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How Often Should I Blog? How To Find The Right Blogging Frequency

Blogging Frequency

I often get asked the question: “How often should I blog?” The fact is, the more you publish, the more is your blog considered to be a generator of fresh content.

The search engines reward websites and blogs that offer updated content. Therefore, all things being equal, your frequency of publication leads to an improvement of the blog’s position in the search engines.

On the other hand, depending on the topic of your blog, very frequent posts might annoy some readers, especially those who subscribe to feed readers. Too high a frequency of publication overwhelms some readers, unless you write a news or celebrity gossip blog, in which case, more news is good news.

It would be worth your while to think over this issue before posting, if you do not have the confidence to keep up the quality of your posts day after day. You can find many successful bloggers who post every day, sometimes even several articles a day, while others who publish less frequently, maybe once or twice a week, or maybe even once a month.

It all depends on the type of blog you’re running, your available time, and of course, your personal style. The most important point is to understand yourself, the scope of your blog and the level to which you want to take it. This will determine the pace of publication that works best for you.

Some things to do when you’re trying to find the right blogging frequency are:

1. Understand your rhythm

Many inexperienced bloggers think that if they cannot publish every day, they have no ability to have a blog. That is not true. There are simply no limits that guarantee your success in terms of the number of times you publish.

2. Reader expectations

It is important to listen to your readers and take note of their responses. For example, posting once a week or less, on a topic that needs a daily dose of food for thought, such as a daily news blog, would end up disappointing your readers.

2. Your goals

If you plan to keep your personal blog and be the only person doing the updates, you should not commit to a high frequency of blogging or get too ambitious, because, in all likelihood, you will not be able to fulfill it.

If however, you have guest bloggers or other writers writing for a collaborative blog, or co-blog, you have more chance of meeting your publishing goals.

3. Start slowly

If you decide to publish every day, it will not work if you’re not used to carrying that pace. There will be times when you write your articles only to keep up the frequency, to the detriment of the quality of your content.

So start slowly and gradually increase the frequency of publishing. Statistics reveal that three weekly publications are usually good to begin getting some response from readers.

They strike a perfect balance between keeping the reader’s interests alive and not overwhelming them with so much information that it makes them lose interest and unsubscribe.

4. Be consistent and pay attention

No matter whether it increases or decreases the frequency of publications, you must monitor the response of your readers.

Readers pay special attention when there is an abundance of material. However, if you load them with more content than they can handle, you may end up losing readers, no matter how good your content is.

Remember to find your own blogging pace and frequency, and do not get discouraged when you are not as productive as you could be.

If you are capable of frequently finding interesting and useful stuff to write about, post with a high frequency. You have everything to gain by doing so!

No one but you can decide what your ideal blogging frequency is. Just remember that frequent and regular posting has indisputable advantages in terms of rankings on search engines.

Image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net