Become A Content Magnet

Learn How To Blog Without Writing

How would you like to learn how to blog without writing? To get free, expert content without writing a word or paying writers thousands of dollars to do it for you?

If you’re a business owner who’s paying thousands of dollars to create content for their company blog… or a blogger who doesn’t have the time to write content for their own blog… this is for you.

Are you afraid that all your effort blogging will be wasted because you can’t generate enough content to keep your blog going? And, no, it doesn’t involve content writing software, writing bots or AI content generators.

Rather it involves learning how to get free, unique content to your blog by turning it into a magnet for content.


I’m Priya Florence Shah, the Founder & CEO of BlogBrandz Digital LLP, and editor of, one of the top 100 blogs for women online.

I help bloggers and entrepreneurs save time, effort and money they would have spent researching and writing blogs, so they can spend it on growing a business instead.

In the last couple of years, I’ve cut down a great deal on my content writing expense, time and efforts. Now, when I do write, it’s because I love writing and not because I have to follow some punishing content schedule.

In this course, I’ll show you how to follow my lead so you can attract free, unique, and original content for your blog. You’ll learn:

✔️ The single most important MINDSET CHANGE that will make you a content magnet

✔️ The crucial steps to PREPARE YOUR WEBSITE to publish all the content you’ll get for free

✔️ The single MOST IMPORTANT PAGE your website needs to have to attract free, expert content

✔️ The TWO KINDS OF EXPERT CONTENT that your readers and Google will love, and that require absolutely no writing on your part

If you follow these strategies, you’ll have writers begging you to let them write for you. You’ll never have to pay another cent for content again!

This course is not for you if you don’t have a website or blog. It’s for you if you already have a blog or a business and are finding it too time-consuming or expensive to generate content for your blog.

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Become a Content Magnet - Learn How To Blog Without Writing

Become a Content Magnet - Learn How To Get Content For Your Blog Without Writing A Word
Become a Content Magnet - Attract Free, Expert Content Without Paying Writers Or Writing It Yourself
FREE Webinar - How To Get Free Content For Your Blog Without Writing A Word