5 Reasons Why Blogging Can Advance Your Career Prospects

Learn why starting a blog is a way to stand out from other job seekers, impress potential employers, and boost your career prospects.

The Hindi version of this article was published in the Hindustan Times Yuva Supplement.


In the current scenario, for every open job position, there are about six or even more than six job seekers. These days, looking for a job has become quite challenging.

You cannot expect to secure a position unless you show an employer what makes you special and why you deserve to get the job.

Starting a blog is one way you can do both. A blog can also boost your career prospects in many other ways.

While blogging has become a marvelous hobby, blogs are also turning out to be a splendid tool to impress your future employers.

Ten years ago, professional blogging wasn’t even a career, but now new businesses and careers can be built by even casual bloggers.

These days, you can effectively captivate the attention of a target employer with a blog. There are several ways that blogging can boost your career prospects and help you get a great job.

#1. A blog will present you as an expert

Your target employers will see you as an expert in your field if you have a blog, and you are blogging about your chosen career path or your favorite topics consistently.

If an employer sees you as an expert, you will be more likely to secure a job, and your expert status will come in handy when you decide to ask for a raise.

#2. A blog can showcase your resume

The job market of today is extremely competitive. You can effectively set yourself apart from other job candidates by using your blog as an extension of your resume or even putting up your portfolio and resume on your blog.

Linking to your social profiles, like LinkedIn, can also help potential employers contact you easily. Along with learning that you are an expert in your field, potential employers will also get to assess your skills and experience all in one place.

#3. Having a blog means you are current

You cannot continue blogging consistently and regularly unless you are up to date on the current trends and news.

So, if you’re blogging regularly about your desired career path, it will show employers that you are motivated about staying relevant in your field of interest, and they will most likely hire you based on this.

#4. A blog serves as a testament to your passion

Having a blog shows that you are passionate about your field and profession. Through your blog, the whole world can share your passion, and that includes potential employers.

Employers are always in search of passionate employees who demonstrate commitment and dedication, and you will ideally fit that criterion if you are maintaining a regularly updated blog.

#5. A blog can help you build your network

Publishing a successful blog will allow you to connect with others in your industry. Again, to foster as many contacts as you can make sure your blog is also linked to your social media accounts.

Through your network, you will get access to potential job offers and valuable career advice. The employers of today do not merely look for a degree and a resume when interviewing a potential employee.

They intend to hire someone who stands out from the rest and through your blog, you can showcase to potential employers your unique personality, passion, and skills.

Some things to keep in mind when blogging to boost your career prospects are:

• Let your sense of humor shine through
• You don’t need to be politically correct all the time, but…
• Stay off controversial topics like sex, religion, and politics
• Keep your focus on your strengths, your interests, hobbies, and professional choices.

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