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How Can I Manifest My Dream Job?

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How can I manifest my dream job? Will my dream career remain the same forever? How can I find the perfect job for me and achieve my career dreams?

The first step to start manifesting the perfect job is to know what ideal job meaning applies to you. In this article, I’ll take you through some steps to help you clarify what having a dream job means to you.

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What Are Dream Jobs?

A dream job is a job that you would love to have and one that would make you happy. It is a job that matches your skills and interests perfectly and gives you a sense of meaning and purpose.

So, does my dream job exist and how can I find my dream job? Rather than thinking of your dream job as something that may or may not exist, you may want to think in terms of creating your dream job or business by becoming a freelancer or solopreneur.

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Surveys have found that freedom, choice, and flexibility often equal happiness, that freelancers are more optimistic and happier than traditional workers, and that a resounding 84% of workers find a real purpose working in the gig economy.

With the job market, job seekers’ expectations, and technology changing rapidly, reports state that Gen Z may change careers up to 10 times between the ages of 18 and 34.

This makes the idea of a single dream career that one has for decades seem outdated today. Experts believe that, in fact, people’s career dreams may become considerably more ad hoc and adaptable.

Depending on where technology takes us, as well as the way our own expectations and needs change through different stages of life, your dream job at 21 is likely to be very different from the one you imagine at 45.

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How Can I Manifest My Dream Job?

Let’s imagine, for a moment, that you’re just starting your career and are wondering what would be the best career for you.

Though it never hurts to learn soft skills and personality development, you don’t want to spend a lot of time and money investing in technical skills that won’t help you in your career.

It’s always helpful to ensure that your career dreams, education, and skills match. Here are some broad steps to help you determine your ideal career path and manifest your dream job.

  • Get clear about what you want
  • Believe that it is possible to achieve your goal
  • Focus on what you want (not what you don’t)
  • Take inspired action toward your goal

Can writing my ideal job help me manifest my dream job? Yes, writing or scripting is one of the best Law of Attraction techniques to start manifesting the perfect job.

Having said that, you can take the steps below to get clarity on what your dream job may look like. Most of these involve writing exercises or scripting, so you may want to get out your journal and pen and start scripting your ideal job.

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#1. Create a vision of your dream lifestyle

Visualization is one of the most powerful Law of Attraction manifestation techniques for manifesting your desires and attracting what you want into your life.

Start by thinking about what you want your dream life to look like. What kind of work do you want to do? What kind of relationships do you want to have?

What kind of hobbies and activities do you want to enjoy? Since our jobs take up a significant amount of time in our lives, you should also decide how you want to spend the majority of your time on the job.

Once you have a good idea of what you want your life to look like, start thinking about how to make that happen. What steps do you need to take to get there? What do you need to change in your current lifestyle to make that happen?

Here are some resources to help you envision your dream life:

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#2. Describe your dream company to work for

The next step is to describe your ideal employer, so you have an idea of your dream company to work for and what you want from them.

For instance, if you enjoy working in a team, a description of your ideal employer might read like this:

“My ideal employer would be a company that is innovative, creative, and open to new ideas. They would be willing to invest in their employees and provide opportunities for career growth. The company culture would be collaborative and supportive, with a focus on teamwork. I would also like my ideal employer to value work/life balance and offer flexible working arrangements.”

If you’re not a team player and prefer working alone, the description of your ideal employer might read like this:

“I am not a team player, and my ideal employer would be someone who understands that. I work best when I am given clear and concise instructions, and I prefer to work alone. I am very independent and self-motivated, and I thrive in an environment where I am given the space to work at my own pace. I am not a people person, and I don’t do well in high-pressure situations. I need an employer who is patient and understanding, and who is willing to give me the freedom to work in my own way.”

Now, when you apply for a job position, make sure to do your research about the company and the position you are applying for.

Reading reviews from former employees about your dream job company on websites like Glassdoor can help you decide if the work environment and company culture will be a good fit for you.

Now that you know what you want from your dream company to work for, it’s time to make a list of ideal jobs that would be perfect for your personality.

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#3. Find the perfect job for your personality

When determining the perfect job for your personality, be honest with yourself about what you’re looking for. If you’re someone who enjoys working independently, then a job that requires a lot of teamwork may not be the best fit.

It is also important to explore your strengths and weaknesses when choosing your dream career. If you’re not good at public speaking, then a job that involves giving presentations may not be the best choice.

So, how can I find the perfect job for me? Answer: Do a career personality test to find the perfect job. You can come up with a dream job list that matches your personality type with the help of these perfect job-for-me quiz websites.

For example, you could find the perfect jobs for introverts, or go even deeper and find the perfect careers for INFPs.  This revolutionary career test is designed exclusively for college students and college graduates.

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Career Quiz

#4. Describe your ideal job profile

The next step is to start writing about your dream job and what you want it to look like. For example, when you briefly describe your ideal job, it could look like this:

“I would describe my ideal job as a position that is both challenging and rewarding. I would like to work in a field that is constantly changing and evolving, and where I can use my skills to make a difference. I also want a job that offers a good work/life balance, and where I can feel like I am part of a team.”

Make sure you adapt this dream job description to your own requirements and put down everything you truly want your ideal position to be. For example, if you want to join the medical profession, you can start by writing, “My dream job is to be a doctor.”

Then go on to describe your ideal work environment, your ideal work responsibilities, and the actual job description you might have. In fact, describe your ideal job profile in as much detail as possible so you can create a vivid image of it in your mind.

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#5. Feel as if you already have your dream job

When writing or scripting your dream job and career, don’t worry about how your dream job will manifest. Just focus on why you want it and how it will make you feel when it does manifest.

The path to landing your dream job with scripting works better if you follow these guidelines:

  • Write as if you already have your dream job
  • Describe the feelings and emotions you feel now that you have that dream job
  • Write about how great your life is now that you have your dream job

A powerful manifesting technique for manifesting your perfect job is to write it down in the past tense, for example, in the form of a letter of gratitude thanking the Universe for helping you attract your ideal job into your life.

This will tell the Universe that you believe you can manifest your dream job, and that you’re ready to allow it into your reality. Then get into a positive frame of mind and act on your inner guidance to take inspired action towards your dream.

Remember that the Universe is always conspiring in your favor, and trust that if you put your intention out there, the right opportunity will come your way.

Also, remember that you can never get it wrong, and if you’re not where you want to be, it’s never permanent. You can always take it as feedback, make a different choice, and change your job.

As the Law of Attraction says, we are eternal beings. Your life is a journey and there is no destination, so take pleasure in the journey and enjoy the process of growth and expansion.

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