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Transforming The Corporate Training Industry In India With Pushpalata Chaurey

Corporate trainer, Pushpalata Chaurey, is transforming the corporate training industry in India as the Chief Visionary of The Knowledge Empire.

As per industry insights, the corporate training market in India is estimated to be worth about INR 25,000 million, and technical skill development training accounts for about 60 percent of this market.

There is a need for corporate training providers to personalize corporate training, soft skills training, and employee training according to the needs of the employees and industry.

For 9 years, Pushpalata Chaurey worked as a counselor in the field of soft skill development. She has a sound understanding of the traits required by corporate professionals for career and workplace success.

She has been involved in planning, designing, and facilitating corporate training using a wide variety of training aids, and motivational and implementation strategies through her venture, Grand Forum: The Knowledge Empire Pvt. Ltd.

As one of the top corporate training companies in India, The Knowledge Empire hopes to transform the training and development industry in India by becoming the one point of contact for all the training needs of corporate, educational institutes, and individuals.

They have a pool of the best corporate trainers, facilitators, and coaches across industry verticals and offer corporate trainer jobs to qualified professionals.

Employers can connect with them to conduct corporate training courses on soft skills training topics, management training programs, corporate training programs, and corporate sales training for their employees.

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Transforming The Corporate Training Industry In India With Pushpalata Chaurey

Priya Florence Shah:

I’m talking to Pushpalata Chaurey. She’s a life skill, behavioral and motivational trainer and the Chief Visionary of The Knowledge Empire.

For nine years, she’s worked as a counselor with a sound understanding of the needed traits for corporate professionals for career and workplace success, handling situations, creating personalities with strong focus, and mind behavioral training.

She has been involved in planning, designing, and facilitating training using a wide variety of training aids, and motivational and implementation strategies. Is that right?

Pushpalata Chaurey:

Yes, yes, absolutely.

Priya Florence Shah:

Okay. So tell us a little bit about you how you got started as a trainer and what were you doing before that?

Pushpalata Chaurey:

This is the career shift for me. Eight years back, right and prior to that, I had to take a break from my career in sales and marketing in which I’ve been involved for almost nine years.

Because of the stage that comes in every woman’s life, marriage and child, so it was a personal decision to enjoy that period. And you know, the second phase of life.

And then once I was set with my new life, I wanted to explore the other side of me. I had been into sales and marketing and a lot of good project work with very good organizations, and wonderful people learned a lot.

But all this experience, all this knowledge, yeah, where I can use it and how I can explore and learn more. So there was an opportunity for me – either I could go back to the corporate, same world, or I can learn whatever I have learned so far, learn new things, and explore a new market, a new side of my own personality. Right?

So that’s how the journey began. I got associated with one of the NGOs that have been dedicated to working for the Adivasi community for further education, their development, and their personality.

Because they do take education, but the other side of life, the personality, the other skills they need, they will not be available. So that’s how I started and the work started in so many different places with that NGO.

And I was really surprised by so much gap in the education and knowledge and behavioral thing and that started developing interest in me to learn more about personal behavior, how we can work on that.

Because we have so many examples, that people have come from such a background where they had nothing, even their language was not so good. But then they developed themselves how they, you know, bridge that gap, and achieved what they must have never thought about.

So, I started digging into the psychology, behavior, what are the different techniques that can help people to identify themselves, where they can actually sit down, use these techniques and look into themselves and can find out who actually they are.

And what are the things that are making them good, look bad, or how they can just change the script of their life. And I’m very fortunate that the techniques that I’ve learned, like NLP with one of the best mentors, I’m very happy that I can now transfer that knowledge to other people and help them realize and rewrite the script of their life. Yeah, that is the power of NLP.

Priya Florence Shah:

Yes, I understand. I have done NLP training as well.

Pushpalata Chaurey:


Priya Florence Shah:

I know. But I think I learned much more from books than from the training actually. And yeah, it’s a very powerful tool. It’s just that many trainers have to understand that the person who they’re selling it, they’re trying to help, isn’t interested in the tool, but in the transformation. Right?

