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7 Pro-Blogging Tips To Go From Amateur To Pro-Blogger

Most amateur bloggers never become pro-bloggers because they hide in their cocoon of comfort. Follow these 7 pro-blogging tips to go from amateur to pro.

Are you excited to go pro?

This blogging journey may feel intimidating or outright scary.

Most amateurs never become pro-bloggers because they hide in their cocoon of comfort.

If you allow your love of freedom, fun and fulfilment to outweigh your fear of failure, criticism and poverty you will do amazing things in your blogging niche of choice.

I have been on a wild ride over the past 8 years. I started off as a fired security officer. Now I am a full time, island hopping pro-blogger.

I made the transition. You can do it too. But you need to be willing, open and ready to follow simple, practical tips in order to make your wildest dreams come true.

Ready to lay the foundation for becoming a pro?

Follow these 7 blogging tips to go from amateur to pro.

1. Make It About Fun Not Finances

Amateurs often struggle horrifically because their energy screams “getting” versus “giving”.

I have sat in that boat. Horrible experience.

If you focus most of your energy on getting the money, you exude fear energy. A “stay away” energy. Desperate energy.

This energy ensures you make little money online. You’ll drive very little traffic.

Everything about your blogging campaign will be little and you’ll always be an amateur until you blog mainly for fun.

You want to make money blogging. We all do.

But if you set an intent to blog mainly for fun you spend most of your time helping people, spreading the love by promoting other bloggers and you fall in love with the process of publishing posts.

This fun space is the springboard energy for becoming a pro-blogger.

Pros fall in love with having fun. They are not heavily concerned with finances. Even if they haven’t hit it big yet.

So pros allow in profitable ideas, powerful bloggers and profits too because “fun” energy attracts success.

2. Follow the Pros

Follow the pros of the blogging world. The big dawgs. The big dawgettes.

These pros help you by showing you exactly how to be, think, feel and act like a pro-blogger.

This is the easiest tip on the list because the information is already there. Pros offer blogs, products, eBooks and services.

It’s up to you to read the blog posts and put their knowledge into action. It’s up to you to follow tip #3.

Pros know. Follow the pros.

If you feel scared by pros or intimidated or if you feel they are on another level, just tell your ego to shut up and immerse yourself in a pro blogger’s entire content and premium arsenal.

Follow 1 to 3 mentors to avoid overwhelm. Following too many top bloggers creates a sort of crosscurrent confusion as some blogger’s strategies may deviate greatly from other’s approaches.

Focus on a few big dawgs and big dawgettes.

Be as they are being to become a pro.

3. Buy In (Literally)

Put your money where your professional blogging mouth is.

Professional bloggers invest money in products, services and eBooks to cut their learning curve by years. Serious amateur bloggers do the same.

I spot amateur but future pro-bloggers easily. This crowd spends $350 or $500 on my blogging products and services without batting an eyelash.

They are smart because they’d rather pay money to succeed more quickly versus trying to get free online tuition.

When you spend money to learn you study like hell to get the lesson. When you gobble up freebies all day you become lazy, complacent and you invariably fail.

Pay to play.

Go from Blogging Amateur Hour to the Big Time by buying resources from established pro-bloggers.

4. Double Down On Mindset Work

Go from amateur to pro blogger by BEING a professional blogger.

Being a pro involves thinking, feeling and acting like a pro. Even if your results do not seem like pro results.

Tony Robbins shared how he inspired a professional clientele to consistently buy a $20,000 self-help program even while he pitched people wearing cheap suits he found at the thrift shop.

During his lean days, Tony drove a crappy, old, beat-up car he parked 7 blocks away so his wealthy clients would not see him exiting such a piece of junk.

He was being a wealthy person, while he appeared to be broke. All through the power of an energized, loving, inspired mindset.

Is it any wonder why he eventually built a net worth of over $350 million dollars?

Double down on mindset work to be a successful pro-blogger before the cash and popularity and clout flow in.

Meditate. Exercise to raise your vibe. Pray. Buy and study self-help programs. Jump into an icy cold shower to raise your vibe (but first speak to your doctor).

As within, so without.

5. Embrace Being Uncomfortable

Professional bloggers are comfortable with feeling uncomfortable (versus shying away from the feeling).

Amateur bloggers shy away from being uncomfortable, seeing every fear as a roadblock versus a stepping stone.

Even if you feel terrified to write and submit the first guest post you need to do it. Feel the fear. Do it anyway.

Feeling fear but moving toward the fear is one hallmark of hyper-successful bloggers.

All the uncomfortable stuff you resist doing is the exact stuff that would make you a professional blogger.

Do it. Even if you fear it.

6. Monetize Slowly But Steadily

Monetize slowly but steadily. Gradually add one income stream to your blog every 3 to 6 months.

Professional bloggers continually add income streams to build their cash flow but do so patiently.

Learn one stream inside-out. Generate income through the stream. Become intimate with working the channel. Then add more channels that are resonant with your passions.

Slow, but steady monetizing helps you tap into multiple streams of income.

If you check Pat Flynn’s income reports you will see this concept at play. He generates a staggering amount of income through a dizzying array of income streams.

7. Never Ever Give Up

If you’re following proven advice from pros do not give up or quit using the advice after 3 months or 6 months or even a year.

Pro-bloggers persist. Amateurs quit or fail or make excuses or complain about circumstances.

My biggest “amateur hour” mistake was quitting on proven strategies. My smartest pro-blogger move was persisting in applying proven strategies.

Feast on inspirational stories from pros. If you feel fed up to the point of quitting, seeing how pros struggled then succeeded can help fuel your blogging journey during lean times.

Your Turn

What tips can you add to this list?

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