A Step-by-Step Guide To Becoming An Author On Amazon Kindle

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Do you have your heart set on becoming an author? Is there a book you want to write? How long does it take to write a book and publish it online?​

Whether you want to boost your personal brand, get known for your expertise, or just make money online from Kindle Publishing royalties, this course will give you the guidance and the tools you need to write and publish your book and become an author.

You’ll get tips for writing a book for beginners, checklists for how to write a book outline, learn how to write a book proposal and sell your book to a publisher if that’s what you want.

You’ll get recommendations on book writing software and book writing tools, and even learn how to publish a book without writing it yourself.

In this course, you’ll get access to audios and a library of books on how to write a book, and learn how to use free book publishing to make a fortune on Amazon Kindle.

Sales of Kindle e-books are skyrocketing and, according to reports, in 2017, over a thousand independent authors surpassed $100,000 in royalties through Kindle Direct Publishing.

Kindle self-publishing is the fastest way for independent authors to get their voice out and build a brand as an author.

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This course will cover how to publish a book on Amazon KDP publishing with Kindle publishing guidelines you can download and keep for reference.

Even if you’re writing a book for the first time, you’ll get easy-to-follow writing tips for beginners that will take you through the steps to writing a book, as well as the book publishing process on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).

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Here’s what you’ll get in this course on how to write and publish a book:

  • Book Writing Software & Writer’s Resources
  • Facebook Groups List for Book Promotion
  • 12 Insights into Writing, Promoting and Launching a Book
  • The Easy Way To Write Your First Ebook
  • Writing Tips Made Easy
  • 30 Writing Tips for eBook Authors
  • How To Write A Non-Fiction Book Proposal And Sell It
  • Ebook Creation for Illiterate: Ghostwriters Goldmine
  • How To Write, Price and Market Your Ebooks for Profits
  • Getting Your Book Published
  • Profiting From Kindle Made Easy
  • Publish On Amazon Kindle For Cash
  • Step-by-Step Introduction To Kindle Publishing
  • Introduction To Kindle Publishing Checklist
  • Easy Kindle Publishing Profit from Kindle Singles
  • Kindle Singles for Profit Checklist
  • Easy Kindle Publishing Profiting From Children’s Kindle Books
  • Easy Kindle Publishing Profits from Children’s Books Checklist
  • Leveraging The Kindle Book Marketplace To Grow Your Business

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