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Publishing Your First eBook: Free Download For Aspiring Authors, Publishers

I contributed a chapter to ‘Publishing Your First eBook‘ – the third free eBook by E-junkie blog in which 11 authors have contributed some of their best articles.

This eBook is available for free download for any one who aspires publish an eBook. is a blog about small business, self-publishing and eCommerce where we love to feature creativity combined with technology.

With the hope of providing some of the best advise and tips, they started this project for authors so that they can take a calculative and well-informed approach towards achieving their goals.

Here are all the phenomenal authors who generously agreed to be a part of this eBook.

  • Anna Hicks
  • Alexis Grant
  • Ali Luke
  • Contel Bradford
  • Hector Cuevas
  • Jeff Goins
  • Melissa Miller
  • Priya Florence (that’s yours truly)
  • Stefanie Flaxman
  • Yuwanda Black
  • Zivana Anderson

We sincerely hope that this eBook inspires authors and self-publishers to finally get started on their eBook without worrying about formatting,

Promoting a book has changed a great deal nowadays. Most publishers will not even consider publishing an author who has not built a platform of readers hungry to read their books.

One of the best tools you can use to start building an author platform is a blog. Here are five reasons why.

1. Blogs are not “salesy”

As writers, we are often wary of sounding salesy in promotions for our books. We veer away from any sort of marketing that makes us feel cheap or hypey. Too much marketing talk puts us off from the very crucial task of promoting our book to boost sales.

Blogs are a tool for communication, and are not a sales letter. They are like writing a letter to your readers and allow you to showcase your writing talent and book excerpts as well as your promotions without sounding salesy or putting off readers.