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Feng Shui Home Office Tips for Money, Success, and Wealth

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Launching a new business or trying to scale an old one? Learn these Feng Shui home office tips to energize your workspace and revitalize your business.

The energy of your living and working spaces shapes your life in surprising ways. But until you are consciously directing that flow of energy to your advantage, you may often find yourself stuck or falling short, even if you already practice other forms of personal growth.

Did you know that billionaires, thought leaders, and captains of industry use Feng Shui to attract customers? Architects and city planners in prosperous nations like Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan use Feng Shui for office and business entrances.

Whether you’re just starting a new business or you’re looking to grow an established business from home, you can use Feng Shui for more clients in business, wish fulfillment, money, success, health, and relationships.

Find out how you can learn basic Feng Shui for beginners and start working with the natural energies of the world by using Feng Shui for business prosperity, luck, opportunities, and abundance.

How to Use Feng Shui to Attract Money, Success & Wealth

Here are some Feng Shui basics you can use to clear your home office space and start using Feng Shui for wealth – no matter where you’re starting out.

#1. Get rid of dead things

In the realm of business, the concept of growth extends beyond mere financial success—it encompasses the overall vitality and positive energy that permeates every aspect of an enterprise.

Whether dealing with tangible assets like plants or non-functional items, or addressing intangible elements such as energy flow, the principle remains the same: a successful business requires a conscious effort to nurture and cultivate positive elements while discarding or rejuvenating those that signify stagnation or decline.

Consider the symbolism associated with plants. In the world of business, plants are not just decorative pieces; they represent the health and vibrancy of an organization. If a plant is withering or not thriving, it can serve as a visual indicator of potential issues within the business.

It might be a sign of neglect, lack of attention to detail, or even an inefficient working environment. In such cases, a proactive approach would involve either reviving the plant through proper care or replacing it with a healthier alternative, reflecting the commitment to growth and well-being.

Similarly, non-functional items within a business space can act as stumbling blocks to progress. Items that don’t work may symbolize inefficiency, hindering the smooth operation of daily tasks.

Addressing and fixing these items is essential for maintaining a productive and streamlined business environment. It sends a message that every aspect of the business should contribute positively to its functionality and growth.

withering plant

Beyond the physical realm, the influence of energy and symbolism comes into play, as highlighted by the reference to Feng Shui. The idea is that certain objects, like a Feng Shui water fountain, can enhance the flow of energy, or chi, within a space.

In the context of a home office or business, fostering a positive and harmonious energy flow is believed to contribute to success and well-being. The water element, in particular, is associated with the circulation of positive energy and the removal of stagnant forces.

By incorporating elements such as a Feng Shui water fountain, businesses acknowledge the importance of not just the tangible aspects of growth but also the intangible energies that influence their success.

This approach reflects a holistic perspective that embraces the idea that the overall health of a business is influenced by both visible and invisible factors. In essence, the process of growing a business involves a continual evaluation and refinement of its components, whether physical or energetic.

It’s about recognizing and addressing elements that symbolize stagnation or decline, while actively nurturing those that embody vitality and positive growth. In doing so, businesses can create an environment that not only thrives financially but also radiates positive energy and fosters a culture of continuous improvement and success.

Anything that symbolizes death or stunted growth is going to attract that negative energy into your business. A Feng Shui water fountain can bring the flow of energy into your home office and business.

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feng shui water fountain

#2. Plant seeds of change

The concept of using symbols to represent growth and prosperity in business extends to the intentional cultivation of life, such as planting seeds and nurturing them to full growth.

This practice not only aligns with the principles of growth and vitality but also carries the symbolism of fostering new beginnings and cultivating success. Feng Shui, with its emphasis on harmonizing energy flows, particularly recommends certain plants believed to attract wealth and prosperity.

Planting seeds and tending to their growth can be seen as a metaphor for the deliberate and nurturing approach required for business success. It symbolizes the investment of time, effort, and care into the development of ideas and projects, mirroring the dedication required to see a business flourish.

