4 Business Blog Benefits That Will Leave Your Competition In The Dust

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4 Business Blog Benefits That Will Leave Your Competition In The Dust

Brands with blogs attract 97% more links and 55% more website visitors than brands without blogs. ~ Jeanne Hopkins, HubSpot

If you ever had any doubts about the benefits of blogging for business, the quote above should banish that.

There are many advantages to starting a company blog. Here we elaborate on just four blog benefits that will take your business light years ahead of the competition, in terms of visibility, positioning and profits.

  • Get published in print

When journalists research a story, the first place they look is online (read, Google). Now if that story is about your industry or your company, you definitely want to be one of the top news sources in the search engines.

Having your own blog not only catapults you to the top of the search engine results pages, but also ensures that your opinions, sometimes even your entire article, are reproduced in the print media, making you a power player in the eyes of your audience.

To businesses that are interested in media coverage, this translates into beating your competitors hollow in terms of media hits and visibility.

  • Become a trusted authority on your subject

They more you get quoted in print media, or have people read the well-written and informative articles on your blog, the more easily it will position you as an authority on your subject in their minds.

Having your own blog can help you achieve this goal with relative ease, as compared to the efforts involved in sending out press releases and courting journalists.

The third-party endorsement you get from the media positions you as the “person-to-go-to” when your customers need a solution that you offer. It also tells your customers that you’re a more trustworthy choice than your competitors.

  • Build a list, build influence

Smart companies understand the power of permission marketing through email updates, and know the power of having a list of blog readers that they can market to again and again. Writing a blog regularly gives your readers and potential customers an incentive to subscribe to your posts.

The earlier you start blogging and building a list, the greater will be the benefits that accrue from having a large list of subscribers who opt-in to read your posts. A large list also gives you the advantage of social proof and makes you more influential than your competitors.

  • Boost traffic and profits

Having a list of readers to whom you can send out regular updates about your latest products and offers brings them back repeatedly to your website, which can boost your traffic and sales. This decreases your cost of advertising for acquiring new customers and puts your traffic generation efforts on autopilot.

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