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7 Tips To Make Your Business Secure From The Inside Out

Make your business secure and keep it safe from threats with a multi-pronged approach that takes care of both employees and the workplace.

Cybercrime is a growing concern for many SMEs which are increasingly being targeted by cybercriminals.

Making your business secure is not a simple process, and it’s not enough to simply put up a cyber security tips poster and expect employees to follow your cybersecurity best practices for employees.

Depending on what type of business you happen to have, there’s so much to consider that you might not know where to start, or what safety tips for cybercrime to invest in to make sure that things go to plan.

There are many software tools that can help you in this ambitious task, along with outsourcing key areas to experts.

However, implementing their cyber security advice, without impacting your business and affecting the morale of those who work for you, requires a balancing act.

Getting this balance right can be both challenging and expensive, because looking after your employees, your online presence, and whatever else you need to secure your business, will require the right strategy to succeed.

This won’t be easy if you’re already overwhelmed with details, but there are some easy wins you can target to incorporate all internet threats and prevention tips you need to consider.

7 Tips to Make Your Business Secure from the Inside Out

Keep your business safe and secure from external threats with this list of personnel management and cyber security awareness tips for employees.

#1. Look after your employees

An essential starting point in making your business secure is working out what you can do to look after your employees better.

This can be difficult if you don’t know how you’re going to go about it, as you can feel like you’re running uphill and constantly putting out fires.

To get the ball rolling put some time, effort, and money into your HR set-up (or create one if none exists) to help protect your business and support your employees.

By investing in high-quality software for HR, you can create a level of support and protection that can help benefit your company as a whole, as well as take a lot of stress off whoever is handling your HR responsibilities.

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#2. Look into cybersecurity

Once you’ve ticked the box above, you need to take a serious look at cybersecurity.

You are probably going to be short of knowledge in this area, so the best way to make sure that you are handling cybersecurity well is to generally outsource it.

Running an IT department can also be costly and unnecessary, so it might be better to hire a company of professionals trained and hired by experts in their field to help you keep your business safe, with strategies and software that they know already works.

With cyberattacks putting small businesses in trouble every day, this is one area where cutting corners is not really an option.

#3. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

As an extension to these cyber security best practices, MFA (otherwise known as Multi-Factor Authentication) can be a great way to help keep your employees safe.

This is especially useful if your business has a remote or hybrid working policy, even if it is only part-time, if their equipment is stolen, or if they share a home with somebody who has malicious intentions.

Multi-Factor Authentication can limit the amount of access to important technology and accounts, meaning that limited damage can be done to the device’s data or software, and by extension, to your business.

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#4. Enable eDiscovery

As a natural progression from the previous steps, eDiscovery is useful if you suspect that you have a malicious employee in the office or working remotely.

It can help you compile evidence to use in court, or help you catch things even before they get to that point if you prefer.

eDiscovery can help you to build a stronger level of protection from inside your business, and might actually play a big part in preventing, or spotting spear phishing or Whaling within your business.

#5. Provide relevant training

Of course, all of this examination of your workforce might throw up other issues you weren’t aware of. For instance, you might find that training has been sorely neglected.

This isn’t just about end-user education as part of cybersecurity, or providing the best information security tips for employees, but about training in general.

If you have an employee who isn’t trained very well in their job, they are going to be a liability to those around them. They won’t be able to work the machinery or the systems properly, and it might break.

Efficiency will go down the drain – and other employees will get frustrated, especially if they’re better trained and constantly being asked questions or having their work interrupted.

Training employees can be a crucial step in making sure that you’re keeping your employees happy, keeping communication strong, and looking after equipment properly.

You’ll find that you’re saving money by keeping your employees well-trained and enhancing the safety and protection of this on-site, and at home, regardless of what they do for you.

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#6. Boost workplace morale

Needless to say, if you’re a permanently distant or unavailable employer, your employees are going to be stressed and suffer from low morale. Stressed employees typically mean that more mistakes will be made and security takes a dive.

You might also find that in times of low morale, customer service suffers as your once highly-trusted workers might become more surly and irritable.

By offering asynchronous work options or different working shifts to enhance employees’ work/life balance, or simply by appreciating them and recognizing the effort they put in, you can start to put things back on an upward spiral.

There will be other things you can do to create a positive workspace, but these are likely to depend on the type of business you have and will require further examination by your HR resource.

#7. Build workplace communication

One step that is almost guaranteed to boost employee morale is simply keeping people in the loop.

Not only does it make people feel more valued, but it can also be an essential tool when it comes to making your business a safer place to work. In addition, there’s a more practical side to enhancing workplace communication.

By giving on-site managers devices like company cellphones or walkie-talkies, you can increase safety and security on-site, as people can quickly be contacted for discreet meetings, and get in contact with authorities if there’s a problem or injury on the work site.

Now that you know all these ways to make your business secure, the rub is to implement them and ensure that both, your company and employees, prosper.

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