4 Important Ingredients Of a Successful Authority Site


One of the most important ingredients for success in Internet marketing is creating your own authority site.

When you think of any successful marketer, you will realize that people know them and pay for the products and services they recommend because they are recognized experts in ad sense, social marketing, cooking and organic food among other niches.

These marketers established their reputation and gained recognition by creating their own authority sites.

An authority site is a blog or website that demonstrates an in-depth knowledge or “authority” in a specific niche. By definition, an authority is someone who has credibility, exerts influence, has many followers and commands attention.

Your aim should therefore be to create a website that would reflect all this qualities. Below are some of the tips you must follow to build your authority site:

1. Have experts create relevant, keyword optimized content for you

Relevant content for your site is a must and it is not just for improving your search rankings. By creating posts that readers will find useful and informative, your users will regard you as an authority in your niche. It takes time to prepare good content but hiring a professional with SEO knowledge can help.

If you site cuts across a number of niches, then you should hire experts in each of this niches to create, up to date, interesting content for your users.

A fine example of a site that cuts across multiple niches and has experts at hand to make relevant posts or given expert opinion on matters in their respective niches is Naaree.com. The site’s homepage has tiles of the latest or featured posts in each niche making it easy for users to find the information they are looking for.


2. Create a design that spells authority

Having a good structure is very important for search engine optimization. But an additional benefit of doing this is that having a well structured, user-friendly interface helps the site gain authority.

The placement of URL tags, header tags and title tags is as important as ensuring that relevant keywords are used on every page. The structure of the site’s homepage, in particular is key in creating a good impression in your user’s minds as well as for SEO purposes.

A good example of a professionally structured site is www.naaree.com. By using numerous tiled subsections with featured posts in every niche on the homepage, the site made it easy for users to access information in one click.

The structure also allowed for the placement of all the URL tags, header tags and title tags in each niche on the landing page. This makes the site more search engine friendly, while the targeting of content to women’s interests makes the site an authority blog for women.

3. Get premium ads on your site

Premium ads are smart, personalized targeted ads that are posted by ad networks on authority websites with good content. Many clients want their ads to be placed on trusted, uncontroversial sites in order to enhance their brands.

Premium ad network provide these services it is such companies you must look to place ads on your authority site. The presence of ads from trusted brands in your niche lends credibility to your site thus cementing its authority.

4. Get themed backlinks

The presence of themed back links to our site is a sign that other businesses in your niche recognize and respect your site well enough to want to be associated with it. You can create themed links by submitting your website to free or paid directory websites.

However, building a good rapport with others in your niche as well as providing high quality content, product and services is, by far, the best way of getting other site to link back to your site, thus helping build site authority.

By developing expertise in your niche and building a website that reflects this, you will have something unique to offer consumers. It is essential that the design of your authority site makes it look like one.

Look around for existing sites that have successfully established themselves in various niches. This would give you a good idea of how to structure your own authority site.

www.naaree.com is a good example of how an authority site should look like. This website, created and maintained by us, spend very little on content as they get constant offers from guest bloggers and writers wanting to write for them.

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