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What is the best free keyword research tool? The free Google keyword research tool may be popular, but Jaaxy gives you thousands of related keyword ideas within seconds.

Get access to this SEO keyword research tool free of cost. Among free keyword research tools, this is the industry’s only online keyword research tool developed by affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers.

Recommended by SEO Guru, Brian Dean, this free keyword research tool for affiliate marketers is the most advanced, useful platform in the world for managing all aspects of keyword research, website competition and market research.

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Learn how to beat the competition with the best keyword research tools for long-tail keyword research tips and keyword research ideas for blog keyword research.

Pro SEO Tools

Get access to 20 premium SEO tools and the best keyword research tools with instant support with the #1 group buy community in the world.


Free SEO tools don’t give you the data you need to succeed in your SEO campaigns. SEMrush is an all-in-one marketing toolkit for digital marketing professionals. It includes a suite of SEO tools built for SEO & SEM professionals.

Find the best keywords for organic content creation and paid search campaigns with SEMrush. This SEO tool has been recognized by the search community across the globe, winning several accolades as the best SEO software suite.

You can analyze data on more than 130 million domains and >800 million keywords, uncover your competitors’ organic and paid search strategies and find the most profitable keywords for your website.

Some of SEMrush’s marketing and SEO tools include:

  • SEO Toolkit – From research to reporting, an ultimate solution to take your SEO to the next level. Get a bird’s-eye view of your competitors’ SEO strategies, including main traffic sources, keywords, backlinks and more.
  • Content Marketing Toolkit – A full suite to enhance your content strategy. Includes content audit, SEO content templates, SEO writing assistant, post tracking, brand monitoring and marketing calendar.
  • Advertising Toolkit -Discover the tools that will help you plan, analyze and improve your AdWords campaigns. Advertising research, charts, keyword tools and keyword gap, display advertising, ad builder, PLA research.
  • Social Media Toolkit – A powerful combination of tools for social media professionals, including social media poster and tracker.

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LongTail Pro

Discover profitable longtail keywords to maximize SEO with this awesome long-tail keyword research tool. With Long Tail Pro, all it takes is a single seed keyword to get up to 400 long-tail keywords within seconds to help you grow your business to the next level by improving your SEO strategy.

By switching to the Competitor Keywords mode, you start with a competitor’s page or domain URL and watch as Long Tail Pro dissects their keyword strategy. Compare the keyword suggestions using all the metrics that matter.

Long Tail Pro takes keyword competitiveness to a whole new level. Using the average keyword competitiveness metric, you can calculate the viability of keyword ideas for your brand on a scale of 0 to 100.

Your every move must be guided by hard, cold data. That’s why Long Tail Pro comes with a built-in Rank Tracker to help you determine whether or not your strategy works. It allows you to check the keyword ranking of your website on key search terms.

Long Tail Pro will update your rankings for each keyword (daily) to help you make even the most crucial of decisions. Use Long Tail Pro to pull up keyword metrics in an instant and understand how well it’ll work for your campaign.

Get SEO Certification Free

Learn how to do keyword research for bloggers with free SEO certification courses. These free SEO courses, marketing tips and content marketing courses and will teach you how to use keyword research tools and to pull keyword research reports that help you rank at the top of Google search results.

Free SEO Courses From SEMrush Academy

Earn free SEO certification online with SEO experts from a world-renowned marketing company. Seize the opportunity to become officially certified with free SEO training courses by an acclaimed company.

Learn SEO free to enrich your CV and LinkedIn profile with SEMrush Academy’s free SEO courses. Test your knowledge, identify your strengths, and find your weak spots with the best SEO courses online.

Sign up for SEMrush’s SEO course online free and get search engine optimization tips for websites, online business, social media and do free online digital marketing courses and exams for free google SEO certification.

Access and document your skills with the best SEO beginners course and get a globally recognized certificate from SEMRush Academy. Upon successful completion of your chosen free SEO classes and SEO online course and exam, you’ll be rewarded with an official certificate by SEMrush, proof of your skills and valuable addition to your CV and LinkedIn profile.

Here’s some of the free SEO training online that SEMrush provides:

  • SEMRush Academy – learn SEO online free and complete the SEMRush exams and get certified, proving your knowledge of the award-winning software suite.
  • Marketing Scoop Podcast – Join David Bain and Judith Lewis as they interview the leading minds in digital marketing. Become a greater marketer and follow the most impactful news and best industry cases.
  • eBooks – Find a range of SEO lessons free in the form of downloadable guides in PDF format to help you broaden your knowledge and improve your skills.
  • Webinars – Register and take part in educational webinars conducted by the best digital marketing experts.
  • Games – Find games and quizzes that may help you learn something new.

Don’t wait to complete this free SEO course with certificate. Access these SEO training online courses free and get certified with these free SEO classes online.

Learn SEO free with SEMrush’s SEO free course for beginners, and get certified with the best search engine optimization course online free.

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