Benefits Of A Blog: Top 10 Reasons To Have A Blog

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This is a guest post by Melissa Galt.

From everything I’ve seen, the biggest hurdles to starting a blog for small business owners and solopreneurs is the fear of writing and the perceived technical aspects. Well, take it from this avowed NON-tech, there is no technical skill required. And you don’t have to be a writer, in fact you don’t have to write any of your posts, there are cost effective shortcuts you can leverage instead.

So let’s take a peek at the TOP 10 REASONS – I’ve shared details on each so you will understand clearly the powerful marketing tool and foundation that blogging provides. It truly is the hub of your online business and can easily be used as your main site (if you don’t have a website, or built into yours if you do have one.)

#1 Provides Continual SEO Value

When you host your blog on your website or through (not, not, and not you will be indexed rapidly with each fresh post.

That means that if you have a Google Alert (free look it up in google) on your name or keywords, you will be alerted that your new content is live and ready to draw traffic. The more frequently you post, the more the search engines love you. Keep it fresh as in 2x a week.

#2 Reinforces Your Expertise

You are either the writer or the curator for your blog. Your target market is coming to you because they trust you and you save them time by finding the best in your topic and speciality and sharing it. Whether it’s trends, tips, care and resources, testimonials, new product or whatever else.

#3 Boosts Your Visibility

Your blog is all about creating a visible online presence for you that stays current and up to date fed by fresh posts, articles, videos, and more.

#4 Enhances Your Credibility

When you create a consistent presence with your blog posts and regularly share your expertise and that of others in your industry or niche, you grow your KLT factor (Know, Like, and Trust) essential to creating sales.

#5 Markets New Programs and Products

Your blog is a natural place to share information educating your prospects and customers about new products you have coming out (or arriving) and new programs and services you are introducing. It is non-salesy, informative and low key.

#6 Announces Events

When you hold events whether these are in a brick and mortar location or virtual, your blog is the perfect place to announce events, generate buzz and get some excitement going.

#7 Hold Contests

Your blog is a great place to hold contests for your readers and subscribers, get them active and involved with your content and hungry for your programs and products. You can provide digital download rewards and prizes or make it something they have to come by your store to claim.

#8 Creates Interaction

Commenting on your blog is an easy way to interact and reach out to you. It provides access that may be otherwise limited. There are many gurus who you can’t reach easily by phone or email but they do answer their blog comments. I personally reply to each and every one of mine.

#9 Shares Testimonials & Rave Reviews

Your blog is a no-brainer place to share your testimonials and rave reviews whether these are in print format, audio, or even video. It seems less in your face than the often done “testimonials” page on a website. For these are coming in over time and simply sharing how your expertise made a difference.

#10 Easy for NON-Techs and Low-Techs

Your blog is best set up on And if you don’t want to do it yourself, there are thousands of eager VA’s, freelancers, and even maybe your high school nephew happy to do this for you.

They truly have made it simple and put it in easy to understand terms (no fancy web talk here.) There are also many programs that you can invest in that will teach you the ropes if you want that kind of training.

The point is stop setting up obstacles to your success and instead claim it, oh and did I mention that when you dive into blogging, you’ll want to share the very same content you create with your ezine and your articles? How cool is that, you can create once (or leverage private label rights content) and use it quickly and easily in three places. I know you need more so subscribe to the feed here because it’s coming and yes, I do want your comments.

When you are serious about moving your business marketing forward with simple marketing success systems, real time saver shortcuts, and a custom plan, be sure to grab your free membership to the Insider Success Circle. Life is short and so much sweeter when you live at the top.

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