Just as each seed represents a growth potential, each business initiative holds the promise of success when nurtured with attention and intention. The choice of Feng Shui plants, specifically those associated with wealth, adds another layer of symbolic meaning to the process.

These plants are believed to possess positive energy that attracts prosperity and abundance. The act of incorporating such plants into the business environment becomes a tangible expression of the desire for financial success and positive energy.

When opting for a real tree as part of the Feng Shui practice, the commitment goes beyond symbolism; it involves actively caring for a living organism.

feng shui tree

This act of watering the seeds and attending to the tree’s needs signifies a dedication to providing the necessary support for growth and flourishing. It reflects the understanding that for the desired “Spring energy” to infuse business tasks, there must be a continuous effort to nourish and sustain the elements that represent growth.

In essence, the act of planting and nurturing seeds or caring for a Feng Shui tree becomes a ritualistic practice that aligns with the principles of growth and abundance. It is a physical manifestation of the commitment to fostering a positive and thriving business environment.

Moreover, this approach integrates the natural cycles of growth and renewal into the fabric of daily business tasks, creating a harmonious synergy between the business space and the broader forces of nature.

Incorporating these symbolic practices not only adds aesthetic appeal to the business environment but also serves as a constant reminder of the commitment to growth, prosperity, and the harmonious balance of energies within the workspace.

Ultimately, the intentional cultivation of symbols and living elements becomes a powerful tool for businesses seeking not only financial success but also a holistic and flourishing organizational culture.

If you like the idea of symbols to represent your growth, try planting seeds and then nursing them to full growth. Some Feng Shui consultants recommend using Feng Shui plants for wealth.

If you use a real tree, you must water the seeds for your Feng Shui tree, and provide for their needs to bring that Spring energy into your business tasks.

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Feng Shui Plants

#3. Never look back

The idea of creating a positive and forward-focused environment within the business context is integral to maintaining motivation and fostering continuous improvement.

Acknowledging and learning from mistakes is undoubtedly a valuable aspect of personal and professional growth, but dwelling on reminders of failures can potentially hinder progress and diminish confidence.

Removing traces of negative job performances or past setbacks aligns with the principle of maintaining a positive mindset and creating an atmosphere conducive to success.

The workplace should be a space that inspires creativity, productivity, and confidence rather than one that evokes memories of challenges or shortcomings.

This approach is not about ignoring the lessons learned from mistakes but rather about strategically curating the environment to promote a forward-thinking and optimistic mindset.

By surrounding oneself with positive reminders of achievements and successes, individuals are more likely to feel motivated and inspired to pursue further accomplishments. This positive reinforcement can serve as a powerful catalyst for setting and achieving new goals.


Feng Shui, with its emphasis on the flow of energy, aligns with this philosophy by encouraging the removal of negative elements that might impede the positive energy within a space. The recommendation to use Feng Shui home decor products that help focus on the future adds an additional layer to this approach.

Feng Shui principles often involve the strategic placement of objects to optimize energy flow and create a harmonious environment. By incorporating decor that symbolizes forward momentum and future aspirations, individuals can visually reinforce their commitment to progress and growth.

In essence, the emphasis on focusing forward and avoiding dwelling on past mistakes aligns with the psychological concept of positive reinforcement.

By intentionally surrounding oneself with positive reminders and cultivating an environment that fosters optimism, individuals are more likely to approach challenges with confidence and resilience.

It’s important to note that this approach doesn’t mean completely disregarding the lessons learned from past experiences. Rather, it suggests a mindful curation of one’s immediate surroundings to create an environment that encourages forward-thinking and propels individuals toward their goals.

In doing so, the workplace becomes a space that not only reflects past achievements but also serves as a source of inspiration and motivation for the future.

Feng Shui Office

#4. Script your dream life story

Creating a positive and forward-thinking mindset is a powerful strategy for enhancing both personal and professional development. Focusing on the wonderful possibilities in your business and life can indeed infuse your daily activities with positive energy, fostering a mindset that is conducive to growth and success.

