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7 Questions to Ask When Creating Personal Branding Videos

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Are you planning on creating personal branding videos to boost your brand? Here are some questions you can ask to ensure the success of your video marketing campaign.

Creating a solid personal brand and online presence can open so many gates for you. If you can touch the hearts of people with your content, it will be easier for you to grow your influence and make money.

If you use the right content marketing channels, you can achieve your branding goals more effectively. And the best part is that you don’t even have to hire a branding agency if you’re willing to learn new skills yourself.

Video creation is one of the best ways to build a powerful personal brand online. Here are some questions to ask before you get started on creating videos to strengthen your personal brand:

#1. What is your goal?

You have to start creating videos keeping in mind the goal you want to achieve. Are you willing to introduce yourself to your target audience? Do you want to convince more people to try out your new product? You have to know your marketing objective first.

Working on your videos without having a clear goal in your mind is not going to help. It will result in failed campaigns, and you’ll end up wasting your time, money, and effort.

The good thing about identifying your goal is that it will make the entire process of creating videos easier. After defining your goal, you can get started with recording your video and using the right video editor to craft an amazing video that boosts your online presence.

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#2. Who is your audience?

When creating videos to build your personal brand, you don’t have to talk about yourself all the time. Videos that you create for personal branding are very different from marketing videos.

Instead of using descriptive words to elaborate on the benefits of your products, you have to work on an approach that helps you win the hearts of your viewers. You must think about the people who are going to watch your video.

Most people think they should showcase their own personalities when creating videos online. However, the first thing you have to work on is understanding your audience. If your videos aren’t created with your viewers in mind, you’ll fail to get the results you want.

#3. What should your video script say?

A simple tip to improve the quality of your personal branding videos is to write a proper script and ensure that your videos provide value for your viewers.

You will not be able to achieve this goal if you ramble on and say anything that comes to mind without having a script that takes your audience where you want to take them.

Starting with a script will help you do things the right way. With a clear script, you can send a clear message to your target audience and improve the effectiveness of your branding efforts.

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#4. How can you tell an authentic story?

If you’ve studied marketing and branding, you know that stories sell. Customers are not looking for the perfect product or service. Instead, they want something that can connect with them and help them solve their problems.

It’s important to have a story behind the videos you produce. No matter how creative your videos are and how much time or money you spend creating them, if they don’t have an engaging story, they’ll fail to hook your viewers and keep them watching.

It’s your job to pick a story that’s engaging and informative. You can find a ton of help in choosing the right story by engaging with your target audience. The more connected you are with them, the easier it will be for you to craft stories you’re your audience loves.

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In this course on Storytelling Through Video, you’ll create a meaningful story, with easy storyboarding, camera framing, movie transitions, and editing for impact.

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It’s easy to toss authenticity out the window when and ignore your personal preferences when you’re so focused on pleasing your viewers. But, if your videos lack authenticity and passion your viewers will be quick to detect it.

If your prospects end up doubting your brand after watching your videos, your campaign will backfire and you won’t be able to reach the goals you’ve set.

The only way you can create amazing personal branding videos without faking them is by being who you are. Don’t ignore your personal preferences or be ashamed of your quirks. They could make you more relatable to your viewers.

#5. Who will narrate your videos?

Who is going to narrate your story in your personal branding video? Remember that the person who addresses your viewers matters the most. It’s usually better if you’re the presenter. However, if you’re a camera-shy introvert, here are some ideas for faceless YouTube videos.

It may be difficult for you to show up for the camera in the beginning. However, the more videos you create, the easier it will be for you to be on camera. Remember that addressing the audience yourself will give you the chance to connect with them on a personal level.

But, what if you represent a brand that’s run by a team of skilled professionals? In this case, you have another team member who’s good on camera to represent your brand. You can get your brand manager to take on the task of presenting videos for your branding efforts.

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#6. How can I create high-quality videos?

A common mistake that people make when creating videos for personal branding is publishing sub-standard videos. There’s no denying the fact that video creation requires you to invest some money.

Many people think that videos can be created on a Smartphone. However, when you watch the marketing videos created by top brands, you’ll see that they invest a lot of money in video creation.

Keep in mind that no one is willing to watch a video that is dull, shaky, and badly produced. Pick a video camera that offers amazing video quality and you’ll be able to improve the effectiveness of your videos.

You do have to spend some time understanding which type of video works with your target audience. Depending on your prospects, you may not have to spend too much money. But it’s a good idea to try different approaches and see which one works best for you.

#7. How will you distribute your videos?

There’s no point in creating videos if there’s nobody’s out there watching them. If you fail to grow the viewership of your content, it will serve no purpose.

You need to have a plan for getting views on your videos and growing your subscriber numbers. Make sure you include your videos in your social media marketing plan to ensure that you get more views.

Following the video creation and video marketing tips above will help you achieve your personal branding goals and create more visibility online.

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