide To Running Effective Amazon Ads In 2022

On Thurs, 27th Jan, Janet Margot, a former Amazon Ads team member who helped shape the Ads platform for indie authors, taught best practices for the Amazon platform to over 3000 writers. This is a guide to running effective Amazon Ads in 2022.

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Amazon Advertising

Advertising For Authors Course

Mark Dawson’s Ads for Authors is now open for registration! Advertising for Authors is the premier social media advertising course specifically crafted for writers!

This advanced course brings you hours of tuition as you learn everything you need to know to create and serve powerful ads on the main social media networks to find new readers and sell your books.

If you already have the basics but want to turbocharge your writing career and results, then this is the course for you. Suitable for intermediate to advanced levels, fiction, and non-fiction.

You’ll learn how to drive sales of your books and build your mailing list using Facebook ads, from the basics all the way up to more advanced strategies.

Learn how to navigate the Amazon ads platform and set up effective campaigns – from developing personalized strategies to controlling costs to optimizing your targeting, and even get tricks for writing snappy ad copy and choosing eye-catching images.

Inside you will find:

✅ Amazon Ads for Authors course
✅ Facebook Ads for Authors
✅ Advanced FB Ads for Authors
✅ BookBub Ads
✅ How to Write Better, Simpler Ads
✅ Ad Design for Authors
✅ Facebook Messenger Bots &
✅ Access to SPF University

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Watch a few testimonials for the course below

Eileen Coleman

Craig Zerf

Shayne Silvers

Author marketing can be hard when you don’t know the basics of advertising for authors. Understanding how to use Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) ads for authors can help you sell more books on the Amazon advertising platform.

Get Amazon advertising help from an expert and learn the basics of Amazon PPC, how to set up Amazon marketing campaigns on the Amazon marketing platform, how to optimize your Amazon advertising costs, and more, in Mark Dawson’s Amazon Ads for Authors Course.

In this course, you’ll learn all about marketing for authors, Amazon & Facebook ads, Amazon kindle advertising, Bookbub ads, how to set up Bookbub advertising campaigns, and more.

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Amazon Ads For Authors

Amazon Ads For Authors

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