Reading success stories and quotes from admired entrepreneurs serves as a constant reminder of the potential for achievement and the possibilities that lie ahead. These stories not only inspire but also provide insights into the challenges faced and overcome by successful individuals.

By surrounding yourself with such positive narratives, you cultivate a mindset that sees challenges as opportunities and setbacks as stepping stones to success. Posting these stories and quotes around your workspace creates a visually uplifting environment, reinforcing the belief that all things are possible.

It serves as a daily affirmation that success is attainable and that you have the potential to be the next success story. This kind of positive reinforcement can significantly impact your outlook on challenges and motivate you to approach tasks with determination and optimism.

Scripting your dream life story takes this concept a step further by actively engaging your imagination and emotions. Writing down your aspirations in the present tense creates a powerful visualization exercise.


By imagining your desired outcomes as if they are already happening, you are programming your mind to align with those goals. This technique not only clarifies your vision but also helps create a sense of ownership and belief in the possibility of your dreams coming true.

The emphasis on imagining and feeling the experience of success is a practice rooted in positive psychology. By regularly revisiting the emotions associated with achieving your goals, you reinforce your commitment and maintain a positive alignment with your aspirations.

This mental rehearsal can be a potent tool for staying focused, motivated, and resilient in the face of challenges. The combination of surrounding yourself with positive success stories, and quotes, and actively scripting your dream life story creates a holistic approach to cultivating a positive and forward-thinking mindset.

By doing so, you not only set the stage for success in your business but also foster a mindset that can positively impact all aspects of your life. Focusing on all the wonderful possibilities that can happen in your business and life will infuse your day-to-day activities with positive energy.

Read success stories and quotes from entrepreneurs you admire and post them around your workspace to remind yourself that all things are possible and that you might just be the next success story. Script your dream life story and write it down in the present tense, even if it hasn’t happened yet.

Imagine how it would feel to experience it and come back to that feeling whenever you need to feel that alignment.

Lifebook Masterclass

#5. Check your fears at the door

The analogy of checking your doorknob to ensure it’s not sticking, and that the energy flow is not stifled, is a fitting metaphor for both physical spaces and the digital realm, especially when it comes to your business.

Just as a smoothly functioning door allows for easy movement within a physical space, ensuring a seamless transition for visitors on your business website is crucial for online success.

In the physical world, a well-functioning door enhances the flow of energy and movement from one space to another. The same principle can be applied to your online presence.

Your business website serves as a digital doorway, connecting potential customers to the products or services you offer. If this virtual door is not functioning properly, it can create a barrier to conversion and impede the smooth flow of visitors through your online space.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) tools become essential in this context. These tools are designed to enhance the user experience on your website, ensuring that visitors can easily navigate and take the desired actions.

Just as a well-maintained doorknob facilitates movement through a physical door, CRO tools facilitate a smooth digital journey for your website visitors. By employing CRO tools, you can analyze user behavior, identify potential bottlenecks, and optimize various elements of your website to enhance conversion rates.

frictionless user experience

This could include improving the clarity of your calls-to-action, streamlining the checkout process, or refining the overall user interface. The goal is to make it easy and enticing for visitors to move seamlessly through your website and, ultimately, convert into customers.

In the digital landscape, where attention spans are often short, ensuring a frictionless experience becomes paramount. If your virtual door is difficult to open or navigate, potential customers may abandon their journey, impacting your conversion rates and online success.

Just as you would check your physical doorknob to ensure smooth movement within a space, it’s equally important to optimize your digital doorway—the business website.

By utilizing CRO tools, you can enhance the user experience, remove barriers to conversion, and ensure that visitors can easily navigate through your online space, ultimately increasing the likelihood of turning them into satisfied customers.

They will help you ensure that your visitors can move smoothly to take the actions you want them to take so you can convert more visitors to customers.

sticky doorknob

#6. Look to the left

When you walk into your workspace, look to the left-back area of the room. Is this area cluttered and messy or is it professional and productive? This area is where energies related to wealth and success are focused, so this area should be as clean and uncluttered as possible.

