Business Idea: Blogging for Profit, No Previous Experience Required

Blogs – it seems like just about everyone has one.

If you don’t know what a blog is, it comes from the phrase “web log”, which is an online diary or journal of sorts. People have all kinds of reasons for starting a blog. They may do it for fun, because they love writing or just to have an outlet to express their thoughts, vent frustrations and more.

But you can make a blog into a money-making business, even if you have no blogging or business experience.

  • How to Get Started

You can actually start your blog completely for free. There are services like and that make it super easy. But note, John Yeo, profitable blog and creator of the Blogger’s Paycheck recommends that those seeking profit should WordPress, but in a different way than is explained at and he goes through it in detail in the course.

  • How to Make Money with a Blog

Simply put, pick a theme or major topic for your blog and start writing. Even if you have no product of your own, you can still make money from your blog by selling and displaying advertising, earning commissions recommending products and other activities. This is also something John Yeo covers in detail.

  • What if You Don’t Like to Write

Many people think they can’t blog if they don’t enjoy writing or feel they aren’t talented writers, but that shouldn’t stop anyone. A blog is about sharing thoughts and you don’t have to be an award-winning writer to do that. In addition, the growing popularity of online video and audio open up more possibilities for sharing content. You can also hire a ghostwriter if you want a text blog and want to avoid writing.

  • The Keys to Profitable Blogging

To profit from blogging, there are a few key ingredients:

1. Target a highly interested audience of readers who happen to be consumers. In other words, people who readily spend money to pursue their hobbies, interests and desires that you’ll be writing about.
2. Create interesting content that people are readily looking for, that they’ll talk about to their friends and come back for over and over again.
3. Sign up for the Blogger’s Paycheck course that will take you through setting up your blog, building traffic, making money and more.

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