Why You Should Never Buy Fans On Facebook

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Business owners, corporations, and small businesses are utilizing the power of social media to help create their online advertising campaigns. They hope to gain a big following and achieve more fans on Facebook, subscribers on YouTube, and more connections via Linkedin.

Let’s face it, social media is vital for businesses to get into. The biggest misconception, however, is that buying fans on Facebook is the most viable option in order to gain more real followers later on. Find out why you should never buy fans on Facebook, no matter how unknown your startup business may be.

Why Do Businesses Buy Fans on Facebook?

Companies and business owners want their fan page to gain a following. Not too many people care about their page if there are no posts and no “likes”. It is a proven factor that those who end up clicking “like” for a business, are those who have already seen the business have tons of fans already.

It’s all about social proof. The more fans you have, the more likely are other people likely to learn about your page and like it.

It is rare for somebody completely random to normally click on the “like” button for a fan page that has few or no “likes”. Basically, there are pros and cons to buying fans on Facebook, but you are risking your professionalism and name by doing so.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Fans On Facebook

  • Purchased Facebook ‘Fans’ Are Not Real

Those who decide to shell out cash for purchasing Facebook fans need to understand that they are not as real as they think. Getting these fans looks real, but they are not. The majority of people who ‘become fans’ of your page are either bots or are incentivized by the advertising company to become a fan for their clients.

  • They Don’t Care About Your Content

Do you think that a bot or someone who has been incentivized to join your page will engage in any fruitful way with your content? Not likely.

Purchased fans of your page are not likely to pay attention to your posts or care about your products and services. They only joined to make sure that they got those incentives.

Spend Your Money Advertising on Facebook Instead

Ultimately, the best way to achieve more success with your brand is to utilize Facebook ads to grow a base of fans who belong to the demographic and region you are targeting.

You can put your marketing budget to better use this way because these fans are more likely to engage with your content and spread the word about your page among their existing network.

So stop wasting your cash on useless Facebook numbers. It might make you look like you have a real following, but it won’t give you the results you’re looking for.

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