If any items in this area bring down your energy, remove them immediately. This space-clearing activity will help you open up your space and let the energy flow freely.

The advice to pay attention to the left-back area of your workspace is rooted in Feng Shui principles, which emphasize the arrangement of physical elements to optimize the flow of energy or chi.

In Feng Shui, different areas of space are associated with specific aspects of life, and the left-back area is often linked to energies related to wealth and success. Assessing this particular area of your workspace involves considering whether it is cluttered and messy or organized and professional.

According to Feng Shui principles, maintaining cleanliness and order in this specific zone is believed to positively influence the flow of energy associated with financial prosperity and success. A clutter-free and well-organized left-back area is thought to encourage positive energies that align with these aspects of life.

left-back area of the room

If you find items in this space that bring down your energy or create a sense of clutter, the recommendation is to remove them immediately. This space-clearing activity is intended to create a more open and harmonious environment, allowing energy to flow freely throughout the space.

Consulting with a Feng Shui expert can provide personalized guidance on how to optimize your home office for success. They may suggest specific Feng Shui elements, items for good luck, and office decorations that align with your goals and preferences.

These recommendations could involve the strategic placement of symbols, colors, or elements to enhance the overall energy balance in your workspace. You can ask your Feng Shui consultant where you should place specific Feng Shui elements, Feng Shui items for good luck, and Feng Shui office decorations in your home office.

space clearing

#7. Center your success

The application of Feng Shui principles to the middle of a room, associated with health in traditional practices, can indeed be extended metaphorically to the health of your business.

Feng Shui emphasizes the importance of energy flow, balance, and harmony within a space, and these principles can be adapted to promote financial and business well-being. Clearing the middle of the room from clutter aligns with the concept of creating a balanced and harmonious environment.

In the context of business, this may symbolize removing obstacles or unnecessary complexities that could hinder the smooth functioning and growth of your enterprise. An uncluttered and well-maintained central space can foster a positive and open atmosphere conducive to business health and prosperity.

Using recommended Feng Shui products in this area adds another layer to the practice. Feng Shui products, such as symbols, colors, or elements, are believed to carry specific energies that can influence the overall energy balance in a space.

By strategically placing these products in the middle of the room, you are aiming to enhance the positive energies associated with financial success and business health.

feng shui items

The mention of hanging Feng Shui crystals in the middle of the room is consistent with the use of crystals in Feng Shui to redirect and enhance energy flow.

Crystals are believed to have the ability to radiate positive energy and clear any stagnation or negative influences in a space. Hanging crystals in the middle of the room can symbolize the dispersion of positive energy to all corners, promoting a dynamic and revitalized atmosphere.

Though the middle of a room is associated with health in Feng Shui practices, you might want to realize that the health of your business can also apply here. By taking care to clear this space and keep it free of clutter, and using recommended Fengshui products, you can encourage financial and business health.

You might want to hang Feng Shui crystals in the middle of the room to radiate energy to all corners of the room, clearing any stuffy and potentially negative energies from your space and preventing them from hindering your business goals.

Feng Shui crystals

#8. Leave empty space for new things

In both home and office spaces, the tendency to fill every corner with belongings can lead to a sense of clutter and stagnation. From a Feng Shui perspective, this cluttered environment may hinder the flow of energy, potentially blocking the influx of positive opportunities and abundance.

The concept of leaving empty space to attract new opportunities aligns with the principles of Feng Shui, which emphasizes the importance of energy flow and balance within a space.

The idea is to create an environment that allows for the free movement of energy, fostering a sense of openness and receptivity to new possibilities. By intentionally leaving empty space, you are symbolically creating room for new things to enter your life and workspace.

This act signifies a mindset of openness and receptivity, inviting the energy of abundance and opportunity to flow freely. It is akin to preparing the ground for the planting of seeds, where the emptiness serves as potential fertile ground for growth.

