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7 Things an SEO Consultant Can Do for Your Business

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Is hiring an SEO consultant worth the investment? Here are 7 things a top SEO company or SEO consultant can do for your business.

In the age of social media, when so many bloggers and website owners are managing to build traffic to their blogs and websites and grab customers through social media pages and sales funnels, is hiring an SEO consultant even worth the investment?

Is Hiring An SEO Consultant Worth The Investment?

Well, think of it this way. If you spent money on getting laser-targeted traffic from visitors eager to learn more about your products and buy them, would you consider it a good investment?

Of course, you would!

Although social media and paid advertisements can get you a lot of traffic, not all of it is targeted and you have to keep paying for ads. When you stop paying, the music stops playing and your traffic and sales go back to zero.

However, social media algorithms are making it more and more difficult to reach your customers and the cost of ads is increasing all the time.

According to the law of diminishing returns, there will come a time when even the best social media traffic will become too costly or too scarce.

In comparison, the ROI you get with search engine optimization (SEO) increases over time because an investment in your small business’s SEO results will give you targeted traffic for years to come, as long as you keep your website updated and competitive.

Money spent on search engine optimization services, SEO content writing, and SEO consultants is an investment that will pay you back many times over as your rankings increase and your traffic becomes almost “free.”

Of course, if you’re the DIY type, you could always learn SEO with an expensive SEO course. However, boosting your website ranking is not as easy as it seems.

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You’ll need to learn SEO skills such as:

These are specialized skills that an SEO guru will have spent years perfecting, and even the best SEO specialist cannot “guarantee” a top 10 Google ranking for your keywords (if they do, they’re lying).

Going for “affordable” SEO services or cheap SEO services can put your website at risk and put you out of business. Many so-called affordable SEO companies use black-hat SEO tactics that could get your website penalized or even banned by Google.

So you can see why it makes sense to hire a reputable SEO company like, that gets results using only white-hat SEO methods?

In a recent study of SEO services in the USA, Brian Dean found a strong correlation between higher spending and higher client satisfaction.

In fact, clients who spent over $500/month were 53.3% more likely to be “extremely satisfied” compared to those who spent less than $500/month.

On the other hand, business owners who spent less than $500/month were 75% more likely to be dissatisfied than those who invested at least $500/month on SEO.

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The next thing to consider is the SEO services pricing and SEO packages offered by your SEO provider. So how much does search engine optimization cost and how much can you expect to pay for the best SEO services?

As you can expect, the cost of professional SEO services is not cheap and varies widely depending on whom you ask and what you opt for.

For instance, when asked, “How much do you pay for great SEO content?”, the answers ranged from $.02 per word to $2 per word. And it also depends on where you source your search engine optimization company from.

For instance, when you’re looking to outsource SEO services, a company that provides search engine optimization in India is likely to provide cheaper SEO quotes than SEO companies in developed countries.

The most important question to ask is whether your SEO agency is up to date with the latest Google ranking factors and algorithms and knows how to implement the most effective white-hat SEO tactics for businesses in your domain.

It always helps to choose an SEO consultant who has some experience in your domain and can implement the tactics that will give you the best results.

For instance, if you need local SEO services, you should hire a local SEO expert. If you have an eCommerce website, you’d do your best to hire an SEO consultant who specializes in eCommerce SEO.

An SEO expert who specializes in small business SEO services may not get the same results when asked to provide SEO services for a large corporation.

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7 Things an SEO Consultant Can Do for Your Business

Here are 7 things a top SEO company or SEO consultant can do for your business.

#1. They’ll get the best SEO content writers

When choosing an SEO consultant, don’t go with someone who pays $.02 per word for SEO content writing or sources SEO writers on Fiverr.

You want an SEO agency that hires expert writers who can write exceptional, well-written, unique, and useful content that will keep your readers hooked and coming back for more.

Your SEO content should be optimized with the right keywords and feature attention-grabbing headlines that boost your click-through rate from the search engine results pages.

#2. They’ll build backlinks the right way

Right now, some of the best ways to build backlinks are guest blogging and blogger outreach. The top SEO specialists are always looking for creative and innovative ways to build backlinks.

But you need to ensure that your SEO company only uses white-hat tactics for off-page SEO or the next Google update could get your website penalized.

3. They’ll create a long-term SEO strategy

The best SEO company is one that doesn’t plan for the short term. They’ll create an SEO strategy that will keep your traffic coming in for years, and adapt it to technological advances like voice search.

They don’t plan in terms of months but years so that your search engine positioning campaign stays current and competitive as Google’s algorithms become more advanced.

For instance, a good local SEO company will include citations and any new local SEO products that Google comes up with as part of your SEO strategy.

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4. They’ll keep your content fresh and updated

No longer is the practice of writing a lot of 800-word SEO blog content that ranks well for a while considered a good SEO tactic.

Top SEO companies know that long-form content gets more shares and better rankings, while shorter content that answers a specific query can get you into the featured snippets.

A good SEO consultant will create a content plan for both long-form and short-form content and keep your website content current and updated, so it is always useful for your readers.

5. They’ll help you create and optimize multiple forms of content

As video content and podcasts grow in popularity, a good SEO consultant should help you create an SEO plan to produce content in multiple formats.

They can also help you re-purpose text content into images, audio, and video, so you can leverage search engines such as YouTube and Pinterest to build backlinks, traffic, and branding.

Look for SEO packages that include YouTube SEO and Pinterest marketing services if you create a lot of visually appealing content.

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6. They’ll help you create a great user experience

User experience is one of the most important ranking factors as it affects everything from page load time to bounce rate.

Your SEO company should create an optimized mobile website and use page speed best practices to help you maximize the time your visitors spend on your website.

7. They’ll be focused on your bottom line

A good SEO firm will not just be focused on improving your SEO ranking but will also ensure that your traffic converts so your business makes more sales and profit.

After all, there’s really no value in getting thousands of visitors to your website if none of them buys your products and services.

Choose an SEO consultant who is not just focused on traffic, but also on helping you achieve your business goals and objectives so you can get the maximum ROI from your SEO strategy.

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