Pushpalata Chaurey:

And that’s why I said that I was very fortunate that the mentor for NLP that I chose really turned out to be a blessing for me. Because this is the ideology that he believes on.

Not just teaching you the tool, but he actually first transforms you. Because once you experience that then you can transfer that experience to others. And that is how we taught it.

So it is something that I’ll always be in debt to my mentor. So that’s how my journey began. And I started learning new techniques. I started developing my own training programs, building myself, and just started imparting what I have learned

Priya Florence Shah:

So tell us a little bit about your training programs, what sort of programs do you offer?

Pushpalata Chaurey:

Training programs are specifically based on soft skills and life skills, which actually enhance your personality. It gives you a very different way of looking at things.

Changing your mindset, changing your viewpoints, giving you a better understanding of what you are, right?

Because we are more interested to know what the other person is. And we get, you know, we get lost in so many relationships that we actually get bound with. So, finding yourself, and that’s the life skill that’s my favorite subject I work on.

Once they find what they are, then it’s just why they are doing the work that comes into and then makes them very easy, that why they have to do whatever work, whatever industry they are into, whatever position they are into. Why they are doing it.

Priya Florence Shah:

Yeah. Okay.

Pushpalata Chaurey:

And, and then it makes it very easy because then you can get the trust of your people because it brings genuinely to work, Right? And then it starts showing results. Yes. So your confidence gets boosted.

And then you start making good friends, your network improves, and their results started improving. And then what we say everything is in the mind. So once you just change your mindset and things around you will automatically get in place.

So this is the basic fundamental that I work on providing, with the experience of learning. And not just going there, doing some presentations, doing some activities and coming back.

My agenda for all the training that I conduct is when I go back from that training, people should be enabled to incorporate these learnings into their daily work routine that they are going to begin from the very next moment once I leave.

Yeah, so it should be implementable. So that’s my way of designing the training programs. And people have appreciated it, and that’s why I’m here with you.

Priya Florence Shah:

Yeah, that’s great. So do you have a special kind of audience you talk to? I mean, is it women? Or is it everyone? Or is it a specific kind of customer? Who is your customer generally?

Pushpalata Chaurey:

Oh, it’s everyone. I have not specified, because these are the skills needed by even a child now and even a woman, even men. Because see sometimes what happens women are sometimes more vulnerable than men in our Indian society, you know?

If men start showing the emotions, they are tagged as very weak, you know, so they don’t show up there. And then it was a very different personality, you know, and sometimes it becomes very difficult for them to break that stereotype and flow with the emotion and explore the other side of their own personality.

So be it a child, woman, man, or students or professionals, and because of some references, because of the work that I’ve been doing, people have seen the result seeing the changes in their own life.

I actually came across some students who, because of some wrongdoings, left their studies in between, and lost part of their life. And I’m so happy that whatever I learned, could help them to get back to their life.

And some of them are really so happy now and they have got back to their new life. And they’re enjoying their life and some are on the way to going on the journey of a completely different life altogether, and they are the from various age groups, right from the age of 18, to the age of even 15.

It’s just the people, and it is just a number. Age is just a number. And people say after 30 or after 40, this is not the time we can change, you know. But when you go through the course, they say, “Oh, well, I would have never thought that I could bring, bring all these changes in my own personality.”

That truly gives me immense pleasure, actually. Yeah, I like to make that to create that transformation for people.

Priya Florence Shah:

Yeah. Good. That’s great. So what have you been doing to promote your workshops and your product and services?

Pushpalata Chaurey:

My signature program is life 2.0 the core transformation it’s like decoding your life and rewriting the script of life. So not just the NLP, but other techniques of exploring self and then enhancing the personality and understanding the world of self and building on it and branding yourself.

Creating your persona is a major program, and then communication is one thing and understanding the value of time combined with the goals of whether it is life, career, or whatever you want to do.

These are very important subjects that I truly love to work on, creativity and critical thinking. So these are some areas that I really love to work on. And of course, there are certain other training also.