In practical terms, leaving room for more in your workspace can translate into organization and decluttering. It may involve periodically reviewing and reassessing your surroundings, removing items that no longer serve a purpose, and creating a physical and mental space for new ventures and opportunities.

feng shui home

The philosophy behind this Feng Shui principle extends beyond the physical environment and can be applied to various aspects of life. When there is always room for more in your mindset, you are likely to approach situations with a sense of possibility and optimism.

This mindset can contribute to a more proactive and expansive approach to both personal and professional endeavors. The intentional act of leaving empty space in your home office or work area, as suggested by Feng Shui principles, is a symbolic and practical practice.

It signifies a commitment to openness and receptivity, allowing the energy of abundance and opportunity to flow freely. By embracing this concept, you are creating a mindset and environment that are conducive to attracting new and successful ventures into your life.

One tip for using Feng Shui to attract money is to leave some empty space in your home office or work area to help you invite the energy of abundance and opportunity. If there’s always room for more in your workspace and your life, you’re likely to have more successful ventures.

minimalist decor

#9. Hire a Feng Shui consultant

Looking for customized expert Feng Shui advice and Feng Shui decorating? Hiring a Feng Shui consultant, such as Karen Rauch Carter, can be a valuable step for those seeking personalized advice and guidance in applying Feng Shui principles to their homes or workspaces.

A Feng Shui consultant can offer insights and recommendations tailored to your specific needs, helping you create an environment that aligns with your goals and promotes positive energy flow. Here are some potential benefits of hiring a Feng Shui consultant like Karen Rauch Carter:

  • Customized Advice: A consultant can provide personalized recommendations based on the specific layout, design, and energy flow of your space. This can include suggestions for furniture placement, color choices, and the incorporation of Feng Shui elements.
  • Clutter Clearing: Feng Shui places importance on decluttering to allow for the smooth flow of energy. A consultant can guide you through the process of clearing clutter and optimizing the arrangement of items in your space.
  • Interior Design Assistance: Feng Shui consultants often have a background in interior design and can provide guidance on creating a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing environment. This may involve selecting furniture, decor, and color schemes that align with Feng Shui principles.
  • Healthy Home Checking: Some Feng Shui consultants extend their services to assessing the health aspects of a home, considering factors such as air quality, lighting, and overall well-being.
  • Task List for Enhancements: After assessing your space, a consultant can provide you with a clear task list of Feng Shui-enhancing changes. This makes it easier for you to implement the recommendations gradually and in a structured manner.
  • Remote Consultations: Many Feng Shui consultants offer virtual consultations via telephone, Zoom, or Skype, making their services accessible to clients around the world. This flexibility allows for consultations to fit into your schedule.

Feng Shui consultant

Before hiring a Feng Shui consultant, it’s important to research their credentials, reviews, and expertise. Karen Rauch Carter, for example, has authored books and is known for her expertise in Feng Shui.

Keep in mind that while Feng Shui practices have gained popularity, individual beliefs and experiences with its effectiveness may vary. Hiring a Feng Shui consultant can be particularly beneficial for those who are committed to applying Feng Shui principles and seeking a personalized approach to enhance their living or working spaces.

You can schedule a complete Feng Shui virtual consultation via telephone, Zoom, or Skype with Karen Rauch Carter from anywhere in the world and on your schedule.

She will help you with potential situations that you may need help with, from clutter clearing, and interior help, to healthy home checking, and offer a clear task list of Feng Shui-enhancing changes to make that can shift your life in the desired direction.

feng shui design

#10. Learn Feng Shui for business & career growth

Your home office’s Career/Gua can be improved to produce a more dynamic flow and advance your company’s performance. In this Udemy Feng Shui for business course, you’ll get a complete understanding of the Career Gua/sector of your house, office, or any other room you lay the Bagua upon.

You’ll also grasp how the arrangement of furniture, objects, and art in your space may be limiting your energy and holding you back from growing your business, and how to rearrange your office or workstation to bring in more opportunities, wealth, and success.

This Feng Shui for Business course will teach you how to improve the positive energy currently present in your area and how to change the bad energy to get life and business back on track.

