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Why Start a Blog: 7 Blogging Benefits and Blogging Advantages


Should you start a blog in 2023? This list of blogging benefits and advantages will demonstrate the benefits and advantages of blogs.

Since the start of blogging and the launch of WordPress in 2003, blogs have gone on to become a marketing channel that facilitates business growth.

Today, bloggers on WordPress create blogs in the millions. In fact, about 70 million new posts are written on WordPress blogs every month.

So, is it worth it to start a blog when there are millions of blogs out there and so much content already available?

In this article, you’ll find a list of blogging benefits and blogging advantages and learn the reasons to start a blog.

Why Start a Blog?

What are the reasons to start blogging and the benefits of starting a blog that makes it worth your while to become a blogger?

Many people start a blog and are disappointed when they don’t get instant results in terms of conversions, sales, and revenue. But that’s not the purpose of setting up a blog for business.

If you start a blog to directly increase your sales and conversions, it means you don’t really understand the true benefits of blogging for marketing and promoting your business and brand.

In that case, you’ll be better off using paid advertising. Nor is this article for you if you only want to learn how to make money blogging for beginners or how to earn money from blogs.

But it will help you understand the benefits of starting a blog and the advantages of having a blog to grow your writer platform and branding, as an author, writer, speaker, coach, or consultant who wants to start blogging in 2023.

If you start a blog, you must understand that blogging benefits accrue over the long term and it can take a while for you to see the full impact of learning how to become a blogger.

Earn Money From Blogging

7 Blogging Benefits & Advantages of Starting a Blog

Before you start blogging, you should know all the benefits and advantages of learning how to start a successful blog. In this article, you’ll find a list of 7 benefits of blogs to help you promote yourself and your brand.

If you publish and promote your blog consistently, these benefits of blogs will increase over the long term. Here are some blogging advantages of starting a blog in 2023:

#1. Start a blog to build trust and authority

Nothing is more important in business than trust. Today, visitors who land on your website are more skeptical and distrustful than ever and they need to know, like, and trust you before they do business with you.

Online shoppers often buy products from people they have never met or deal with companies in distant locations they have never visited. Trust is the coin that makes online business possible.

In the old days, trust was built primarily by word of mouth – one satisfied client recommending a product or service to another. Over some time, you earned your customers’ trust and established authority in your niche.

Today, with the wealth of information that the internet provides, potential customers do not need to call their friends for recommendations.

Instead, nearly nine in 10 consumers make purchases after reading about a product or service on a blog, and, among consumers between the ages of 18 to 34, blogs ranked as the most important source of information to make buying decisions.

Blogging can help business owners recreate the same feelings of trust and acquaintance that face-to-face communication provides in the case of a brick-and-mortar store.

When you start a blog, it becomes your voice on the web. Anyone can visit your blog, learn about your brand, and read the comments or reviews about your product or service.

Today, customers contact vendors much later in their buying process. This reinforces the importance of a blog and is the primary reason why you should start a blog that contains useful content assuring your readers of your credibility.

Blogging Benefits Advantages

#2. Start a blog to create useful and informative content

According to Hubspot, in 2020 more people were driven to read blogs that taught them how to do something new, to learn about news or trends in their job industry or just to be entertained.

You should definitely start a blog if your goal is to be seen as a thought leader in your industry and a ‘go-to’ source within your industry. But you do need to learn how to start writing content for a blog.

The best blogs address their customers’ problems and address specific pain points that customers have. So, consistently posting relevant content that your customers find valuable will help you establish authority in your industry.

Imagine the impact when you start a blog and write helpful blog posts that clear up issues your customers are facing. They’re more likely to come into the sales process and trust your business because you’ve helped them in the past.

For instance, the Leather Skin Shop blog answers frequently-asked questions like “How to wash a leather jacket without ruining it?” It also answers questions that buyers are looking for, such as:

  • Is it safe to wash a jacket in warm water?
  • Which detergents should I use?
  • Is a leather jacket machine-washable?

If you take the time to answer such questions on your blog, instead of merely focusing on getting new customers, you can position yourself as an expert on the topic in the minds of your buyers.

Whenever your buyers are searching for answers to similar questions, they will be more likely to find your blog post. When it is finally time for them to buy the products you sell, you’ll most likely be at the top of their list.

If your blog content is helpful and informative, solves your customers’ problems, and helps them make better decisions, it will establish you as a market authority.

In addition, if your customers ask a question and your sales team does not know the answer, they can look up the information on the blog and address the customer’s queries.

Keep in mind that blogging is not only about writing. You can publish content in multiple formats on your blogs – such as YouTube video embeds or audio content in the form of podcasts, infographics, and even interactive content.

If you’re shy of being seen on video, use these tips to create video content for introverts without ever appearing in your videos.

headline hacks

#3. Start blogging to boost search rankings

One of the biggest benefits of having a blog on your website is that it will attract a constant stream of visitors from Google if it is optimized to rank well in search engines.

