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Effective Personal Branding Tips For Developing A Killer Personal Brand


From writing your personal brand statement to learning how to create a personal brand step-by-step, these tips will help in developing a killer personal brand.

The personal branding phenomenon has touched every aspect of our personal and professional lives in 2021 and the focus now is to build a personal brand, not just a career.

But why is personal branding important in today’s economy? In a time when the competition is fierce, standing out from the crowd can do wonders for your business and career.

Whether you need personal branding for actors, personal branding for executives, personal branding for politicians, or personal branding for teachers, the value of personal branding cannot be overestimated.

From writing your personal brand statement to learning how to create a personal brand online, the effective personal branding tips below will help you build a powerful personal brand.

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What Is Personal Branding?

The best personal branding definition according to Wikipedia is that:

Personal branding is the conscious and intentional effort to create and influence public perception of an individual by positioning them as an authority in their industry, elevating their credibility, and differentiating themselves from the competition, to ultimately advance their career, increase their circle of influence, and have a larger impact.

But I prefer to define personal branding in the following way:

Personal branding is about presenting yourself in an authentic way that allows your audience to relate to your story, your personality, and the value that you bring to their lives.

Why is personal branding important? The benefits of personal branding go way beyond just becoming a well-known face or helping you get clear on what you can offer your clients and customers.

You’ll understand the many benefits of developing a personal brand and see how building a personal brand can change your life.

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How To Describe Your Personal Brand

Developing a personal brand statement will help you describe your personal brand attributes and personal brand positioning. But what is a personal brand statement?

It’s like a personal brand elevator pitch that represents your authentic personal brand message. It helps you clarify what your personal brand vision is, the values you represent, and the value you add to people’s lives.

Want to know how to create a personal brand statement? The first step is to complete this free brand personality quiz based on Jungian brand archetypes.

These personal brand survey questions will help you discover your unique strengths and psychological triggers so you can learn how to craft your personal brand statement to attract more of your ideal clients.

Also, download this free brand psychology workbook to help you identify your innate brand advantage and uncover the secret language of brand archetypes to attract your ideal clients.

What are brand archetypes? Archetypes are universally recognized figures that stand for certain basic human motivations and emotions. As humans, we want to connect with people – not products or services.

So, when a brand takes on a primary character archetype, people recognize it – they get it. When people understand your brand, they can begin to like and trust you, which leads to sales.

Here are some more personal branding classes with brand personality exercises:

The worksheet will help you with your personal brand self-assessment and with creating your personal brand statement that reflects your authentic brand values.

If you’re looking for the best personal branding course to help you discover what “on-brand” means for you, Kaye Putnam’s Brand Fluency Branding Courses will show you how to create meaningful connections with your ideal clients and customers.

When you build a brand based on psychology and your unique personality, you’ll unlock your brand’s potential with a powerful action plan designed with your brand archetype.

With the help of these personal branding courses, you’ll be able to get more clarity to define your personal brand clearly and learn how to build a powerful personal brand online.

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How To Build a Personal Brand Step-By-Step

The process of personal branding involves creating online visibility for you and your business. Building your personal brand need not be complicated, but you do need an effective personal branding strategy.

If you have the resources to spare, you can consult a personal branding coach or personal branding consultant to get customized personal branding tips.

Because personal branding in the digital age requires a systematic approach, you should learn how to create, strategize, launch, and grow a personal brand and start creating an online presence for your business.

Remember that creating a personal brand takes time and effort. You just cannot create a powerful brand overnight, even if you hire an agency for personal branding services.

But if you’re in a hurry to start building a personal brand online, these personal brand elements will get you started:

One of the best personal branding tools is a personal brand website. You should also work on creating a personal brand logo that reflects your values and brand personality.

Your personal brand logo is an essential element of your personal brand identity and there are many different ways to make a logo, such as contacting an agency or using a logo maker.

Along with your website, you also need to set up a blog and newsletter so you can build a personal brand funnel to capture your website visitor’s email addresses and follow up with them.

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#2. Personal branding photoshoot

Do you know why personal branding photography is important? When you get featured in the media or on top websites, you’ll need to provide them with a high-resolution headshot that looks professional and attractive.

Your personal brand headshot is probably the first thing people will see when they read about you online, so hire a good personal branding photographer for your personal branding shoot.

#3. Building a personal brand on social media

Once you have a website and blog, you should start building a personal brand on social media networks, especially the biggest ones such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

In my free personal branding course, you’ll learn some aspects of digital marketing for personal branding, but these social media tutorials and tools will also help you learn about personal branding on social media.

In my interview with Kait LeDonne, you’ll learn why is LinkedIn important for personal branding and get some excellent LinkedIn personal branding tips to build your personal brand on LinkedIn.

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You should also set up a personal brand Facebook page and a Facebook Group for business and learn how to grow a Facebook following. You’ll find that Facebook Groups can give you much better reach and engagement than Pages.

You should also learn how to build your personal brand on Instagram, and these tips for building your personal brand on Instagram will give you the steps and guidance you need to succeed.

Some experts would also recommend creating a presence on Twitter. However, as it’s not easy to get traction or build a following on Twitter nowadays, it’s not the first place I would recommend to start developing your personal brand.

#4. Personal branding on Google

Personal branding and search engine optimization (SEO) are intricately linked, forming a symbiotic relationship that is vital for individuals looking to establish a strong online presence.

Your personal brand, essentially the image and reputation you create for yourself, relies heavily on being discoverable through popular search engines like Google.

SEO strategies, encompassing keyword optimization, content creation, and website structure, ensure that your online persona is easily found by a broad audience.

Through effective SEO tactics, you can enhance your visibility, credibility, and influence, ultimately solidifying your personal brand as a trusted and authoritative voice in your chosen field, and reaching a global audience.

Good luck with your personal brand-building strategy and personal branding campaign. I hope these tips help you start creating an online presence for your business and grow a powerful personal brand.

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