You’ll understand the Feng Shui Bagua and how to reorganize the career area in your house and workplace to improve your chi and draw in more opportunities and contacts, welcome new possibilities and allow miracles to happen in your life.

Bagua Feng Shui

Feng Shui Items & Principles for Attracting Wealth

Here are some Feng Shui home decorating tips, Feng Shui office decoration tips, along with Feng Shui items for money and guidelines to energize your home and office for wealth and success.

#1. Don’t put stairs in front of the main doors

In Feng Shui, it is advised not to position stairs directly in front of main doors in home or office designs. So avoid designing your homes and offices with stairs in front of the main doors.

This poses a challenging Feng Shui layout that allows energy to flow quickly and directly in and out of the front door, indicating diminished resources or finances. By avoiding this placement, practitioners aim to create a more harmonious energy flow within the space, promoting positive vibrations and prosperity.

In Feng Shui principles, thoughtful design choices are believed to contribute to a balanced and supportive environment that aligns with the goals and well-being of the occupants.

stairs in front of main door

#2. Place a Feng Shui water fountain at the entrance

In Feng Shui, the entrance of a home is regarded as the mouth of chi, signifying the entry point for energy. Placing a Feng Shui water fountain at the entrance is believed to invite positive chi and promote a harmonious flow of energy within the space.

Water, representing wealth and abundance in Feng Shui, is thought to attract prosperity to the household. The sound and movement of the water in the fountain contribute to the activation of positive energies, fostering a welcoming and vibrant atmosphere.

The entrance of any house is considered the mouth of chi in Feng Shui. So, placing a water fountain indoors at the entrance of your home is considered good Feng Shui and will attract wealth to the family.

A Feng Shui water fountain can welcome positive chi into your home. By incorporating a water fountain at the entrance, practitioners aim to enhance the overall energy balance and invite wealth into the home.

water fountain feng shui

#3. Place a Feng Shui money tree at the front door

In Feng Shui practices, placing a money tree at the front door is believed to invite balanced energy, wealth, and good luck into your home. The Feng Shui money tree represents the harmonious balance of the five elements, contributing to a positive and auspicious energy flow.

Symbolically, the tree encourages upward movement, mirroring the growth and success of a business. Much like the progression of seeds blossoming into a mature plant, the presence of a money tree is thought to signify the potential for financial growth and abundance in your life.

It serves as a visual and energetic reminder of prosperity and the positive trajectory of your endeavors. Place a Feng Shui money tree at the front door to help you attract balanced energy, money, and luck into your home, as it represents the balance of the five elements.

It will help you encourage the energy of upward movement and seeds blossoming into a fully mature plant – much like your business.

Feng Shui money tree

#4. Use Feng Shui plants for wealth & positivity

Integrating Feng Shui plants for wealth and positivity is a popular practice to enhance the flow of positive energy within a space. Placing these plants strategically, such as at the office entrance or the front of the house, is believed to attract prosperity and good fortune.

Utilizing these plants is a tangible way to incorporate natural elements into your environment to foster prosperity and positivity. Feng Shui plants for wealth make very effective items for attracting positive energy into the home. You can place Feng Shui plants at your office entrance or the front of the house.

Many people use indoor plants for luck, and some commonly used Feng Shui plants that bring positivity and money are lucky bamboo plants, which symbolize resilience and growth, jade plants, which represent financial success, and golden pothos, known for their ability to purify the air and attract positive energy.

lucky bamboo feng shui

#5. Feng Shui bells & wind chimes energize stagnant chi

Feng Shui bells and wind chimes provide a form of healing sound therapy. They energize stagnant chi and help to reduce Vastu Dosha by dissipating negative energies and purifying energy in the home and office.

These powerful tools harmonize energy and address stagnant chi within a space. The soothing sounds they produce are believed to serve as a form of sound therapy, promoting positive vibrations and balance.

By hanging Feng Shui bells and wind chimes strategically, Feng Shui practitioners aim to disperse stagnant chi and counteract any negative energies, contributing to a more harmonious environment in both home and office settings.

