Wondering why your site visitors are not converting? Here are 7 website marketing mistakes you’re probably making that are costing you leads and customers.

You’ve probably been there a hundred times. You work on an awesome and holistic piece of content, you put your heart and soul into it.

And at the time you publish it, you get …


No shares, no comments, no rankings. Yes, quite frustrating. But the truth is: no matter how great your content is, it still needs links and promotion.

This is why having a blog outreach strategy is crucial when it comes to SEO. Sharing your blog content with the right audience can significantly boost your site’s visibility.

Sadly, the outreach skills of a majority of people leave much to be desired. This is why I came up with this short guide to SEO blogger outreach and how to get the most of it.

Ready? Let’s get started!

Rule #1 –

Most bloggers that write about Pinterest marketing talk about the basics of using the platform, such as creating a Business account, using Rich Pins, and optimizing your profile and boards with keywords.

But, as an active and engaged Pinterest user, I see a number of not-so-obvious mistakes that Pinners are making all the time. Many of them can affect how your Pin is shared, and whether it gets clicks back to your website.

5 Not-So-Obvious Pinterest Mistakes That Are Hurting Your Shares And Engagement

In this article, I outline 7 not-so-obvious Pinterest mistakes that are hurting your shares and engagement. Learn how to use Pinterest the right way and get advanced Pinterest tutorials and tools to grow your blog traffic.

1. Using the wrong code in your Pins

I see many Pinners using their image’s alt text to generate their Pinterest description.

Social media is obviously a viable digital marketing strategy for B2C businesses, where engagement to customers can easily convert to lead and real sales. However, the same thing cannot be said to B2B businesses.

Even to this day, a lot of B2B businesses are still sceptical about the benefits of social media marketing. One of the most common reasons is that it is harder to measure the effectiveness of social media campaigns for B2B businesses.

Yet, just because the benefits are hard to see, doesn’t mean they are not there. In this article, we will discuss the steps to create a winning social media strategy for B2B companies, as well as the benefits.

Social Media Marketing B2B VS B2C: Three Major Differences

Let us begin by discussing the significant differences between social media marketing for B2B and B2C.

What happens when your clickbaity headline is better than the content within the article?

The answer: there are a few possibilities, and most of them don’t bode well for your website.

I say “most” of them because there are hundreds of websites that are thriving because of clickbait titles. That is, readers know it’s clickbait, and yet they click anyway!

Chances are, you’ve probably been sucked into a few of these sites yourself, especially if you spend any amount of time on social media.

However, just because an irresistible, clickbaity title satisfies someone else’s goals doesn’t mean you can expect the same results, especially if you’re trying to build value and credibility in your writing.

Here’s what happens when your content doesn’t live up to the hype of your headline:

Clickbait disappoints your readers

Though the title of this article assumed the style of a clickbait headline,

With Google completely dominating the web search industry with a massive 78% market share, more and more SEO experts have been solely directing their efforts to rank their site only on Google.

But with Google not taking any signs of shady SEO techniques lightly, the SEO game has become more challenging than ever.

However, we will help you find out how you can discover some great link building techniques that are reasonably safe yet highly effective, using advanced search operators that not many know about.

With that said, let’s just cut to the chase now.

Finding Different Types of Link Building Opportunities

Guest Posting Opportunities:

Guest posts are still believed to be a considerably safe way of getting high-quality links.

However, finding sites that accept guest posts in your niche can be quite a hassle – not if you know how to go about searching for them the right way,

This is not a new blog. This is a domain I’ve owned since 2004.

But because I did not incorporate it as a business till 2014, I kind of neglected it and didn’t give it a lot of attention till July 2015. I was busy with client work and had got complacent about my own blog.

In Jan 2015, these are what my traffic stats looked like.

Jan 2015 stats

What changed for me around June or July 2015, was that I discovered Brian Dean’s blog on the Skyscraper Technique.

I felt ashamed.

In 2003, I was someone who was pretty good at SEO and content, and had even written a book on it.

Of course, SEO back in 2003 was a very different beast. It was much easier to game Google. Content marketing as a term did not even exist back then.

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