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How To Do A Social Media Marketing (SMM) Audit

Do you need to audit your social media marketing strategy before starting out? This checklist from Sprout Social can help your brand create a new social media marketing strategy, or if you already have a set strategy, it can serve as a good way to audit your current system or to inspire new ideas.

How many of these strategies can you check off the list?

Social Media Marketing for Business Starts with a Smart Plan

social media marketing

This is a guest post by Sam Matton

Social media marketing is no longer a new concept but many companies are still getting on board with using it to help grow their brand awareness.

If you are one of those companies and don’t have a clue where to get started, then this article will benefit you.

Social Media is for Everyone

Many companies still look at social media with the idea that it’s just something teenagers do to stay connected to friends but social media is a place where people around the world gather in groups or like interests to meet and talk about those interests.

Companies can use social media outlets to put them in touch with people who are interested in their products and services and to gain feedback all on the personal level that was once missing from many businesses.