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7 Reasons To Promote Your SaaS Company With Blogging

Starting a SaaS company? Here are some reasons why you should include blogging in your SaaS marketing strategy and SaaS content marketing plan.

When you write the SaaS marketing strategy for your Software-as-a-Service or SaaS startup, you need to know how your SaaS marketing plan will help you create buzz and attract leads and customers to your product.

There has been a steady growth in the demand for custom SaaS solutions as new SaaS startups are being launched all the time, resulting in rather stiff competition in the SaaS market.

Your marketing strategy for SaaS products can include a number of marketing strategies for your SaaS startup, like email marketing, advertising, influencer marketing, and social media marketing.

With so many tools and techniques available to promote your SaaS Company, many SaaS startups still underestimate the benefits of blogging in their SaaS marketing plan.

7 Reasons Why Your SaaS Content Strategy Should Include Blogging

Starting a blog for your SaaS business can help you reach a wider audience and grow your sales in the shortest time possible. Here are some of the reasons that your SaaS content marketing strategy should include a blog.

#1. Build your brand

The competition for the SaaS market is fierce and stiff. By the end of 2017, every SaaS startup faced competition from nine other firms competing in the same SaaS market segment.

Hence, it is important for a SaaS company founder to figure out what it is that will make your SaaS business stand out from the rest of your competitors, in terms of marketing your startup and brand.

With blogging, you have the perfect vehicle to showcase all the ways in which your brand is unique and can serve your target customers.

Starting a blog can help you teach your target audience about the benefits of your product or service. You can use your blog to start building a powerful brand and create a positive reputation for your SaaS company.

A blog provides you with the perfect platform to communicate with your target audience, get them to believe in your SaaS startup, and become a paying customer.

#2. Boost your search visibility

Search engines like Google and Bing love fresh and up-to-date content. There’s no better way to beat your online competitors in the search engine rankings than blogging.

With every new blog post that you publish to get traffic for your target keywords, your website gets more opportunities to show up in the search results and attract more traffic.

Posting useful blogs regularly on your website can improve the Expertise, Authority, and Trust (E.A.T) SEO score of your website and brand and give your SEO campaign a shot in the arm.

Backlinks are one of the most important search ranking factors. By publishing quality articles, use cases, and case studies of your SaaS product or service, you are more likely to attract quality links to your website.

This is another way that blogging makes it easy for buyers browsing the best SaaS solutions in the market to find your product online.

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#3. Attract targeted traffic

There’s no better way to attract targeted traffic than through blogging. Even paid ads don’t give you the ROI that a well-maintained blog can provide.

People are always looking for solutions to their problems and trying to find better ways to fix them. When you have a blog that offers the solutions they need, they are more likely to find you on search engines.

Consistent and regular publishing of fresh, unbiased, quality blog content is the best way of keeping internet users updated on your SaaS company’s products and services.

Keep posting compelling content that is easy to read and comprehend. This is one of the best ways to drive targeted traffic to your site and increase conversions over time.

#4. Build customer and brand loyalty

When customers know all about your SaaS product, and you have provided evidence of how good it is, they will begin to trust your SaaS Company and brand.

If you have researched your target audience and know exactly what they are looking for online, you can start building a community using your blog, and this can result in a high level of brand and customer loyalty.

A loyal customer is more likely to recommend your business to other customers. Loyal customers are more likely to write positive reviews about your products and services and extend your marketing reach.

#5. Generate more leads

Blogging is a great marketing strategy for lead generation for SaaS companies. The traffic you get through your blog provides you with the perfect SaaS lead generation opportunity, as long as you know how to get leads and build an email list.

You can add CTAs (Calls to Action) to your blogs, offering free downloads, eBooks, tutorials, and any material that entices the visitor to give you their contact information.

Over time, every blog you publish on your website will become a new opportunity to generate leads. Here is an easy way to understand the process of converting visitors into leads using a blog:

  1. Visitors arrive on your website.
  2. They see your CTA button or popup offering a lead magnet.
  3. They click on the call-to-action button and fill in the form.

This way, your visitors get their freebie and you get their contact details, thereby converting a visitor into a lead. Now that you have their email, your SaaS email marketing follow-up campaign must nurture that lead and get them to buy your product or service.

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#6. Enhance your social reach

Every blog you publish offers an opportunity to expand your social media presence if your visitors share your blog on social media platforms.

To make the process simple for them, ensure you add social sharing buttons to your blog posts so they can share your content on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

This simple step will help your business get much greater visibility on social media.

#7. Establish your SaaS company as a thought leader

According to research from Edelman-LinkedIn, thought leadership can create access to high-value decision-makers, lead directly to sales, and drive growth with existing customers.

Almost half (47%) of C-suite executives said they have shared their contact information after reading thought leadership content.

Blogging can keep your SaaS company at the forefront of your industry and all the important developments taking place at any given time.

Writing authoritative and useful blog posts can help your customers find you when they need the solutions you offer, thereby positioning you as a thought leader or expert who’s helping them solve a problem.

There is much more that blogging can do for your SaaS business, including helping you find business partners and funding.

If you’re launching your SaaS startup soon, blogging is the most effective marketing strategy to help you prepare for the stiff competition you may face.

Starting a blog is one of the most cost-effective and reliable marketing strategies for any SaaS company looking for long-term results from their marketing campaign.

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