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5 Questions to Answer Before You Launch a Social Media Campaign

When most business owners think of social media, they think of making a Facebook page and updating it now and then, hoping that scores of followers will eventually start to tune in and follow.

When social media initially started, this was often enough because there were very few business pages, and not many people understood social media marketing.

In 2023, creating an online presence for your business is not up for debate. Most businesses have an online presence on, if not all, then at least one or two social media platforms.

Social media marketing is now an entire industry within marketing, simply because of the recognition of the purchasing power of the social media consumer.

This industry currently holds a great deal of value in marketing, and most marketing firms also recognize the potential of marketing opportunities on social media. For that very reason, most companies that wish to launch successful marketing campaigns, do so on social media.

That said, implementing successful social media campaigns is not as easy as it may seem. They can often be a bit tricky for someone who is going into the world of social media marketing without any prior experience.

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5 Questions to Answer Before You Launch a Social Media Campaign

Experts at VM Interactive believe that there are five crucial questions you need to ask yourself before launching a social media marketing campaign.

#1. Who is your customer?

Depending on the kind of product or service being offered by the company, the customer is often likely to prefer some forms of social media over others.

For example, makeup companies may choose to target individuals over Instagram and YouTube more than Twitter and LinkedIn.

For a company to achieve optimum results with its social media campaign, it is imperative to narrow down what the ideal customer of their product or service would look like.

Once you know who your ideal customer is, you can then focus on building a social media marketing campaign around that perfect customer avatar.

Here are a few demographic specificities that can help a company identify who their ideal customer will be, and how to narrow down the focus of their campaign even more.

  • Location
  • Income and purchasing power
  • Age
  • Job and industry type
  • Pain point (which can be solved by the business that is targeting this ideal customer)
  • The most frequently used social media site

#2. What sort of social media content engages them?

Engaging social media content, as a phrase, is quite vague and does not do enough to explain to a business what they need to do to have a successful social media marketing campaign.

What sort of social media content is engaging for their specific ideal customer? Does the customer respond better to images, infographics, or videos?

Perhaps this is an on-the-go customer who prefers short messages and emails, that are to the point and don’t take too long to read?

The ideal customer and their specifics will help the company define what sort of engaging content they need to create, and what primary social media site they will need to use to promote that content.

One great tactic is to build content that relies on customer feedback for improvement.

This allows customers to interact with the content and with the company through the content, which enables the company to use the feedback and interaction data to improve their content and their campaign.

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#3. How much time can you invest?

Most people are unaware of the fact that managing social media marketing campaigns takes a significant amount of time, and that too at regular intervals.

Managing a social media marketing campaign often requires regular check-ins and updates on company pages, followed by regular new posts following a schedule or a calendar.

If the company is handling this themselves, it can often get messy and a bit chaotic as well. For that reason, many companies have now started hiring social media managers and have started investing in social media management tools as well.

There are times when having a social media manager in-house might be a better option for companies than outsourcing this sort of work to a social media marketing agency.

Being able to control your social media communication really helps in ensuring that the connection with the customer is not lost and that the liaison between the company and the consumer is aligned with your company’s business goals and vision statement.

#4. How will you improve your campaigns?

Most people and companies think that creating a robust social media strategy plan before the start of the campaign is enough for the rest of the duration of that campaign. This is rarely ever the case.

This critical mistake ensures that their content does not feed off of customer feedback, and the analyzed data from the customer interaction that is occurring on these social media websites.

The best way to make sure that your social media marketing strategy is efficient and working optimally is to ensure that the data from a customer interaction is being used to actively improve the campaign.

#5. How much can you spend on social media ads?

Perhaps this is one of the biggest misconceptions that exist regarding social media marketing campaigns.

It is generally believed that, as compared to most kinds of marketing strategies that use advertisements, social media ad campaigns do not cost a lot in terms of money.

This leads to people not investing in their campaigns the way they optimally should. Social media ads can end up costing quite a lot, but the result is almost always worth it if your campaigns are optimized to convert.

It is still best to plan and set aside a certain budget for your social media advertising campaign, especially in terms of buying ads and ad space, because this can help your campaign reach its desired goals.

Experts at Healthy Links believe that a lot of effort, time, and money must go into creating an efficient and successful campaign.

Their expertise has led them to realize the common mistakes most social media marketing newbies make and understand what companies must start doing to ensure that their campaign becomes successful.

Understanding your social media marketing objectives, researching your competition, creating a social advertisement strategy, and planning your social media marketing budget are the necessary steps you need to take to launch a great social media campaign.

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5 Questions To Answer Before You Launch A Social Media Campaign

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