Great Content Helps Blogs Thrive In The Social Media Era

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According to Drizzlin Media’s report on the state of Indian Blogosphere, the advent of social networking does not mark the demise of blogs. However, there is a mixed perspective on the detrimental impact of social networking though most believe it only enhances reach.

The company interviewed 30 veteran and new bloggers across the country covering genres as diverse as technology, fashion and food to get a pulse of the latest affairs in the Indian user generated content space. The report found that with the advent of social networks and other ‘convenient’ blogging platforms, blogging has evolved from a platform specific exercise to an integrated expression across multiple mediums.

The fundamentals of blogging – great content and originality continue to be the driving force behind recognition in the space. The study further stated that majority of the bloggers face a challenge with content quality and a lot of them rate themselves as bad or average on content quality.

Why Do I Need A Blog? I Have Facebook, Twitter And LinkedIn

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the largest social networks with hundreds of millions of potential clients and customers. If you’re looking to network with prospects and brand yourself online, they’re an essential part of your marketing strategy.

One of the questions I get asked frequently is, “Why do I need a blog when I have Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts?” The points here will, I hope, help you understand why a blog should be the hub of your online branding and marketing efforts with social networks being your outreach posts.

1. Your Social Network Accounts Can Be Deleted Anytime

If you’ve built up thousands of Facebook fans and Twitter followers, you account can be deleted or suspended anytime for violating their ever-changing terms of service. Even well known names in social media have had their Facebook accounts deleted, so no one is immune.

This is probably the most important reason why you should consider your social network accounts more as an outreach post than the place where you conduct your business transactions.