This is a guest post by Mike Dane of Truconversion.com

How would you like to have an article that gets 70K views, 11K+ shares, and close to 500 comments?

That happened to Alex Pirouz who posted an article on LinkedIn’s publishing platform.

Publishing on LinkedIn can get you in front of a large audience. Image source: http://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/linkedin-content-marketing

With over 400 million users in a professional environment, LinkedIn is the perfect social media platform to share your industry knowledge, build your expert status and establish thought leadership positioning.

Using LinkedIn for content distribution is becoming essential for any business, and especially for B2B companies because you can easily target your audience using information in their profiles.

When you build a targeted network on LinkedIn,

7 Steps To Leverage Your Content And Boost Website Traffic

leverage content boost traffic

So now you’ve got your website up and running and you need to move the needle on those traffic stats. What steps can you follow to make sure you start getting traffic and ensure it increases in a consistent manner?

If you’ve followed these best practices to give your new business website a head start, you will have understood how important it is to consistently publish new content on your website. Here are seven steps to leverage your content to bring in new website visitors.