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10 Ways to Get More Freelance Writing Gigs

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Want to get more freelance writing gigs? Increase your freelancing earnings with this list of the best ways to market your freelance writing services.

As a freelance writer, you know the importance of marketing your services so you can get paid for writing. However, most aspiring freelance writers have no idea how to promote themselves or how to make money writing.

You don’t have to be the best writer in the world to earn money from writing. You can get paid to write about anything you want and make a good income from writing work, once you learn how to market yourself and your writing services.

10 Ways To Get More Freelance Writing Gigs

There are several ways to promote your freelance writing business, and in this article, we’ve compiled some of the best ways to get more freelance work and earn money freelancing.

#1. Build a writer platform

Your writer platform is a showcase for your best freelance writing work. It makes it easy for potential clients to get a glimpse of your writing skills.

The best way to build a writer platform is to start a blog where you can showcase your writing samples and promote your freelance services. Just writing high-quality blog posts consistently and sharing your posts on social media can help clients looking to hire freelance writers find you and connect with you.

It doesn’t matter whether you start your blog on LinkedIn or Medium, as famous blogger Jon Morrow recommends, or use a self-hosted WordPress blog. Make sure you have a reliable contact form or list your email, number, social profiles, or another way for clients to get in touch with you quickly.

In addition to working as a writing portfolio, a writer’s website or blog can provide additional revenue beyond client work. Many freelance writers supplement their income by starting a blog to earn money in various ways, such as creating and selling digital products, such as e-books, online courses, or templates.

As your blog traffic increases over time, you can make a passive income writing blogs for your own website. Specializing in a particular niche can make a writer more attractive to clients looking for expertise in a specific subject. This can lead to higher-paying opportunities.

One of the most important writing abilities needed for content writers today is AI content writing. These AI writing courses will help you learn the craft of writing AI content with AI copywriting tools.

Also, spend some time learning the basics of SEO content writing, one of the writing careers in demand with clients looking for freelance writers who can help them boost their website ranking and traffic.

SEO Blog

#2. Build your LinkedIn presence

LinkedIn is an essential social platform for professional writers because it has many useful features, such as the LinkedIn Creator tools, to help you showcase your writing skills.

This Free Hubspot Guide on how to use LinkedIn for business and marketing shares some useful tips for publishing on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn’s Services Marketplace, LinkedIn ProFinder, will help you connect with clients looking to hire freelance writers and land more freelance gigs.

Also, learn how to set up job alerts on LinkedIn so you can receive email alerts and apply for online writing jobs as soon as they become available.

Join and participate in LinkedIn Groups and other online discussion forums related to freelance writing, and use these tips to grow your LinkedIn followers and get your content noticed on LinkedIn.

Here are some Udemy LinkedIn marketing courses to help you get more clients on this professional networking platform:

You can also create social media profiles on all the other social networks to claim your writer brand name, boost your visibility, promote your services, and connect with potential clients.

Learn what sort of social media posts work best on each platform, and how you can get potential clients interested in your freelance writing services.

But, if you want to be strategic and avoid wasting time on platforms where you’re less likely to find clients actively looking to hire freelancers, it’s best to focus your efforts on LinkedIn.

linkedin followers

#3. Work with content writing agencies

If you have little to no writing experience and are looking for entry-level freelance writing jobs, you can work with a content writing agency that hires freelance writers.

This is the best way to get paid to write and get feedback to improve your writing skills while you build your writer brand.  Acquiring different types of writing skills or staying updated on industry trends can lead to more lucrative opportunities.

Freelancer writers often work with a variety of clients across different industries. By diversifying their portfolio, writers can tap into various markets and increase their income streams.

Here are some freelance writing websites that pay you to write online and earn money:

These sites that pay you for writing articles may offer you content writing jobs for freshers if you meet their job description for content writers.

hire freelancers

#4. Make money writing on Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the best freelance websites for beginners as it’s easier to get Fiverr writing jobs for beginners and succeed in the Fiverr content writing marketplace than on the highly-competitive Upwork freelance platform.

Instead of spreading yourself thin trying to promote your freelance services on all of the freelancing websites and freelance marketplaces, just focus on creating and promoting your Fiverr freelance writing gigs.

In this Fiverr Freelance Course, you’ll learn how to get more clients and sell Fiverr gigs like the top 1% of freelancers on the Fiverr website.

If you’re looking for writing sites that pay daily, you can reach that goal on Fiverr, once you become a highly-rated writer who delivers all freelance writing gigs on time and to the client’s satisfaction.

This Udemy course on Fiverr freelancing for beginners will show you how top Fiverr sellers boost their freelancing earnings by 1000% from each sale on sites like Fiverr.

Also, explore the Fiverr Workspace freelancing logistics tool that helps solve many of the problems that plague the modern freelancer.

This freelancing tool is a one-stop app for time tracking, invoicing, payments, proposals, contracts, task management, and income and expense tracking.

freelancing logistics tool

#5. Network with potential clients in real-life

Virtual and social networking have their limits. There’s no better way to build a relationship with a potential client than meeting face-to-face.

