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Why B2C Businesses Should Not Give Up On Facebook

There’s been a lot of hand-wringing about how organic reach has decreased so much on Facebook, that it makes no sense for a lot of marketers to maintain a presence or spend money there. This is both right and wrong.

Right, because if you’re a B2B business, then your advertising spends would probably get a better response on a network like LinkedIn. After all, you have to understand WHY people visit a specific network before deciding to advertise on it.

Facebook Marketing Trends You Should Tap Into Now

Facebook is constantly evolving and more rapidly in the months leading up to and now subsequent to their recent IPO. But what does this mean for the small business owner trying to market their business on Facebook?

Many things and certainly many more things every day. But start by considering these trends that you can tap into to ramp up your Facebook business presence:

1. Real-time Facebook interaction

Most people are and off Facebook at different times during the day. With the increasing popularity of the Facebook mobile app, people are checking in and posting throughout the day.

For a business to be relevant in this active social medium, you too must be active on Facebook frequently. If you get a post or a comment, you should strike while the iron is hot and comment on the comment, share the comment with other fans and do whatever you can to keep the interaction going.