You can build a blog on WordPress and optimize it for high Google rankings with these bloggers’ SEO tips. If you publish blog posts that rank well in Google, they can help you gain authority, and traffic and generate new leads for years to come.

Use the SEO content writing tips and tools below to find relevant blog content ideas and topics that your customers are searching for.

Blogging is a platform that needs very little capital. All that it requires is an investment of time, assuming that you create the content yourself.

If you want to learn how to start writing a blog yourself, these blogging education resources will help you learn how to start a blog and write content that attracts your perfect customers.

If you lack the time to do it yourself, you can outsource your blog writing and other blogging services to professionals who will help you create, write, publish, manage, and promote your blog.

hire seo experts

#4. Start blogging to build a powerful personal brand

According to a Houston SEO company, one of the best SEO practices is to create a business brand or a personal brand.

Ultimately, branding yourself results in creating Expertise, Authority, and Trust (or E-A-T) – an acronym that emerged as a result of Google’s “E-A-T” update.

Brand authority is the trust that a brand has earned among its customers and prospects in the business. It also refers to your customer’s perception of your personal brand and to the degree to which they view you as an expert on a subject.

Among the many ways you can establish your personal brand, a blog is one of the easiest and the most powerful. As a freelance writer looking for more gigs, you can start a blog to help you showcase your freelance writing skills or knowledge of your industry.

If your blog gets found by a journalist researching a story about your industry, it could help you get quoted in the media and even get your entire article published in well-known publications.

When you start a blog, it can help you get publicity and media coverage – and even help you become a media darling – making you a power player in the eyes of your audience and helping you beat your competitors’ hollow in terms of media hits and visibility.

With your own authoritative blog, you can achieve this goal with relative ease, as compared to the efforts involved in sending out press releases (that get trashed more often than not) and courting journalists.

The third-party endorsement you get when the media interviews you and positions you as the “go-to” expert tells your customers that you’re a more trustworthy choice than your competitors.

When you start a blog and get found by the media, it will also help boost your top-of-mind-awareness when your customers need a solution that you offer.

Start Blogging

#5. Start a blog to get subscribers and leads

Smart companies understand the power of permission marketing through email updates and know the power of having a list of email subscribers that they can market to again and again.

A blog can be a valuable lead-generation tool. Writing a blog regularly gives your readers and potential customers an incentive to subscribe to your posts.

A HubSpot ROI Study, conducted by two MBA students from MIT and Babson, found that 69% of businesses surveyed attributed their lead generation success to blogging.

Leads from Blogs Cost the Least

Having a list of readers to whom you can send out regular updates about your latest products and offers will bring them back repeatedly to your website, and can boost your traffic and sales.

The earlier you start blogging and building a list of email subscribers, the greater will be the benefits that accrue from having a large list of subscribers who opt-in to read your posts.

A large mailing list will also give you the advantage of social proof and make you more influential than your competitors. It can stand you in good stead during economic slumps because it decreases your cost of advertising for acquiring new customers and puts your sales on autopilot.

#6. Start a blog for fresh social media content

Unlike your social media accounts (where you can lose everything if your account is suspended or deleted – as many social media influencers have experienced), a blog is virtual real estate that YOU own.

Even more important is the fact that you can repurpose your blog content to create a year’s worth of social media posts that you can automate and post on your social media accounts.

When you publish regular blog articles, you can repurpose them on social media to create top-of-mind awareness and keep your personal brand in front of your customers, reminding them of why they need your services.

You can also find free WordPress plugins that repost evergreen content from your blog and keep your social media profiles populated with relevant content.

If you don’t want to handle this yourself, you can hire a social media agency to manage your social media updates or automate it with social media content planners and schedulers.

viral marketing course

#7. Start a blog to earn affiliate income

Many well-known coaches and consultants who sell their own products and services also earn extra income from affiliate marketing by recommending related products and services to their audience.

If you start a blog that gets a significant amount of organic traffic, you can leverage this highly targeted traffic by writing reviews and recommendations for various affiliate products and earn a pretty good affiliate income without lifting a finger.

There are professional and famous bloggers who earn six-figure affiliate incomes in addition to selling their own products and services and this extra income is nothing to sniff at.

Learning how to start a blog and how to do blogging can be intimidating for various reasons. Most people do not have the time, cannot stick to a content calendar, or think that no one will read their blog.

These are all valid concerns, but if done right, the benefits of blogging for your business and brand are immense. A successful blog will not only increase your brand visibility but also boost your sales and profits in the long term.

If you want to know whether you have what it takes to create your blog and be a successful blogger, ask yourself these questions before you start a blog.

Want to learn how to make a blog on WordPress? You can learn WordPress and get your blog up and running in less than a weekend with this WordPress tutorial for beginners.

Write Your Way to Your First 1k

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