You can meet and network with potential clients and other professionals by attending local and national conferences, industry events, and meet-ups.

For example, if you’re a travel content writer, you can attend travel conferences to connect with travel agencies, travel influencers, and travel bloggers looking to outsource their content writing.

In Keith Ferrazzi’s Complete Guide to Building Your Network course, you’ll learn what a personal network is and how it benefits you professionally and personally.

You’ll also learn how to develop the strong personal relationships needed to achieve your goals, develop deeper, stronger, more mutually beneficial relationships, and create a strategy for maintaining these relationships.

Start building your business network and relationships with these local networking and business networking tips that will help you learn effective professional networking etiquette.

professional networking

#6. Share your writing tips with others

A famous quote by the Roman philosopher Seneca says, “While we teach, we learn.”

“While we teach, we learn.” ~ Seneca

The best way to learn a new skill is to teach it to others. So share your writing tips, tools, and resources on your blog and social media channels, and you’ll soon be known as an expert in the field of writing.

You can leverage your expert status by building your writer’s brand, so you can increase your freelance writing rates, get higher-quality clients, and attract well-paying freelance writing gigs.

You can even offer to be a writing coach to other freelance content writers, or start your own web content writing business and hire freelancers to write for you.

online learning

#7. Use a lead magnet to build a list

Offer a lead magnet to attract potential clients by creating free eBooks, templates, checklists, or other free downloadable resources on your website or blog in exchange for their email addresses.

You can start building an email list and use it to send email broadcasts and campaigns. This will allow you to follow up with clients, and even build a course or coaching community for free.

The Podia platform offers email marketing and more directly from the app, so you can communicate with customers without needing any other platforms.

#8. Learn how to cold email & pitch clients

One of the most effective ways to connect with a business or client, and establish a professional relationship, is through the use of cold emails.

But cold emailing a large number of prospects daily, and not having it work out successfully, can be tiresome and depressing.

Many clueless freelancers waste a lot of time crafting and sending emails that receive no response, before eventually giving up and concluding that cold emails are ineffective.

The Advanced Cold Email Selling Course will teach you how to do cold email the right way so people thank you for emailing them, and how to turn those new relationships into quick sales.

Use Writecream’s AI writing tool to write a personalized introduction for your prospects based on their work, education, and experience.

Pop in the website or LinkedIn profile URL of your prospect. Writecream’s AI will then scan it and generate a persuasive icebreaker that you can include at the top of your email or message.

Include this AI-generated cold email introduction or LinkedIn icebreaker to make your read rates and conversions soar, and your sales soar.

get paid to write

Freelancing success comes from asking, pitching, and advocating for yourself. Knowing how to pitch your services to a company or client is an essential skill for freelance writers.

Successful freelancers are often adept negotiators. Knowing how to effectively negotiate rates and terms can result in better compensation for their work.

However, most freelancers are nervous or uncomfortable when pitching their ideas or their services to clients. They also worry about whether their pitches will come across as boring or awkward.

The Pitching Yourself Course will teach you how to prepare for any pitch you may have to give in your life. Learn how to present yourself professionally when pitching yourself in person, over Zoom, or in social media videos.

And if you want to learn the strategies that successful freelancers use to reach out and pitch clients, again and again, the Pitching Clients 101 course will show you how to confidently land your first client and the next 5 or 10 more.

Studies show that it costs 5x as much to find new clients compared to keeping existing clients. In the Keep Your Clients Course, you’ll learn best practices for client communications, client retention strategies, and how to make the most of every client relationship.

#9. Launch an affiliate or referral program

A fantastic technique to encourage your satisfied customers to promote you and your freelance writing services is by starting an affiliate or referral program.

A referral program can be via word-of-mouth or an affiliate program. Podia’s Shaker Plan can help you start an affiliate program, turn your customers into advocates, and pay them commissions to refer new clients to your business.

You can start an affiliate program for your freelance writing packages, for example, and pay your affiliates 10 to 15% of the order just for referring a paying client to you.

You can also sell eBooks, courses, and coaching on the Podia platform. With your free Podia plan, you can begin selling right away and only pay an 8% transaction fee on paid products sold.

referral program

#10. Partner with freelancers & influencers

Clients will often hire freelancers for one type of job, like website design, and ask them if they can refer someone else for freelance writing jobs.

If you have an affiliate program to promote your freelance writing business, you can collaborate with other freelancers and pay them to refer your writing packages to their clients.

You don’t need to collaborate with freelance writers only; you can work with any kind of freelancer who works with paying clients.

These collaborations are a great way to leverage the connections of other freelancers who offer different services and can refer clients to you.

You can repeat this process by approaching bloggers and influencers who target the same audience as you, offering them a percentage of the client sales they refer.

These are just a few of the many ways to market your freelance writing business. If you’re creative and willing to put in the effort, you can find success using any or all of these marketing strategies to appeal to your target audience.

I hope these tips to get more freelance writing gigs will help you find great success in your freelance writing career.

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