With Google completely dominating the web search industry with a massive 78% market share, more and more SEO experts have been solely directing their efforts to rank their site only on Google.

But with Google not taking any signs of shady SEO techniques lightly, the SEO game has become more challenging than ever.

However, we will help you find out how you can discover some great link building techniques that are reasonably safe yet highly effective, using advanced search operators that not many know about.

With that said, let’s just cut to the chase now.

Finding Different Types of Link Building Opportunities

Guest Posting Opportunities:

Guest posts are still believed to be a considerably safe way of getting high-quality links.

However, finding sites that accept guest posts in your niche can be quite a hassle – not if you know how to go about searching for them the right way,

This is not a new blog. This is a domain I’ve owned since 2004.

But because I did not incorporate it as a business till 2014, I kind of neglected it and didn’t give it a lot of attention till July 2015. I was busy with client work and had got complacent about my own blog.

In Jan 2015, these are what my traffic stats looked like.

Jan 2015 stats

What changed for me around June or July 2015, was that I discovered Brian Dean’s blog on the Skyscraper Technique.

I felt ashamed.

In 2003, I was someone who was pretty good at SEO and content, and had even written a book on it.

Of course, SEO back in 2003 was a very different beast. It was much easier to game Google. Content marketing as a term did not even exist back then.

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Warble Alert Setup

If you’re like me, you’d like to know how to track shares and mentions of your blog posts online using free or low-cost tools.

One of the most frustating things that bloggers face is tracking where and by whom your blog post has been shared or linked to across the web.

Do you want to learn how to use social media monitoring tools that will help you monitor social media mentions and backlinks to your blog posts?

In this article, I list 6 social media monitoring tips to track mentions of your blog posts online.

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OptinMonster Popup

Are you a blogger who wants to grow blog subscribers on your WordPress blog?

If you’ve just started growing your subscriber base, here are a few tips you need to read before you start.

When you set up a system to manage blog subscribers, you need to decide if you want to go with a free or a paid subscription management system.

Here are some options to consider even before you start growing a subscriber base.

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Influencer Marketing

There’s a new buzz word online and it’s called “influencer marketing.” What is influencer marketing and how can it help you?

It’s essentially the idea of building a relationship with an influential person (who has a much larger network than you do) with the ultimate aim of getting them to promote your products or services to their vast network.

I say ultimate aim, because that should not be the true aim of anyone building a relationship. Sure, we build relationships with all sorts of people, for all sorts of purposes. But the best kind of relationships are the ones that are forged over shared interests and goals.

Influencer marketing is a little bit like dating (minus the personal stuff), with the intent of building a long-term partnership with someone that you benefit from knowing.

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How And Why To Add Rich Snippets To Your WordPress Blog

Adding Rich Snippets to your posts and pages is more important than ever, with Google hinting it may decide to use structured data in its ranking algorithm some day.

Not surprisingly, Neil Patel posted a great blog post about implementing structured data (schema markup or Rich Snippets) in your website or blog. If you want to understand this from the SEO point of view, his post is a must-read.

In this article, I simplify Rich Snippets so that you can understand how and why you need to add them to your WordPress blog.

What Are Rich Snippets?

Rich Snippets are a way of delivering information (microdata) to search engines that tells them more about your content. It gives them the information they need to display data such as star ratings, author information and more,


“Want shares and links? Create deep research or opinion-forming content,” says a new study jointly conducted by BuzzSumo and Moz.

Having had some training and background in journalism, it made me happy to know that the content sweet spot for achieving both links and shares online is “authoritative, opinion shaping journalism on current topics or well researched and evidenced content” because it attracts more referring domain links.