Social Media Marketing Tips For Local Business

This list will always be kept updated with new tips.

Do you own a local business?

Are you looking to use using social media to raise awareness, branding and word of mouth?

Who isnโ€™t, right?

Social media is becoming a very important medium for local businesses to get new clients and customers.

Say you want to research a new restaurant in your city, read reviews about that hotel you want to check into or find a local event to participate in.

Where do you go? Facebook, right?

And social networks like Facebook are trying to demonstrate their support to small and local businesses

This is because they want to become an important part of the local marketing mix and attract more advertising revenue from local businesses.

Facebook and other social networks have been launching new products and features to help businesses reach out to a local audience.

Are you looking for ways to use Facebook to boost your local business marketing?

Using Facebook for local marketing has become a whole lot easier because Facebook has recently introduced a number of features aimed at helping local businesses market more effectively on their site.

From page responsiveness to Place Tips, local businesses can now make better use of their Facebook presence to reach out to their customers, prove their reliability and provide better customer service.

In this article, I outline five Facebook marketing tips that can improve the effectiveness of your local marketing efforts.

1. Be More Responsive

Facebook has introduced a new feature that displays how quickly customers can expect a response from their favorite pages. The Page Responsiveness feature is only available to those Pages that have allowed people to contact the Page and may not yet be available for pages with less than 1000 fans.

Small Businesses, Here Are 7 Steps To Increase Facebook Ad ROI

Are you a small business just beginning to explore the world of Facebook marketing?

If you have been having trouble trying to get a decent Return-On-Investment (ROI) on Facebook, youโ€™re not the only one. New research states that 59% of small businesses struggle to prove Facebook ROI.

This is not exactly surprising, considering that itโ€™s not exactly the easiest thing in the world to measure ROI on Facebook.

In this article, I outline a step-by-step path to how small businesses can boost their Facebook ad ROI.

Why B2C Businesses Should Not Give Up On Facebook

Thereโ€™s been a lot of hand-wringing about how organic reach has decreased so much on Facebook, that it makes no sense for a lot of marketers to maintain a presence or spend money there. This is both right and wrong.

Right, because if youโ€™re a B2B business, then your advertising spends would probably get a better response on a network like LinkedIn. After all, you have to understand WHY people visit a specific network before deciding to advertise on it.

Facebook Marketing Trends You Should Tap Into Now

Facebook is constantly evolving and more rapidly in the months leading up to and now subsequent to their recent IPO. But what does this mean for the small business owner trying to market their business on Facebook?

Many things and certainly many more things every day. But start by considering these trends that you can tap into to ramp up your Facebook business presence:

1. Real-time Facebook interaction

Most people are and off Facebook at different times during the day. With the increasing popularity of the Facebook mobile app, people are checking in and posting throughout the day.

For a business to be relevant in this active social medium, you too must be active on Facebook frequently. If you get a post or a comment, you should strike while the iron is hot and comment on the comment, share the comment with other fans and do whatever you can to keep the interaction going.