If youโ€™re a local business that was depending on Googleโ€™s Snack pack of 7 for your traffic, youโ€™re in for a disappointment.

Google recently updated its local search results drastically, dropping 4 out of the top 7 listings. Now it is the top 3 search results that are most important for local listings.

The traditional โ€˜7 packโ€™ of local map results is gone, replaced by a new โ€˜3 packโ€™ results that do not contain any business phone numbers or address details, according to the post here. Here are the elements of a typical snack pack listing.

Some SEO experts believe that this change was mostly done to cater to usability of mobile search results, as the 3 pack looks better in mobile search. Star ratings are also being given greater emphasis in the local results, as seen in the search results below.