This practice aligns with the principles of Feng Shui, which emphasizes the importance of creating a balanced and positive energy flow within a space for overall well-being and prosperity.

Feng Shui bells and wind chimes

#6. Use Feng Shui paintings for prosperity & good luck

Incorporating Feng Shui paintings into your home is a popular practice believed to invite prosperity, good luck, and a sense of peaceful energy.

Paintings featuring symbolic elements such as lotus flowers, lakes, and cherry blossoms are considered especially beneficial, as they represent positive attributes and bring harmony to the space.

The color red, often associated with good fortune and luck in Feng Shui, is considered the most auspicious color and the most powerful Feng Shui color that rules all others.

Hanging Feng Shui paintings with red hues or accents can enhance the overall positive energy within your home, aligning with the principles of Feng Shui to create a harmonious and auspicious living environment.

Use Feng Shui paintings for prosperity, good luck, and peaceful energy in the home. Good luck paintings that feature lotus flowers, lakes, and cherry blossoms are considered especially beneficial.

Feng Shui cherry blossom paintings

#7. Use Feng Shui coins for wealth & success

Feng Shui coins are widely used to attract wealth and success by harnessing positive energy. The arrangement of Chinese coins in groups of three, tied together with a red ribbon, holds significant symbolism in Feng Shui.

This grouping represents the Tien-di-Ren, symbolizing the unity of man, earth, and heaven. Placing these coins strategically in your home or office is believed to activate auspicious energies, attract prosperity, and promote overall success.

The use of a red ribbon in this arrangement of Feng Shui coins for wealth and success adds an extra layer of symbolism, as red is considered an auspicious color in Chinese culture, associated with good luck and positive energy.

Feng Shui coins

#8. Feng Shui crystals promote grounding & stability

Natural Feng Shui crystals have a positive energy vibration, represent the earth element in Feng Shui, and create a powerful connection to the Earth’s energy. They are revered for their ability to generate positive energy vibrations and serve as a representation of the earth element in Feng Shui practices.

These natural crystals establish a powerful connection to the Earth’s energy, infusing the surrounding environment with grounding and stabilizing qualities. By incorporating Feng Shui crystals into your home, you introduce more earth element characteristics, contributing to a sense of balance and stability in the living space.

This practice aligns with the fundamental principles of Feng Shui, aiming to harmonize energies within the home and create an environment that promotes well-being and positive vibrations.

Feng Shui crystals

#9. Use Feng Shui mirrors to invite money inside

In Feng Shui, mirrors are utilized strategically to harness positive energy and create a harmonious living environment. The benefit of Feng Shui mirrors is to reflect light without judgment, broaden your perspective, and focus your energies.

Placing a mirror in front of the main door or near a window is believed to serve the purpose of drawing money into a room.  The reflective quality of the mirror is thought to invite light without judgment, symbolically broadening one’s perspective and focusing energies in a positive direction.

This practice aligns with Feng Shui principles, where the thoughtful placement of mirrors is considered a tool to enhance the flow of chi and attract prosperity. By incorporating Feng Shui mirrors, practitioners aim to optimize the energy balance within a space and invite financial abundance.

Feng Shui mirrors

#10. Feng Shui Buddha figurines increase positivity

In Feng Shui, Buddha figurines are often considered powerful symbols for promoting positivity and attracting positive energy into a space. The Laughing Buddha, also known as Budai or Hotei, is particularly associated with good luck and is believed to bring joy, abundance, and positive vibes.

Placing a Feng Shui laughing Buddha in your home or office is thought to energize the environment, heal negative influences, and strengthen weak aspects of your life.

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, these figurines serve as reminders of positive qualities and virtues, contributing to a more harmonious and uplifting atmosphere according to Feng Shui principles.

Feng Shui laughing Buddha

To use Feng Shui for money and success buy these Feng Shui items online. With the help of a Feng Shui consultant and expert, you can learn how to use these Feng Shui items for positive energy in your home and office.

Use the five elements of Feng Shui for business prosperity, clear stagnant energy, and let positive energy and abundance flow into your home office and business.

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