Priya Florence Shah:

Okay, so do you do one-on-one coaching or group coaching as well?

Pushpalata Chaurey:

Both. I do one on one coaching. I do group coaching and I conduct workshops for a group of 25 to 30 people, and residential programs as well. And this life 2.0 – The Core Transformation is a residential program.

Priya Florence Shah:

So where do you have these workshops? These retreats, I would call them, right?

Pushpalata Chaurey:

Yes. It’s going to come very soon. Maybe next month or in the month of March. I’m just working on the dates. So it will be happening in Delhi, conducting a residential training program, and people tend to enroll themselves for a very beautiful experience of life.

Priya Florence Shah:

So where is this academy? I’m not really aware of where this is.

Pushpalata Chaurey:

Between Mumbai and Pune – Old Pune Highway. So, Lonavala. Yes, and the facility is very beautiful. They have a wonderful arrangement for people who want to stay, and the food is excellent. And the place belongs to Kirloskar and is maintained so beautifully.

Priya Florence Shah:

Nice. Good. Good luck with that. I hope you get lots of signups for your course.

Pushpalata Chaurey:

Thank you so much.

Priya Florence Shah:

So how do people work with you? I mean, how can they get in touch with you and when they want to do the training, they can come to your website and sign up?

Pushpalata Chaurey:

Yes, they can visit our website which is And this is just one program that will be conducted by me.

But this company, The Knowledge Empire, has been set up now, we built this company on the thought to be a single point of contact for all the training needs of corporate, educational institutes, and for individuals.

Whenever they think of training, be it people training, product-related training, or process or technical training, they just need to call The Knowledge Empire and they will get experts from the industry. People are trained by subject matter experts.

Priya Florence Shah:

Very good. That’s very interesting. Yes.

Pushpalata Chaurey:

And we have some specialized signature programs, like my signature program. There would be other signature programs coming up with some of the subject matter experts.

Something on Business Process Re-engineering, something on Youth Leadership, something on Women Entrepreneurs and their Leadership, and a very beautiful program – most probably it will happen towards the end of February – which will be all about sales, branding, networking, negotiation, which is very, very important for any kind of product.

So some good celebrities like Sharon Prabhakar are also part of our advisory in terms of image building and personal branding. So she will be designing a very specialized program on grooming. She has a personalized program for kids also, as well as for women, and for young leaders, as well.

And we have TEDx speakers like C. G. Verghese, and we have some business experience people like R Srinivasan, she’s wonderful in her Business Process Re-engineering.

And there’s a doctor, Dr. Nita Mhatre. She is a very, very good clinical psychologist, and her program on communication is one of the best programs in communication. These are a few names that were just on the top of my mind, that I could actually speak of. And they will be a part of our team.

And apart from these people, they will be many more who will be designing and delivering, and like these, we have every subject matter we have the experts.

Priya Florence Shah:

Right. That’s very interesting to know. This is the first time I’m hearing about this program, at this institute. So it’s quite interesting to know that this whole training thing is becoming, you know, very centralized. Right?

Pushpalata Chaurey:

Yeah because there’s so much competition today, and every corporation has its own agenda about its own business.

So on this thought, at least for training, they should not be dealing with 10 different trainers or 10 different vendors and actually worrying about whether the trainer is going to come or not going to come and how the quality of the trainer will be.

So, that thing will be taken care of by us. So we want to be partners with them more than just, you know, the facilitator, you want to be the partner with them. And a consultant who can take care of all the training needs that they are looking at.

Priya Florence Shah:

Yeah, that’s very interesting. And it’s nice to know that you’re part of that. You’re part of the faculty.

Pushpalata Chaurey:

I’m a partner with Mr. Virendra Pal. And we are the partners in this company. So I’m Chief Visionary Officer for this entire company. So everything related to The Knowledge Empire, how the branding, how the product, what people, I’m looking after that.

Priya Florence Shah:

Oh, that’s great. That’s wonderful to know. So anyway, so I wish you a lot of luck with The Knowledge Empire venture.

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