Business Blogs In India: What Difference Can They Make To Your Revenue?

Do blogs work for businesses in India? Why should a business bother with blogging at all? Is this not just a fad that will soon pass like so many before it?

These are some of the common questions corporate and business leaders in India ask every time the subject of blogging comes up.

Sadly as they continue to ask these questions golden opportunities for increased revenues and market share using one of the most powerful tools for marketing ever created passes many of these executives and their companies by.

Solid statistics are beginning to emerge that conclusively point to the power of blogging and the amazing things that it can do to the bottom line of a business of any size. For instance it has been established that small business that blog receive a staggering 55 per cent more traffic than competing businesses that do not.

With everyone jumping on the blogging bandwagon, few people are giving a thought to whether blogs are really up their alley, or taking the time to consider the best ways of going about it. If you’re planning to start a business blog, ask yourself these questions before you take the final plunge.