Facebook Organic Reach: What Should Brands Do?

This is a Guest Post by Arpana S 

“Facebook organic reach is DEAD!”

If you are a Facebook/social media marketer, you’ve probably heard this a THOUSAND TIMES over.

As the social media strategist at SuperBaby, I had the same problem.

Each day, it was getting more and more difficult to get a good reach for posts on our Facebook page. But, IS IT REALLY DEAD?

Take a look at this:

In Feb, we had almost 50k fans. But, look at the reach.

JUST 832. This was terrible!

No matter what, we were NEVER able to cross a reach of 2500-3000.

Water birth
Then one day, in March, SOMETHING MAJOR HAPPENED.

I’ll tell you about this big change, but first let me take you through the course of this article.

So, here’s what I’m going to tell you in this article:

A. Address your problem
C. Tips for you to increase organic reach
D. Mistakes that you should AVOID


I’m sure that a lot of Small Business Owners (SBO’s) face this same problem. Not just SBO’s, almost EVERYONE who owns a Facebook page goes through this.


In February, Locowise analysed 500 pages. Here’s what they found:

Average reach = Approximately 7% of total likes

That means,
If your fans = 30k,
Average reach = Just 2,100

This is sad.

B. The Big Change

So, here’s what happened.

On Mar 16th, we got an organic reach of 58,752.

the big change


That’s almost a 3000% increase compared to our previous reach of 2000.

Not just for this post, but afterward, I was easily able to increase the organic reach of almost every post.

I’m going to give you some TIPS that you can follow to get SIMILAR RESULTS.

C. Eight Tips To Increase Organic Reach Of Your Facebook Page

1. Share motivational quotes and posts:

• Connect and relate to your audience with these.
• Quotes get the most engagement.

2. Share your blog posts via links:

Locowise broke down their analysis as follows:

Links: 18%
Text Updates: 9%
Videos: 9%
Photos: 7%

This shows that right now, links are the best way to get more reach.

3. Use Hashtags:

4. Share things that will be helpful:

The more helpful the content, the more the engagement.

5. Be interactive:

Conduct contests, polls and surveys.

6. Use your cover photo to talk about your brand

Brands such as Nutella are MASTERS at this.


7. Post what people want. NOT what YOU THINK they want.

• Be data driven.
• Don’t assume.
• Do your research and see what people want.
• Share a post or two about that.

8. Use Facebook Insights:

• Analyse your previous posts.
• Check what time most of your audience is online and post at that time.


1. DON’T overpost

• Just because your post doesn’t get a good reach, don’t keep posting every 30 mins!
• Figure out how often your audience would like to hear from you and post accordingly.

2. DON’T post only one type of content

• Links, videos, photos, quotes, articles,
• Post them ALL.

3. DON’T skip weekends

• Post regularly on Saturday and Sunday.

4. AVOID Click-bait

• Facebook has become very strict about click-bait posts. So, do not share them.

5. AVOID bad headlines

• A good headline can increase your click-through by almost 46% (According to Quicksprout).


Facebook organic reach is NOT DEAD!

I hope these tips will help you increase the organic reach of your page.

SuperBaby was able to do it. You can too.

So go ahead, try these out and I’m sure that you will see some good results.

About the author:

Arpana S is the Co-founder, Director and Social Media Strategist at SuperBaby, a company focussed on Early Childhood Development. She is also a guest blogger at Post Planner and a no-assumptions, no-tricks, but completely analysis and statistics based Facebook marketing strategist.

© 2015, Priya Florence Shah. All rights reserved.

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